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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 2 days ago

For my coming freshmens

School is around the corner, I start my sophomore year on the 16th, and to all my people going to high school,wish y’all luck, here’s what you need to do:

  1. NEVER take AP classes. Come on you’re just a freshmen. And unless you have the mentality and energy to do homework at 2 in the morning, I don’t recommend taking AP classes.
  2. NEVER slack off in class. This is coming from me who has slacked off in World Geo because of my teacher, so even if you have an extremely laidback teacher, do NOT just slack off. I almost failed WrldGeo because of that.
  3. Always being lunch from home. Okay not necessarily if you like school lunch but not wanting to wait 10 minutes in line, and by the time you get your food, lunch is already over, bring your own food from hom…
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TundraPup24 TundraPup24 9 days ago

for Morgen to add

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Summers78 Summers78 11 days ago


WOO HOO! It's my birthday! I'm gonna go out and celebrate! Talk to y'all tomorrow!

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Pawsome Everest Pawsome Everest 12 days ago

7/29/2022 My First Blog Post

Hey everyone this is my first time on this website as far as posting. I was advised by one of my best friends that enjoy PAW Patrol as well. Anyway, I guess I'll blog about some of the things I like/dislike. I very much enjoy coffee, strategy based video games, Pokémon and of course Paw Patrol!!! My favorite character is Everest because she is one of my favorite dog/pup breeds a Husky! I dislike spicy food. My favorite type of music is heavy rock and also country. I also enjoy pretty much all music genres though. I also like lots of cartoons as well as action movies. I also prefer learning about history while on YouTube. I guess that's all I can think of at the moment so.... have a pawsome day everyone!

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Summers78 Summers78 12 days ago


Today's my final day off, for the next few days, so I'll continue to update every night. Let's see... The majority of Oklahoma is in a severe drought right now, with very little rain today. There is a current wildfire, actively destroying at least 20,000 acres of land, so I think it'll be contained within the next few days. It's my official birthday, and time within the next few hours, so I'll be 19. Jeez, the thought of me being this mature scares me. I managed to get my bike fixed, so no more walking to work, thank God. But like I always say, keep expecting daily updates.

Today's fun fact:

More people have access to free Wi-Fi, than to clean drinking water.

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Telltale series Telltale series 12 days ago

Wanted categories for me

Hi , it's Ralston Rocky Brezt who write the story episode call Paw Patrol Boom . Somehow I got a little mix up and can't find my own category .

Can I at least have a category please ? I really want to put my story episode together .

Thanks .

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Summers78 Summers78 13 days ago


Day 6? I believe, into the blog, and so far, not very much interesting is going on. It's two days from my birthday, and I'm currently saving for an Xbox series S. Also, that Mario Kart style Paw Patrol racing game is coming out soon, so, there's that to look forward to., I guess today is a boring old day.

Today's fact of the day

There are approximately 18 quintillion explorable planets in the indie game, No Man's Sky, or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 to be exact. Each planet is comparable to a real explorable planet. This is more planets, in game, than there are grains of sand on Earth.

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Summers78 Summers78 14 days ago


Sorry for not updating, y'all. I was helping a friend, and he really needed me last night. I'm off work for the next two days, so I don't have an excuse to not blog on here. It's currently three days out from my b-day, so I'm just absolutely looking forward to turning 19. Other than that, not much is going on. Playing Forza, and listening to my favorite songs. Good vibes, good times.

fact of the day:

For some unknown reason, if you Google "241543903", there are pictures of people putting their heads in the freezer section of a refrigerator.

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Summers78 Summers78 16 days ago


Day three into my daily blog. I just got off of work, and for the most part, it was very uneventful. I love my job at Walmart, and I feel respected there. The only problem, is that it's nearly two miles from where I live. My bike tire went flat, as the valve stem broke off, so for the past few days, I had to walk to work in the 100o+ heat. At least my coworker was nice enough to give me a ride back, at the expense of leaving sooner. I'm back home, and I'm safe, and currently cooling down now. I'm probably going to play Forza Horizon 5 now.

Todays Fun Fact:

Frodo and Sam walked 1,779 miles from the Shire, to Mount Doom in Mordor. The journey took about 6 in-book months, to walk across Middle Earth. This is a little less the distance from New …

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Summers78 Summers78 17 days ago


I'm gonna try to post every day, If I don't have anything to write, i'll post a random fact.

