Where this Idea comes from - My friend (irl) likes to act as her 'alternate ego' sometimes, that being Barbra, Im not sure exactly how to describe how she acts but think of kinda Valley Girl..Just look at this Barbras personality


She is very outgoing and interested in learning more about pups. When she is talking she will talk like she is trying to be seductive. She is very talkitive and open about nearly everything


She is a black and white poodle. All of her head but her muzzel and a little swirl on her head is black and her body is mostly white with a black splotch on her back. Her fur is cut like this


  • She is lesbian and accepts it
  • She acts like a player sometimes but has a huge crush on Lady
  • She used to run a dating website
  • She adores her little sister Delighla


By Me

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