Bleu is Icee's Bigger Brother, he's kinda mean to Icee and Tundra but he just Jokes around with the two. He REALLY doesn't like Blizzard until he's older, then he gains more respect for Blizzard and finally calls him his older half brother. When he hears that Icee has a Crush, Bleu picks on her about it, he's always joking around with her and sometimes he accidentally hurts her feelings, he doesn't mean to though, that's when he has a caring side for others,when he meets the PAW Patrol, he jokes around with them, especially Marshall and his clumsiness. He has an owner named Jayla but others call her Jay


Bleu~ Icee's Older brother and owned by Jayla

His Crush Is a pup named Kyra and she likes him back. He also has an owner named Jayla.


Bleu Is a Tan Husky/ Wolf Mix with Royal blue eyes along with a leather Collar with a Skull shaped tag and light and dark tan marks on his paws and ears.


Heights, Clowns, and Grasshoppers