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Written by User: PAWPatrolFam and User: Cars and Thomas Fan 12

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Paul- User: PAWPatrolFam


When Paul mysteriously disappears during the PAW Patrol's trip to Barkingburg, it's up to Adam and Caitlin to figure out who's behind Paul's disappearance.


One night, the entire PAW Patrol was invited to the Barkingburg castle for a sleepover.

"It was really nice of the Princess to invite us over." Skye said happily as she laid out her sleeping bag on the floor of their room.

"Sure is." Chase replied.

All the pups played a little on the floor.

As Ryder, Adam and I settled on our beds, Adam was shivering.

"You okay Adam?" Ryder asked with concern in his tone.

"Y-yeah, I'm just cold...." Adam replied while curling up on the bed, trying to warm himself.

Caitlin went up the bed and snuggled with her owner to help him.

"Want me to get you some extra blankets buddy?" I asked him.

"Sure, that'd be nice." Said Adam as he snuggled with Caitlin.

I nodded and went outside the room and walked down the dim hallway. As I found the room where the spare blankets and sheets were stored, I opened the door and went inside.

But as I was about to turn on the light, someone leaped from behind the door and caught hold of me.

"Eh-- hey! What--" I was about to pull my pistol off its holster, but was cut off when the person put his gloved hand over my mouth and pointed his pistol at my head. I froze at this.

"Don't make a sound, and drop your weapon." The person said in a dark, monotone voice.

I nodded slowly, then pulled my gun off its holster and dropped it on the ground. I then shakily put my hands up in surrender.

"Wh-who are you?! D-don't hurt me please.... " I whispered while whimpering lightly.

The person just hit me in the head with his gun, knocking me out. Few seconds later, we were both gone.

Chapter 1

Meanwhile Ryder and Caitlin were trying to keep Adam warm Marshall even helped as well by also laying beside him and giving him a heated blanket from some gear he had brought with him.

"Where's Paul?" Adam asked sleepily.

"Yeah, he's been gone for a while now." Skye said worriedly.

"Where could he be?" Chase asked.

"He must've gotten tired and slept halfway." Said Ryder before going outside with Adam eventually following.

When they reached the storage room, they saw nothing.

"Paul's not here. But here's his gun." Said Adam, picking up my gun that was on the floor.

Adam gave Ryder a long stare, then glanced at my gun. And not long later, they barged into their room.

"Did you find Paul?" Skye asked the two.

”No Skye we didn’t, but we found his gun.” said Adam holding up my gun showing the pups.

"Is he gone?!" Skye exclaimed.

"I'm afraid so." Ryder replied.

"Where could he have gone to?" Caitlin asked.

”We don’t know.” Adam said to his pup.

”Well we need to find him.” said Marshall.

”Your right little buddy.” said Adam.

"But where do we start?!" Skye asked in panic.

"We'll start by getting into our Mission PAW gear. And Caitlin, we'll need your detective skills to look for clues and find our missing friend." Ryder said.

"Don't worry Ryder sir, Caitlin will find the clues!" Caitlin replied with determination.

The pups went back to the Mission PAW cruiser and prepared their stuff.

Chapter 2

"M-mmh..." I slowly began to wake up, but when I tried to yawn, I felt a sticky patch of tape sealing my mouth shut.

I also felt lots of rope wrapped around my wrists and ankles. I couldn't get up, I laid on the floor inside an enclosed room. No doors, no windows, but a sole trap door on the ceiling. The stone walls were letting in little to no air, so it was difficult for me to get enough oxygen.

"Mmmmmh!" I screamed for help, but I doubt the thick, stone walls would let out a lot of noise from inside the room, let alone allowing enough oxygen for me to breathe.

Just then, I heard a male voice coming from the outside. It said, "There's no escape, unless the PAW Patrol surrenders to me. And when they try to find you, they'll fall right into my trap. Literally!" Saying this, the voice cackled loudly before I heard footsteps trailing off.

I gulped hearing the voice and what it said. I figured it must've been that same person who kidnapped me and taken me here. But since I was knocked out the whole time and is still getting to know the palace better, I have absolutely no idea where I am or which part of the castle I was.

The only thing I was praying for, was that the team would eventually find me while staying away from the so-called, "trap".


Meanwhile at the Mission PAW headquarters the PAW Patrol were getting ready.

"Mission PAW, ready for action Ryder sir!" Chase said as he, the pups and Adam lined up in front of the screen.

