Suits: Space suit, Diver suit to help zuma, spy suit to help chase and special forces suit and power rangers suit (only used in Power potral 2.) snow suit to assist everest.

Original Men: Cade, Luke , Daniel

Pilot: Sam 

Sgt: Andre

Other men: Gigi, David (Gigi and David a brother and sister) Tyler, Patrick, Grayson, Jayson, John,Johndruz, Ben(Two bens are in this not reltated) Sasha (Andres brother) ( I forget the others if i remeber i will tell you guys.)

Medic:No one


Is a human who helps the pawpotral on many missions. Ryan is leader of the E.R.A.T Emergency.Rescue. Assist.Team takes lots of risks by sacrificing himself but comes out hurt pretty bad usually And it scares all his agents when he sacrifices his life. He trusts his agents and is friendly to each paw potral or anyone he meets. In ISIS war he quits the ERAT, because mayor humdinger took control of him in captured and forced him to almost destroy the pups. He joins a group of navy seals along with agents Daniel and Cade and the group is known as flame team one.  



Eyes:Blue with a speckled spot in right eye. (Is a secret power he does not know about till episode 12.)

Gear for snow suit: Thermal googles, ak47 and snow clothes.

Gear for Diver suit: Full diver suit and spear gun.

Special forces suit: Jetpack, wingsuit, ak47, grenades ( all kind), breathing mask (to survive posion grendades)

Spy suit: Grappling hook, wall climbers, sniper rifle and night vistion googles.

Navy Seal Suit:


1. New Allies(First story with Ryan and his team)

2. Paw Rangers 2

3. Werewolf bites

4. The origin of Agent Ryan (Started story lookup the title)

5. Operation snow (First time using snow suit and can not do story until after June 20th because I need to decide to use Everest or Tundra.)

6. The sacrifice

7. Pawpotral and Agent Ryan in halo

8. The isis war

9. Love birds ( Ryan has a crush on Gigi)

10. Space mission

11. New dog (shards first entrance)

12. Ryan's special power


1. How did Agent Ryan find the suits?

2. How long ago was it when Ryan found the suits?


I had help from Rockiethe eco pup a wiki person. (Do not edit without my permission) You may use agent Ryan.


Should I use Everest or Tundra for the snow pup?

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