They are Rubble,Toby,Roquelle, Bubble and Brozer's parents. I have made them with Tundrathesnowpup and Rocky the Eco pup's consent.

They belong to Chase the police pup555 and should not be used without his permission.


Barks: He is a all white Bulldog, with a dark brown spot over his left eye. He has dark gray tips on all his paws and a black, skinny tail. He has Dark brown freckles on his ears. He also has semi-floppy ears which go up a slight bit and fall back down. He has Light brown/Tan eyes.

He wears a Leather collar with a tag containing a yellow background and a graham cracker-looking bone in the middle.

Brittany: She is light brown bulldog with a thin stripe of white from her muzzle to between her front paws. She has white left ear and a dark gray right ear. She has a fluffy tail with a dark gray under-tail.

She wears a Soft, thin fabric collar With a flower, and a turquoise background.


Barks: He is sweet and caring to everyone, if anyone bullies his children though he will unleash the "Bark" other than that he loves everyone!

Brittany: She is the the sweetest of the sweet to anyone especially Boulder, her husband. She takes the biggest liking ever to Kyla because her son marries her.

Their Children

Rubble: They both love and adore Rubble to bits for his courage to join the team.

Toby: They adore him to bits!!

Brozer: They adore

Roquelle: Brittany and Roquelle have a very special mother/daughter bond.

Bubble: she a huge daddy's girl, the opposite of her sister. xD


  • Barks and Brittany met at the pound.
  • Brittany got her tail from her Furry fathe
  • They are owned by me, Chase the police pup555
  • I was given permission by Tundrathesnowpup and Rocky the Eco pup to make them.
  • Barks is named for his strong bark for the protection of his children.
  • Brittany's old design was just like Kyla (before I joined the wiki)


Rubble: Son

Kyla: Daughter-in-law Boulder: Grandson

Pebble: Granddaughter

Dozer: Grandson

Phalene: Grandaughter-in-law

Marble: Granddaughter

Dodge: Grandson-in-law

Lance: Great-grandson

Ender: Great-grandson

Blossom: Great-granddaughter

Teresa: Great-granddaughter

Granite: Granddaughter

Garnet: Granddaughter

Pyro: Adoptive Grandson

Toby: Son


Brozer: Son