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Telltale series Telltale series 2 days ago

Song article

Hey guys , it's rocky0014 and I hope you guys like my mystery solving story . If you read this story , I have create a song in one of my story like :

Shout it out loud ( Paw patrol and fnaf security breach : mystery midnight concert of the Grimston Wizard )

I was made for loving you ( Paw patrol and fnaf security breach : mystery midnight concert of the Grimston Wizard )

Detroit Rock City ( Paw patrol and fnaf security breach : mystery midnight concert of the Grimston Wizard )

So I hope you liked it because this is my favorite songs .

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Fetcher46 Fetcher46 8 days ago

Brain Blast

Hi every, Fetcher again. Now, I said I was planning on rewriting my stories I don't have to rely on other people's OCs. While I was thinking about how to rewrites these stories, I suddenly had a brain blast. An idea that might be me biting off more than I can chew, but I want to say it anyway. I wanted to make my own AU of Paw Patrol. One of which I think would possess something that the original show had been missing; Conflict. I know the show was originally made for children, but I know another show that had a similar premise to Paw Patrol, Transformers Rescue Bots.

While Rescue Bots wasn't a high tier show like Transformers Prime, it did a good job at character development, comedy, fitting ideas into their show fairly well, and man…

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Fetcher46 Fetcher46 10 days ago

Back with some ideas

Hello everyone. Yeah, it's been a while since I've been here. There are a couple of reason for that, like my new job, and some of my interests being in other different stories. But I've had PAW Patrol on my mind for a little bit and I've thought about one thing. If you have read my stories, I've used characters Tundra and Rosie, characters who don't belong to me. I really like these characters and their stories, but the more I think about it, I don't think I've got a lot of story ideas for them.

I feel like using other people's OC is kind of a crutch and I don't want to rely on that. So I feel like I'll be doing something pretty big; I'll be rewriting all of my stories, starting with Pups Save a Shy Spy. I'll write Tundra and Rosie o…

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Cure Mia Cure Mia 17 days ago

happy late new year everyone

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Rebecca200613 Rebecca200613 18 days ago


Hey, everypup! I wanted to know what you guys think of some of my art work? I don't know if they are good or bad and I like other people's opinion on things since I like knowing what others think of things I do. So can you tell me what you guys honest opinions on what you think. If there is anything I should work on please tell me I like to improve on things. Thank you!

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Telltale series Telltale series 19 days ago

Telltale series

Hey guys it's Jaso Howe and it's pressure to meet you all . I don't usually say swear a lot but I'm an actor from Dhar Mann studio in Wattpad .

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 22 days ago

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Pups and the lower six


The Demon King: Kill the boy with hanafuda earrings, if you do, I will reward you greatfully. Unlike Upper Three....

Upper Three: The Hashira was my only-

The Demon King: Silence!

Claw: *gets serious* *whispers* with pleasure, master. Minions!

Claw calls in some demons that fall from the ceiling. One with 4 arms and one with a skinny build but very flexible.

Zuma: You two know what to do.

Marshall and Everest look at each other and agreed.

Zuma: Let's do this!

The battle begins! Marshall takes on the four handed demon, Everest battles the flexible demon, Chase, Rubble and Skye slay the demons around the castle, and Zuma, Sweetie and Tracker take on Claw. Rocky is protecting the princess, although he's just sitting there doing nothing. Cu…

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 25 days ago

New year, new me :)

a few minutes late but Happy New Years pups! 2021 may have come to an end but at least I enjoyed my last seconds of it before opening up a new chapter. Let’s make 2022 our best year yet! (it’s 12:06 I’m so late lol)

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Rubble109 Rubble109 25 days ago

Ulcerative colitis attack October 2 2018

On October 2 2018 I had dingoes with ulcerative colitis it was super painful I had to stay in a hospital for a week I'm fine now and there is no cure for it when I had aflimortry belles disease I hope there will be a transition plan for ulcerative colitis

