Andrew is a black and white border collie, who is Icee's love interest <3


Andrew is a enteric and playful pup. He likes to skate with Rubble and ice skate with Icee, even though he isn't a pro and sometimes wipes out. He's a little bit clumsy, but still enjoys being himself. He has a crush on Icee and is trying to figure out if she likes him back. Rather than being a playful and clumsy puppy, he is very smart. He doesn't like getting his fur cut at Katie's, but he will take a bath of necessary. His favorite place in Adventure Bay is Mr Porters Restaurant, eating his heart out on the cupcake display, then having to bake a new batch to repay everything he ate... He only has one fear, and that's small spaces.

He was a stray in the mountains, one day going down to a pond to try to skate. He accidentally bumped into Icee, Icee helping him skate. He eventually went to the lookout, and met the pups aand Ryder. After learning what the PAW Patrol was, he asked to be a trainee pup like Icee, and his skills made him the new Recycling Pup trainee. He comes on missions along side Rocky.


He is a black and white Border Collie, he has long beautiful fur, very sensitive about it being cut. He has medium blue eyes, and he wears a light blue collar with a blue version of Rocky's badge. Although in winter episodes he is seen wearing a light blue scarf.


He is a playful and energetic pup, spending his days skateboarding with Rubble, ice skating with Icee, and eating Mr Porters cupcakes. Despite being clumsy, he is actually pretty smart. He also tries to write music sometimes for the fun of it. (Maybe a song for Icee) :3 He has a terrible habit of chasing cats, any cat.

Voice Actor

Young Andrew-

Teenage Andrew- Billy Joel; the voice of Dodger from Oliver and Company

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