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Just an among us game.


The same as last time.

Ryder: green


Lime: Who do you think is sus?

Blue: I think lime is.

Lime: How am I sus?

Blue: You didn't fix the lights.

Lime: There were no lights.

No one was voted out. Skipped.

Red did his tasks.

Pink kidnapped black but lime was watching

Emergency meeting

Lime: I saw pink.

Pink: That wasn't me.

Pink was voted out. Pink was an impostor.

Blue vented in front of black.

Black called an emergency meeting.

Black: Blue is the other impostor.

Blue: Proof?

Black: You vented in front of me.

Blue was an impostor.


You: Good game

Green has joined.

Game starts

There is 1 impostor.

You are crewmate

You see green and decides to stick with him.

Body reported

You: Where?

Cyan: Medbay.

Red: Is anyone sus?

You: Since it is the beginning, we should skip.

The others agreed.

No one was voted out, skipped.

You continued to do your tasks.

Then you saw red vent, in front of your eyes.

Emergency meeting

You: Red is sus.

Red: Do you have proof?

You: Dude, I saw you vent.

Red was the imposter.


Red: That was a quick game.

You: I know.

Map: Pollus

Role: Crewmate

There are 2 imposters

You: I need to do my tasks.

A few minutes later.

You: Oh, there's a dead body.

Body reported.

Blue: Where?

You: Near the bathroom area.

Red: Is anyone sus?