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Rubble109 Rubble109 25 days ago

Doing characters and doing role play with RockyDog13

It is great doing roll play with RockyDog13 and my characters it fun and greatly I will be do more story's about saturn and his cousins too I will update him and his cousins soon and I will be making a story about Saturn and his cousins going to everland resort South Korea tommarow

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Ralston Rocky Brezt Ralston Rocky Brezt 30 December 2021

Telltale series

Hi guys , this is Ralston Rocky Brezt and I really appreciate to meet you all . I'm work stories in Wattpad

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Rebecca200613 Rebecca200613 20 December 2021


I'm trying to make my stories better and I don't know what to do. I'm trying to get the story so people can picture them when they read. Do you guys have an tips on doing that? Thank you!

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 16 December 2021

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Pups and the final selection

screen transition: Paw Patrol Badge*

10 days after the final selection, their swords are now being delivered. The pups are normally playing outside, until they here a bunch of glass clanks.

Man: Delivery for Marshall, Chase, Zuma, Rubble, Skye, Everest, Tracker, and Sweetie.

Chase: Oh yes sir please come in- *sees a man wearing a Japanese clown mask* ...side?

It cuts to the pups with their swords and Ryder standing next to the man wearing the mask

Man: Oh yeah, I’m Hotaru Hagenazuka, I came here to deliver your swords, and flail. We’ll take turns unsheathing our sword. You first, Dalmatian.

Marshall unsheathes his sword, which turns his blade into a red color.

Marshall: Whoa... what does this mean?

Hagenazuka: You’ve learnt flame breathing, excel…

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 12 December 2021

Kimetsu no Yaiba: The training begins!

manga page flips open then Tanjiro and Zenitsu jump out*

Tanjiro: Do you think the pups will be able to survive the final selection?

Zenitsu: I don’t know... but I hope Chase will make his way out!!!

Tanjiro: Okay. Time for a Taisho secret! Although you may not see the pups actually train, but there is yet to be training stories soon.

Zenitsu: Oh, really? When will-

Tanjiro: Next time on Paw Patrol...

The Paw Patrol take on the final selection and face numorous demons and what?!

Zenitsu: What is it?!



Tanjiro: Next, Episode 3! Kimetsu no Yaiba: Pups and the final selection! Coming soon!


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15804aaa 15804aaa 25 November 2021

Russia’s New Job Chapter 15 Opening

I can’t show a whole lot because, I can’t trust people keeping a secret. I can only show the first few lines.

Ukraine: How long would it take for him.

Reverest: Now I know how every contestant feels when they wait for a new challenge.

Pitchfork: I can’t stand this!

Skye: Guys, calm down. After this, we need to beat up Niger for taking so long!

Niger: Don’t rush me!

Ukraine: WE DON’T HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!

Niger: Are you Fluffing High!!!!!!

Ukraine: I know you are, but what am I?

Niger: I don’t have time for this, GET OUT!!!!!!!! Except you Badgerclops, you stay.

Zuma: We just have to wait until the hacking is done.

Skye: Yeah, I wonder what’s going on back at the lookout.

Taiwan: Do you guys think we should be helping China and his friends.

Bracelety: Who? …

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 18 November 2021

Here it is, episode one of the series

Listen I’m a freshmen in high school okay? So don’t judge me. Anyways, before I start, another series will also be in the works to celebrate SMT V release on Switch, but instead of SMT it’s the gonna be the brother series of MT. With that being said, enjoy this “episode” which is untitled. (Also Fandom is not phone friendly)


The story begins at the lookout tower. It’s morning and the pups are eating breakfast.

Marshall: Hey anyone seen Rocky?

All (separate): NopeMmmIdontkno

Rubble: He probably over slept

Skye: I’ll go check on him

Skye goes to check on Rocky, to see if he’s okay. And she screams, alerting the boys.

Chase: Skye! What’s wrong?


Zuma: What?! Rocky!!

