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Ava has pale blonde hair with lavender strikes. she wears a pale purple turtle neck with lavender cuffs, a light yellow pencil-skirt dark yellow crisscrossed tied ribbon along with white socks and brown shoes. She also wears a necklace with a yellow sun


Ava is a mature girl who excels at everything she is also a good example to every mates she also secretly admires cute things, like her rabbit,babies, her dog,ava is a kind girl who never let her friends down she also tries to help people in need she never wants to see anyone hurt or sad. she loves to eat when she is sad she eats her sadness away she is also very understanding girl very smart


Riley-Riley and ava has a sisterly relationship that's why she always defends Riley

Cherry -cherry and ava are friends

Kira-Kira gets jealous because she is the most popular when ever they go

Star- At first Star behaved as a Tsundere around ava and genuinely attempted to keep distant until she got to know her.

Sam- her little brother

Ethan- thinks he is more famous than ava even if he is not

Wilson-Wilson used to be a school bully then they get to know him a lot and told him to stop bullying

Jake-ava is the only one who did not think that Jake is a bully when he first went to that school she also has feelings for Jake

thunder- She often tell thunder stop teasing Riley because he fights with riley and always tell thunder that he needs to stop because he is older he needs to adjust since he is older.


"Ice or snow, I'm ready to go!

"I'm fired up!"


  • Ava was born April 8 2007 that makes her zodiac sign Aries
  • her outfit is inspired by Homare Kagayaki
  • Everest shares her catchphrase with ava including Marshall
  • she considers Riley her sister
  • her name means live, lively


Hearts together-Is the first image song for Ava and Riley