Fact of the day:

The numbers "googol", and a googolplex are on completely different magnitudes. A googol is a "1" followed by a hundred zeros, or 1100 . A Googolplex is a 1 followed by a googol zeros, or 1100^100, meaning that if you were to write one zero every second, it is impossible to write a googolplex within a trillion lifetimes. Some numbers are so big that it can match the absolute scale of the universe.

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Summers78 Summers78 18 days ago

2022 Update

Holy cow, its been over three years since my last update! Now that I have my own computer, I'll definitely make more visits to this site often!

Lot of things changed since I was last here!

I'm no longer dependent on my parents, and make an income as a Walmart employee (Store #3275 if y'all want to visit! I'm the one with the Paw Patrol stuff on my name badge!)

I'm currently active on Xbox (Gamertag is pawpuppy7 if y'all want to add me)

I have found my absolute best friend, and love, as they have an extreme love for Paw Patrol like I do!

I'm turning 19 this week, so happy cake day to me!

I discovered how relaxing, and challenging building Lego can be, so I buy a set at least every other month.

So, all in all, my Ace Combat story is currenly in hia…

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PhoenixBlaze894 PhoenixBlaze894 20 days ago


I have been having trouble with the discussions page while trying to ask a question, and it kept saying "save post failed". If there are any suggestions on how to fix this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. If nobody knows how, that's alright, I just won't put anything on the discussions page, I won't mind.

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 26 days ago

Fursona 5, Episode 2: Who art they

This is the start of a new series called Fursona 5 (and yes, I’m a big anime person). Enjoy episode two of Pirate Greed arc.

It continues off in the cell where Marshall and Chase are.

Chase: Those dang guards… what was that anyways?

Marshall: Huh?

Chase: Sid? He had a very distorted voice, I have no idea.

Then, Marshall accidentally throws his knife over his cell, disrupting someone.

Familiar Voice: Hey! Watch it!

Chase: *ears perked up* Hold on, was that?

Then the anime OP occurs. “Break into Break out” by Lyn. (TV version)

Chase: Uhh… Marshall, give me a boost.

Chase gets on Marshall’s shoulders and jumps high enough to reach the top of the cell and look over the cell.

Chase: Rocky?

Marshall: Wait, Rocky? *climbs up as well*

The camera cuts to an in…

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Zenzid Zenzid 9 July

so i need help with my oc chell

i need help with art for her sfw only

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Images for Tundrathesnowpup to add

Tundra is running. There's no color yet, and it kinda (aka VERY) choppy. It's kinda dark, too. Sorry! ]]

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Does someone know how to add wav-form audio?

Guys! Can you give me some help? I need to know how to add wav-form audio! Well, I know how to add it, but It's not playing! Please help!

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My picture edits!

Me. edit. ]]

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 24 June

Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Final Fight

This is the end of the Adventure Nightmares arc. It continues off at the flesh covered hotel. In the entrance, Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, Tanjiro, Insect Hashira Shinobu and Nezuko evacuates everyone out of the building, and Nezuko made sure to restrain herself from eating humans. Meanwhile in the garage, everyone is running their cars with flesh chasing them, but the flesh is chopped up by Zenitsu’s First Form: Thunderclap and Flash, Sixfold, Giyu’s Eleventh Form: Dead Calm, and Inosuke’s Fourth Fang: Slice ‘n’ Dice to get people to easily leave the center. The Garage entrance was blocked by a flesh wall but was cut by Zenitsu, making everyone flee peacefully. Back in the roof, the pups make plans.

Zuma: Here’s the plan, Tracker, Chase, Sky…

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 18 June

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Sleep Fight

It continues on at the roof of where the demons were located at. It starts off on the cliffhanger where Zuma collapsed on the ground and unresponsive.

Marshall: Zuma! Stay with me! *cprs*

Enmu: Once he’s dead, he can never come back

Chase: (What was that technique? Did it cause it to run out of breathe? Sun Breathing…)

screen transition: Eyes of Forced Unconscious Sleep*

At the hotel, Marshall is still giving Zuma cpr but remains unsuccessful. Marshall was about to presume Zuma dead until he feels a pulse in him left, meaning he’s still breathing. Then Zuma closes his eyes.

Zuma: Huh? Where am I? My hometown…

???: Hey! Big bro!

Zuma: That voice… *turns around*

Zuma’s brother: Hey big bro. What are you doing out here?