Zuma rushes to Rocky’s pup house and the others fo…

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NayahCat NayahCat 31 October 2021

@Tundrathesnowpup: A poem for you





Radiant (not flirting)


Tundra, you and Tundra are the best friends a pup could have! I feel like you guys lift me up and spark me into making stories. I'd like to make a Tocky (my ship name for them) and a Nayuma fanart. But umm....if not, you let me know, okay?

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Animekawaiicat172683 Animekawaiicat172683 25 October 2021

hey guys

Hey guys kawaii here and I didn't wanna say this but since my arm got swollen I decided to take a rest on my stories and yeah can't continue my story called "The snowball Dance" and if you were waiting for this to be finished sorry I can't continue on it.

Kawaii out meow

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NayahCat4432 8 NayahCat4432 8 24 October 2021


Hi, guys! Nayah here! Something is off about the blocked user with the criminal record and Cake knows what I'm talking about but if you don't remember I have proof.

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NayahCat4432 8 NayahCat4432 8 12 October 2021


Hi everyone! Listen, I need some helpers to help me collaborate with a story and I was thinking of the people in the night Patrol story spot so if you would please help me it would be a great help! The story I'm doing is Nayah's Tale Of Love, so will you please help me?

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Max sleuth Max sleuth 11 October 2021


Đây là nhân vật đầu tiên của tôi Max. Anh ấy được tạo ra vào ngày 27 tháng 7 năm 2021.

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 8 October 2021

Sneak peak of a new project

Before I start, I wanna quickly apologize for the inactivity here on the wiki. School, along with personal stuff, has been draining me ever since, and yeah, that’s about it. Enjoy!

The sneak peak begins with a bloody trail, it then pans to Zuma carrying a dog figure

Zuma: Hang in there Rocky! We’re almost at Katie’s! We’ll cure you, I promise! Everything will be alright. Just stay with me!

This morning, Rocky was found slaughtered in his pup house. Right now, Zuma is carrying him straight to Katie’s to cure him. As Zuma is still running, Rocky twitches his paw and raises his head up, and does a demonic roar. He then knocks back Zuma.

Zuma: Rocky! *gets knocked back* Ugh… huh? Rocky? Rocky! You’re ali-

Rocky: *growls*

Zuma: Rocky?


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Rebecca200613 Rebecca200613 7 October 2021

Stories I'm going to use

Hello everyone! I have a list of stories I'm planning on using. Please don't use them I spent three days coming up with what I have so far.

First Generation

  • Paw Patrol and the unknown pups (Becca, Peter, and Milo  introduced) (Done)
  • Becca's fears (WIP)
  • Pups and the Race (Pups race Becca and her brothers around town on foot)
  • Becca meets Tracker and Everest
  • Pups and the sleepover (Everest come to the Lookout)
  • Pups and the Terrible,No Good,Very Bad Day (Becca does everything wrong for the whole day and loses her brothers)
  • Pups go on the mountain
  • Puppy Love in the Air
  • The visit
  • Pups save a lost Alex
  • The search and Rescue (Ryder, Chase,Marshall,and  Brock)
  • The misunderstood German Shepherds
  • Paw Patrol and the Trio (Spots,Dierk, and Koda)
  • Spots Pup Tag is Gone…
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Christ01camille Christ01camille 4 October 2021

Harolds Heartthrob

A collab with Christ01camille, Buster the watchpup, and Nayahcat

Plz do not edit without our permission. Ask for permission at The Night Patrol story spot, and just reply on that comment if you would like to edit

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Cakethewarriorcat Cakethewarriorcat 4 October 2021


Seems like everyone nowadays is forgetting the rules for flat out not reading them, so I just want to take a second and remind everyone to please read the rules on the wiki. Here is the link if you need it.

A lot of users tend to ignore eight rules in particular- Numbers 3, 6, 7, 12, 14, 16, 19, and 21. All of these rules are important so I just want everyone to remember these rules because writing warnings constantly can be annoying lol.