”Pups, we have a mystery to solve." Ryder proceeded to explain the situation. "Our friend Paul has gone missing. Adam and I found his pistol inside the storage room so we can assume that he must've been kidnapped by somebody. We'll need all hands -and paws- on deck to search the entire Barkingburg castle for Paul and his kidnapper."

"You can count on us Ryder sir!" The others said sternly.

Ryder and the team got inside the Mission PAW cruiser and headed outside the secret base and back to the Barkingburg castle.

Chapter 3

The PAW Patrol arrived at the castle where the Princess, the Earl and Sweetie were waiting anxiously for them.

"We heard what happened, and we want to help." The Princess said with determination.

"We know Sweetie's not the one who did it, since she's been with the Princess all night." Said the Earl.

"That's true, I wasn't even planning to do anything bad last night." Sweetie admitted solemnly.

"We know it's not you, Sweetie. So that's why we're gonna go back to the scene of the crime and look for clues." Said Caitlin.


Once at the same place where the crime took place, Caitlin was scanning and sniffing every nook and cranny inside the room.

“Hmm... I can smell another human here." Caitlin pointed out as she saw footprints through her scanner that looked like they didn't belong to me.

Where do they lead, Cait?" Adam asked.

Caitlin went towards the direction the footprints and the scents were leading her. She led the team down the hallway until she stopped abruptly.

"Odd, the captor's footprints and smell still keeps going, but Paul's scent ends here." Caitlin pointed out again. "I can also smell rope."

"So that means whoever took Paul must've stopped here to tie him up." Ryder suggested.

"That's strange. Why would you choose to tie someone up in the middle of the hallway of all places?" Chase asked suspiciously.

Caitlin still kept following the trail away from the others as they were still looking around in that spot. Adam saw Caitlin wandering away from his view and ran after her.

"Caitlin, wait up!" Adam cried out as the pup turned around. "Cait, don't wander off like that. We gotta stick together."

"Oh right. My bad" Caitlin said sheepishly before going back to Adam.

"C'mon, we gotta get back to the--" Adam was interrupted when several echoing screams were heard from the team.

The two instantly rushed back to the spot to find all the pups and Ryder vanished with no trace.

"Guys?! Where are you?!" Adam desperately called out.

"Oh no, I never should've separated from the group. This is all my fault." Caitlin said sadly.

"Cait, don't blame yourself. You're the best pup I've ever owned. The important thing we need to do though, is to find our friends, and that person who captured them." Adam told his pup, which made her feel better.

"Thanks Ad." She said, now feeling determined. "Now let's go find our friends. I hope Rubble's okay though."


Meanwhile, the pups and Ryder fell down from a trapdoor on the ceiling and landed on a bunch of mattresses near where I was laid.

Ryder was the first one to get up and he saw me.

"Paul?! You're okay!" He exclaimed as he ran to me.

I squirmed around slightly while trying to tell him to untie me. Ryder knelt down, ripped the tape off my mouth so I could speak again and undid the ropes on my hands and feet.

"Th-thank you, Ryder." I said before sitting up.

”No problem buddy. At least you're okay." Ryder said reassuringly.

"Yeah. I was just trying to get the blankets for Adam, when some person grabbed me and threatened me. After that, everything went black and here I was, tied up until you guys showed up." I explained, then continued. "I was really worried that I might be stuck here forever and you guys weren't able to find me."

"Well, we found you, that's for sure. But now all we need to do is hope Adam and Caitlin will be able to find us." Zuma said.

"Yeah, for sure." Rocky agreed.

”They’ll find us, I know they will, Caitlin is great at solving mysteries.” said Rubble.

”Yeah and I know Adam very well so I know they’ll find us.” added Marshall.

Chapter 4

With Adam and Caitlin, they were still searching through the same hallway.

"How could they have just disappeared like that?" Caitlin asked, clearly frustrated.

“Just stay calm Caitlin. I know you're worried. But stressing out won't get us anywhere." Adam said.

Caitlin took a deep breath and sighed. “You're right. This crook is pretty smart, so we gotta be careful."

”Yeah, but we’ll find them soon.” Adam said.

"What's one place we haven't checked yet?" Caitlin asked.

"I know! The dungeon. We haven't checked there yet." Adam suggested.

"Good idea. Let's ask the princess where it is." replied Caitlin.


After asking the princess for directions, Adam and Caitlin were now walking down the stairs that led to the dungeon.

Adam turned on his flashlight so he and Caitlin could see where they were going.

(A Work In Progress)