After a few hours of pup pup boogie they were still at it.

Skye: (panting) How are you better than me?

Blaze: I have alot of energy to burn, living in a small cave.

Skye: Huh?

Blaze: Its a long story.

Skye: I have time.

Blaze: Ok, im from Hawii.

Skye: Cool! What are you doing here?

Blaze: I was dragged here by a doberman named Conner, he`s really mean. So after a few days of being hidden in the allys, I ran off to the moutans were I lived in a cave, I went to a farm to eat crops and hunt chicken.

Skye: So your the one who has been eating farmer Yumis crops, and taking her animals!

Blaze: Im sorry.

Skye: *giggle* Dont worry, I wont tell.

Blaze: I really want to go home and see my brother, Brax. Sometimes, I see him in the city, but when I rush down the moutan to get to him, all I see is him sufing away.

Skye: Zuma can take you home!

Blaze: He can, but first I want to try one more time to find my brother.

That night see met Rubble and Rockey, they both liked her.

The next morning.........

Ryder: Pups! Time for breakfast!

Rubble: Yes!

Rocky: Be sure the new pup eats too.

Ryder: Huh, new pup?

Rubble: She is in Chases pup house.

Marshall: No! She`s scared of people!

But it was to late, Ryder saw her.

Ryder: Hi.

Blaze: H-H-H-H........

Chase: She`s really shy to people.

Ryder: Why?

Blaze: I-I-I-I just a-am.

Ryder: There`s nothing to be afraid of.

So after a few days she warmed up to Ryder like she did Katie.

Blaze: *GASP* Brax! I forgot to look for him!

She ran to the bay to, one again, see him leave.

Blaze: *crying* Brax! Brax! Dont leave me again!

They followed her to the beach to see her on the ground. Then she stood up a wiped her tears away, and had a glare in her eye.

Blaze: Zuma, take me to him.

Zuma: Of course!