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Tundrathesnowpup Tundrathesnowpup 1 October 2021


hey guys! it has come to my attention that a lot of people have been using my infobox labelled "Tundraverse Characters" on their pages.. while i can't claim the info in the box itself, please don't use this template box- it is made specifically for my characters or ocs that are within my own universe. I have made a default template for anyone to use that can be found in the "insert" section on top of pages. It'll be labelled "Character Info default" and can easily be used with the "insert" tab. --->

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15804aaa 15804aaa 25 September 2021


I gotta stop taking breaks form my show.

Anyway, BFTFWF is gonna have 30 episodes and Episode 30 is a big one and it might take a long time to release it.

Every episode will have either a Elimination challenge or a non elimination challenge to make it last for thirty episodes.

I mean, what kind of person does only 22 episodes with twenty two contestants.

BFTFWF 4 will still come out later this month or on october

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Orcathenewfoundland Orcathenewfoundland 22 September 2021

Happy autumn!

Happy Autumn Everyone!

Hello everypup, Because my favorite season is of course Autumn (fall) I'd like to celebrate the first day by drawing a picture. From Orca and Zuma... Happy fall! ( I can't ever seem to upload photos so the picture will be on my message wall...)

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Starfleet-Pups Starfleet-Pups 16 September 2021

won't be on till october

Hey all.... some of you know this but i recently lost my dad.... He went down on September 5th on our way home from family.... plus 2 years yesterday is the day of an incident that was my fault.... starting today I be off a lot more but possibly will be working on my story idk but sigh things are gonna be really tough. i will be moving soon, losing lot of incomes, a lot of issues. then again i know things will get better one day. but until then i want to thanks to everyone for being with me specially in these past 2 years. special thanks to Shining fox and sonicthefox for helping me for the past few days. sonic if you read this i'm trusting you on watching over my pages for a bit ik you would take good care of them. when i come back on i w…

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 8 September 2021

Where have I been…

Phantom here! And I haven’t had the time to do anything here because I’m very busy with school, and right now as a high school freshmen, it’s been draining me a lot lately and most of the time, I just can’t find enough energy to restore. So what I’m saying is, yeah, you already know, I’m just not gonna say it. So far I’m just doing what an average user does, editing pages at 10pm on a school night. So yeah, that’s all I have to say.

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Rebecca200613 Rebecca200613 8 September 2021

Hey! I'm back!

Hey! I'm back! I hope you guys had a great summer! I am going to work on some of my things that I stared before I left for the summer. I will be here if yoy have anything you wnat to ask me. Talk to you guys later.

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15804aaa 15804aaa 8 September 2021

Where have I been?(BFTFWF 3)

Hey guys, I might be starting to lose intrest in my Total America series because I stated on Big Sister. the upcoming BFTFWF 6 will have some funny stuff and funny jokes including when Skye and GIrlfriend gave Sky a Boyfriend plushie and then it explodes.

Now BFTFWF 3 isn't going on hiatus. and no this isn't my first series last year. I am taking a small break from it because I have to have time to work on AIB, BFDIOA, Big Sister, The Ridonculous Race and The Super Hot day.

Paw Patrol Dimensions, However, is a huge project for me. There is a lot if lines of dialogue to make. It would've been easier if I would use quotations. The Rocky Dukey power hour still needs to be finished, there is this joke where Reverest makes meatloaf and everyone s…

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CubeRyu CubeRyu 8 September 2021


I haven't been and am not going to be active for a while. The definition of active that I'm using is making edits, so responding to messages is not being active. I will definitely be on the wiki frequently to check messages and how everyone's doing, but until I plan my next big thing out, I won't really do much other than going back and remodeling my older pages. Hope everyone is doing well and God bless you all.

