So Zuma and Blaze went on and on..... then...

Zuma: Oh no! Dude the radar broke.

Blaze: Are we lost?!

Zuma: Dont worry, I know my way back to adventure bay.

Back at adventure bay.......

Zuma: We couldent find Hawii, my radar broke.

Ryder: I can fix that quick.

While the pups played and waited........

Blaze: I cant wait, I should of came sooner!

Skye: Whats that?

They looked to see Brax surfing in.

Blaze: *sreaming* BRAX!!! BRAX!!! I KNEW I WOULD SEE YOU!!!!

Brax: Im here, im here, I thought you were dead, but I still came to look.

Paw Patrol: AWWWWW!

Blaze: *crying again* Lets go to Hawii! I promise to vist always!

Brax: Are you sure?

Blaze: What do you mean! Of course!

They got on the surf board. Blaze Strapped her foot in like Brax taught her.

Paw Patrol: Bye!!!

Both: Bye!!!!!

Blaze: Hey Brax, your fur is smooth, did you cut it?

Brax: You could say that.

He jumped in the water, and the water turned orange, yellow, and black, like hair dye.

Blaze: Brax!?

But the dog who came up wasent Brax..... it was Conner.

Blaze: CONNER!!! Where is Brax!

Conner: Really? Its hair dye!

She tried to swim away but he grabbed the surf board her foot was strapped to.

Blaze: Let me go!

Conner: To late, I asked you if you were sure, remember.

Blaze: Now what?

Conner: Now were going to seal island.

Back at adventure bay.........


Chase: Whats that?

Rocky: Its Blaze!

Skye: Lets go find her!

At seal island.......

Blaze: What the heck! I ran away far and square.

Conner: Stop whinning! I`ll let you go when youre brother comes to fight!

Blaze: IM BAIT!!!!! Were you who I saw this whole time????!!!!!!

Conner: No, youre brother came, but you were to slow. I got lucky.