A few hours later Blaze woke up, it took her awhile to remember what she had been up to.

Blaze: *yawn* *sigh* Still no Brax. I just want to see him and Hawii again. (lays down)

Blaze: *GASP!* Oh, im sorry, I-I-I didnt mean to. You see, umm.

Chase: No problem, its fine.

So after awhile she and Chase talked and talked.

Chase: Wow, it almost night. Hey! You can stay the night here! I can show you Ryder and....

Blaze: No. Im shy around people.

Chase: Why?

Blaze: I just am.

Chase: Well then, I guess you better go home. Your owner is probley worried sick.

Blaze: Well, you see, I dont have an owner. Ive been living on the moutans.

Chase: What! Its pitch black out. You cant go now.

Blaze: I know, can I sleep back here?

Chase: You can sleep in my pup house.

Blaze: Really, thanks.

The next day...........

Blaze: Goodmoring Chase.

Chase: Uggggh! It is not compfy sleeping on the ground!

Marshall: Hey Chase...... who is that?

Blaze: Im Blaze.

Chase: She cant meet Ryder, she is a little shy around people.

Marshall: You stink!

Chase: DONT TALK TO A GIRL THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Blaze: No, hes right. You dont have a place to clean up do you?

Marshall: Lets go to Katies!

At Katies........

Blaze: Ummm, high, Im a -a -a -a.

Chase: Her name is Blaze.

Katie: Yeah, I saw her running through town yesterday, I hope I didnt scare you.

Blaze: N-N-No, im fine. OUCH!!!!

Marshall: What?

Blaze: Something is bitting me.

Katie: You probley have a flea, I`ll give you a bath OK.

Blaze: O-O-OK.

Katie: Now ill just put your collar over here.....


Chase: Calm down, you can leave it on, but it will get wet.

Blaze: I`ll hold it in my mouth then, sorry Katie, I didnt want to scare you.

Katie: I-I-It`s okay.

All: Ha ha ha!


Katie: Bye guys!

All 3: Bye!

Marshall: Lets go back and play!

Blaze: Can I just stay in Chases pup house?

Chase: Of course you can.

The next day..........

Zuma and Skye: Hey!

Zuma: Who are you?

Skye: And why are you in Chases bed?!

Blaze: Chase! Can you come here!

Chase: What`s wrong, oh, guys this is Blaze.

Skye: Hello, nice collar.

Zuma: Hey, cool fur color.

Blaze: Awwww, thanks.

Skye: Wanna play this great game called pup pup boogie?

Blaze: Sounds like fun!