(By my next big thing, I mean my most intellectual story and possibly a second gen)

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Orcathenewfoundland Orcathenewfoundland 26 August 2021

Hello everyone

Say does anyone know how to make it so you can add pictures to a page and/or make a different page category like how to make a episode/song and if they are different

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15804aaa 15804aaa 22 August 2021

Changes, News, Late 1 Year Wikiversary and more!

Reverest: Happy 1 Year anniversary on the Paw Patrol Fanon wiki!

Everest: Uh, bro. It's August 22 and we were over a month off.

Reverest: Tuck, I thought you told us that.

Tuck: My watch must be one month off again.

Snowstorm, Paula and Sparkle PupCadet: Ugh.

Marshall: What else is new.

Snowstorm: Well, since There are gonna be 4 series, The Super Hot day, Battle For The Finale With Flower, Ridonculous Race and Big Sister we might as well do BFDIOA and Animated Inanimate Battle later sometime in September or October.

Reverest: And let me remind all of you that I already turned one year old last month I may still be 8 or 13 but I am still here.

Chase: We might also start a new series that's an inspiration of Funny345's Chase's New job series and we…

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Tundrathesnowpup Tundrathesnowpup 20 August 2021

Wikia changes

Howdy folks! With the fandom websites being overhauled, a lot of our functions have become outdated, especially pertaining to our "self-help" guides. The new appearance that just rolled out made the background design outdated, so I created a new background last night that would be simple, yet still connected to the PAW Patrol. trust me, I tried SO many of the actual PAW Patrol wallpaper images, but none really fit nicely with the new template.

It's gonna take some time to get some things fixed, but we're slowly gonna get things up-to-date.

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 16 August 2021

We’ll be right back…

Because school is just in 2 days for me, I wanna make this “direct” no I’m leaving the fanon, no I’m not retiring my oc, it’s just that I won’t be here much often. Of course, I’ll pop up from time to time but I’m going to high school, starting my freshman year, which will be very busy for me and I won’t get things done from here. Thanks for understanding and have a good night!

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Sonicthefox19 Sonicthefox19 15 August 2021

I have a question for everyone.

How would you all feel if I made a Deviantart account? I've never wandered outside wiki, but I might try it and see. I just would like to see what people think.

What would my Deviantart entail? Well, I'm not sure as I don't know completely how the site works, but here's a few things I'd might like to do.

  1. More Paw Patrol art... obviously.
  2. My Little Pony art. (I've gotten into the show and love the characters enough to start drawing them.)
  3. Fanfictions may or may not be moved on there. I might make new ones just for the site. We'll see. This goes for both above franchises since I've just started doing the MyLittlePony Fanon Wiki stuff.
  4. Might start attempting Sonic, Spyro, and Pokemon art too.
  5. Generic Dog art is also possible since I enjoy drawing d…

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15804aaa 15804aaa 15 August 2021

I need to make some changes for me here

Okay, where we go. I can do this. I’ll no longer be using the Polandballs because of Fandom’s new rule and since I want to keep my country OC’s I made them into their country selves. So Flippy using USA as a basketball is cut and omitted along with Alef kicked Poof into China like a ball in Big Sister. The Tumbnail of the first episode of Ridonculous Race would change due to USA being round, he will be his country self. Things will change for Reverest’s Contestants too as they have to do the change as well, so the Countries that I have will get new designs and I have made some changes in the BFDI Fanon wiki about this. I also like to point out that the Cannon of Shame won’t be used for Countries Battle For 1 Billion Dollars as they won’t f…

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PAWPatrolFam PAWPatrolFam 6 August 2021


After I finish the story, "Marshall's Bad Day," I will now be starting on the story, "Finding Rocky" as part of a poll held on the discussion page. This story will also be part of the timeline, "My Adventures With The PAW Patrol Timeline" also part of the poll. Please hope that I will soon finish the stories. And after finishing the story on the timeline, called, "Pups And The Bully Problem," I will continue the episode, "The Chase And Skye Love Story, Part 3: Accidents Happen." Then continue the parts 4, 5, and 6, and then, the episode will be done. Afterwards, I will continue the timeline and more will soon be added to the timeline. Plus, I would make more non-cannon stories just for fun. And finish the crossover stories, "Puplake: The P…

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Sonicthefox19 Sonicthefox19 3 August 2021

OO Adoption August 2021

Time for another wave of OC adoptions! ^^ Eight OCs, four boys and four girls. Please be civil about who you want.