Later, in the real world…


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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 16 June

Award Day Tomorrow

hey i have an award ceremony at school tomorrow and i m thinking do a story request on something

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 12 June

Let’s make this a trend

Your OC is a Gym Leader. What typing and team would they have? Here’s my oc’s:

Aldo: Normal Gym Leader

Number of Pokémon: 3


1st Pokémon you’re sending out: Buneary

Lvl: 19

Ability: Run Away

Held Item: None

Moves: Quick Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes, Defense Curl

Lvl: 20

2nd Pokémon: Porygon

Ability: Download

Held Item: Expert Belt

Moves: Conversion, Thunder Shock, Psybeam

3rd Pokémon (last): Miltank

Lvl: 25

Held Item: Lum Berry

Moves: Stomp, Attract, Milk Drink, Rollout

(Fun fact: Aldo’s Miltank is based off of Whitney’s Miltank from Gold, Silver, and Crystal >:) )

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Shilfiyan Ahmad Shilfiyan Ahmad 11 June

PAW Patrol: The Movie


Marshall: Whoa! I’m okay.

(Music): ♪

Seagull: (Squawking)

Baby Turtle: (Gasps, grunts)

(Music): ♪

(Scene): (In Adventure Bay, a truck driver named Gus crashes and hangs over the town's suspension bridge)

Man: Truck 416, what’s your location?

Gus: Just passing through a sleepy, little town called Adventure Bay, over. Oh! That’s cold, that’s cold! Oh, ooh, ooh! I got blue slushie in my skivvies!

(Sound): (Rumbling)

Gus: (Squealing) Cold, cold, cold!

Baby Turtle: (Shrieking)

Gus: (Moaning) Ahhh! Look out, little guy!

(Sound): (Tires screeching)

Gus: No, no, no, no, no! Whoa! Hang in there! Oh, no!

(Sound): (Clanking)

Gus: Oh, no! No!

(Music): ♪

Gus: (Cries out)

(Sound): (Truck creaking)

Gus: No, no, no! (Screaming)

Cap'n Turbot: (Humming, grunts)

Gus: H…

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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 3 June


I got back from camping

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 3 June

Pups and the Sunken Ship

It starts off with Marshall in his pup house asleep when an anime cutscene occurs. Chains rattle in the ceiling and Marshall wakes up in his human form (as an anthro), in a black and white jail attire with hands cuffed with a long chain and a leg iron on his right ankle.

Marshall(voiced by Xander Mobus): Where am I? Hello? Why do I sound so different? *gets up looks around* A jailcell?

He walks to the bars and the camera zooms out to an empty desk with a person standing next to it.

Teenage Boy: Trickster, welcome to the Velvet Room.


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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 1 June

Hey i am going Camping so i will see you on Friday

Hi i am going camping so i will see you on friday

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Drawing ideas

I need some drawing ideas for my ocs! Please comment any if you have any :) (Do not try to get me to draw your OC please)

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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 27 May

Making a story

Hey i just going to be making a story however i am not doing pups vacation up in duluth because i don't think that is the good idea because it in my home state and the story that i'm making is going to be a while

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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 24 May

Write a story still

Hey i just start making my story and i will continue my story later

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MrCJNinja MrCJNinja 23 May

I’m Leaving Fandom

Let me start off by saying this; thank you. Thank you for all the enjoyable experiences and funny conversations I got here. I first came to Fandom in quarantine to find friends when, at the time, I had none to really do anything with. I got my first real introduction into creative writing on Fandom and supportive friends that let me share my imagination, which gave me confidence to express myself more in real love. If it wasn’t for Fandom, I’m sure I would be ten-fold if the shell of myself that went into quarantine. I’ve met many of incredible people here, so for that, I thank you, friends. :)

Now, why I may be leaving; since America began reopening and school started up again, I’ve found friends that I have fun with all the time. Some of …

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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 14 May

Camping on the first week of june for 3 days

 Hey I am going on a high school camping trip for 3 days on the first day of June plus i am traveling with the pack of students,Teachers and staffs and i am thinking about making a story but i not yet decide yet what will be

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 29 April

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Rui and Enmu

slice then sheathe*

Zuma: Fake Rainbow.

Rui: You really think I fall for that- *walks then head falls off*

Zuma: To think that, you think that you are worth fighting someone with the Sun Breathing technique.

After Rui’s head gets chopped off, his threads begin to collapse into nothingness and the pups reunites with Zuma with Rocky jumping on Zuma. This causes Rui to have a flashback.

Rui: That bond… where have I been seen this before…?

Cuts to a flashback where an injured Tanjiro embraces his sister Nezuko. This showed Rui what true family bonding is. And his soul reverts to his human self and meets his parents again (because I don’t wanna write his flashback)

Human Rui: Mom? Dad?

