One day Blaze swam in the lake and got her blue jay feather necklace. She wore it for months, hoping that she would find Brax. She had been living in the mountains behind adventure bay since she got away from Conner.

Blaze: I can't believe he came! I hope he came to look for me.

After hours, she could not find him in the mountains.

Blaze: Oh, he's probably in the city. But I don't want to get caught by the people.

She went down her mountain and found a farm.

Blaze: mmmmm, Those apples look good!

She had not eaten in awhile, so she climbed up a tree and ate some apples.

Farmer Yumi: Who's up there?

Blazes heart stopped. She dove down the tree and took off sprinting.

Now she was in town, she climbed the city hall building, hoping to see Brax. She felt like she was flying, she started jumping witch rang the bell. Now everyone saw her.

Blaze: Oh no! She jumped through the hole under the bell.

Chickaleta: BAWK! 

Blaze: AHHH!

She took off through the building, tripping the mayor.

Mayor Goodway: What is that!

Now she was at Mr Porters.

Blaze: Well I'm not good at hiding.

Mr Porter was taking out the trash when he saw her.

Mr Porter: Hello, you seem new.

Blaze: DON'T TOUCH ME! (runs off)

She ran to a pink building. Then she heard a hiss and saw a girl looking at her.

Katie: What a beautiful necklace!

She kept running and running and running for what felt like hours. When she crossed a bridge to a big high tech, building. She decided to take a nap behind the lookout. She was so tired, she forget to look for Brax.