  1. One OC per person. No exceptions.
  2. You have to say this phrase in your comment or you won't get the OC. "All worlds share the same sky, one sky, one destiny."
  3. No bickering.


  1. Please read a story or character page of mine and give me your own honest opinion upon getting your OC if you don't mind. Check out my Sonicthefox19's Stories and Characters page for the list of stories and characters to view. The reason I ask this is that I want feedback from as many people as possible to know where to improve in my writing and characters.
  2. Please let me know what you plan on doing with your new OC when you request them, just so th…

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Konata Izumi-chan Konata Izumi-chan 31 July 2021

How it Going?

Hello everyone. It’s been a long time since I contributed on this Wiki and I haven’t visited in a long time. I know that in my last blog I said that I left this Wiki, (well I have) but I just decided to drop by and see how it’s going with this Wiki since it’s been awhile. When I was last on this Wiki, I was still in high school but now I just wanted to announce that I have graduated high school this year and will be entering college. That’s a big thing for me, so I’ll be busy these days trying to prepare. I’ve had good memories from this Wiki and although I’ve left the Wiki and the PAW Patrol fandom as a whole, I still like to check back time to time. Anyways, I hope you’re all doing good and that’s all from me.

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Redcreeper99wastaken Redcreeper99wastaken 25 July 2021

I'm back

I've not been here for like 2 months and a half, and I'm finally back ! And Paw Patrol Ninja Warrior is returning as well ! I'm gonna try and finish this by the end of the day.

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 22 July 2021

A little announcement

Hi! Phantom here! And I just wanted to say this, after finishing “Shinobi Dog”, I haven’t really done anything in the fanon lately, other then collab, but I’ve been feeling burnt out after making “Shinobi Dog” and I wanted to take my time off until next Tuesday, just to focus on my mental health and personal things irl. Thanks for understanding, and have a good day.

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15804aaa 15804aaa 19 July 2021


Last year today, I joined this wiki now it’s time to show you what I will do.

Make more episodes and stories

finish what I started 364 days ago

Take fewer breaks

Collabs(If necessary)


more crossovers

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15804aaa 15804aaa 18 July 2021


Oh boy, I don’t know what I’ll be doing tomorrow I forgot that tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary of being on this wiki.

I can’t believe that I’ve been here for nearly a year and idk what do do tomorrow.

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Wiryabudisantoso Wiryabudisantoso 18 July 2021

3rd Anniversary of my Wiki

Today (July 18th), it was the third anniversary of my wiki, Anna the Orangutan and Leo and friends.

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MommaCats MommaCats 10 July 2021

Just a Question

I just want to hear your opinon.

What would happen, if the Paw Patrol was evil, but the KCC were good?

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MommaCats MommaCats 10 July 2021

New Cat

I had made another cute cat named Bot. He is a green cat with a bionical arm. He is training under Cat Chase to be a mischivous police cat.

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15804aaa 15804aaa 5 July 2021

When does each part in my series take place

Part 1- June 20, 2014 to July 4, 2014. In chapters nine and ten Snowstorm tells America happy birthday.

Part 2- July 9, 2014 to July 14, 2014. Snowstorm stated that they have been in the Dino wilds for five days.

Part 3- July 15, 2014. Harry Potter is still 33 at that time as his birthday is on July 31.

Part 4- August 1, 2014 to November 11, 2019. It’s been five years and Tony Stark and Nebula have been in space for 22 days.

Epilouge- March 27, 2020.

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