Rui’s Mother: Yes Rui, it’s us

Rui burst in tears as his parents emb…

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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 28 April

Fire drill

Hey i have a fire drill practice which all grades Pre-K to 12th grade went outside of the school it start at 1;32pm ends at 1;37pm and here it funny just 1 min before it happen one of the 10th grader grab one of soap from my classroom lucky he got out of time

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Fluffydogdude Fluffydogdude 23 April

Hey I'm back!

Hey it's me! So the last day my tablet glitched and I couldn't sign back in now I'm back cause *I always come back* XP

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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 20 April


Hi while at school around 1;28 my class and other class come to my classroom as the torando at my school lucky we wait until is gone away it start at 1;28pm and ends at 1;35pm it my 9th grader it a mix of 9th,10th,11th and 12th graders

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Fluffydogdude Fluffydogdude 18 April


There's a website called collars for a cause and! Plus for every collar purchased money goes to a great Dane rescue! Isn't that awesome!?

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 8 April

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hotel of Nightmares

elevator breaks down*

All the pups groan

Rubble: I got it!

Marshall: Time for a taisho secret before we go. Tracker’s snake is named Víbora, which means Snake in Spanish.

Chase: Next, Episode 6, Rui and Enmu. I hope the elevator is fixed by the time next episode begins.

Rocky: *muffles “agree”*


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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 6 April

Marshall’s Dream

Just a small teaser of another new series coming soon. Enjoy.

It starts off with chains dangling on the ceiling. It then reveals an anthro teen Marshall in a black and white jail attire. He gets up from his bed with hands cuffed and a leg iron on his right ankle.

Marshall (voice: Xander Mobus): Where am I? Wait. Hello? Why do I sound so different?

Teen voice: If you’re pondering why you look like this,

Marshall: Who’s that?

Teenage boy: Welcome to the Velvet Room. I am Aldo, the assistant of this place. You may be wondering why the master isn’t here, master Igor sadly passed away from old age. So he put me as the new master of the Velvet Room. This dream exists between dream and reality, and mind and matter, those who have forged a contract ma…

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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 3 April

need help

hey i need help create my story so please comment me if you want to help me

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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 23 March

Field trip

i m going on a field trip today

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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 20 March

March 25

hi i have no school since it my school conference day i will be remind you that liberty is coming to PAW Patrol

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 14 March

Kimetsu no Yaiba: A new mission

post credit, manga page flip*

Sweetie and Tracker jump out of a manga page.

Sweetie: My my, are you excited for your first ever mission?

Tracker: I mean, the lower six demon was technically our-

Sweetie: Didn’t they die to Muzan’s Curse?

Tracker: Oh right. *ahem* Now time for a Taisho secret *double drum beat* Hinokami Kagura (ヒノカミ神楽) means “Dance of the Fire God”, and represents Tanjuro’s Ritual Dance.

Sweetie: Huh. Interesting.

Sweetie and Tracker turn to the audience

Tracker: Next, Episode 5: Hotel of Nightmares (very lame names I know lol)

Sweetie: See you next time!


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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 13 March

Just something random

Zuma: Material girl!

Chase: *cringing* Zuma… why?

Zuma: Don’t question it

The end (I know, cringe)

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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 13 March


hey i want to know on April 15 i m turning 15 this year

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24ZacharyBujak 24ZacharyBujak 11 March

PAW Patrol new epsoide

Hi i am here to let anyone know that Liberty will be choose one

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Fetcher46 Fetcher46 7 March

Biting more than I can chew

So the main reason why I'm a writer is that I like to write. However, when I'm not feeling any motivation for writing on a said story, If I don't have any motivation for it, the story ends up becoming more of a chore for me to work on. Not only that, but I've been working various other non-Paw Patrol stories. I don't want to put stress on myself working on something that feels less like making my AU and more like lawn mowing. Not to mention, I've only gotten half way through the story. If you guys were interesting seeing my AU, I doubt I'll get it done soon. I don't know why, I'm just feel like dragging myself to get that story done.

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15804aaa 15804aaa 24 February

Updates I have to make for me

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Telltale series Telltale series 14 February

The new update

Hey everyone it's me rocky and I having a shocked today . Did fanon wiki just got an update ? Because I can't just press my profile .

Have to press contribution .

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Phantom.paws Phantom.paws 13 February

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Sneak Peak

Here’s a sneak peak for a new arc coming to Paw Patrol: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

The sneak peak begins at a hotel. Zuma, with the rest of the pups, are separated on a 10 story hotel finding the demon who are killing the residents. Then cuts to a person on the roof behind a “screen”.

Lower one: Would you look at that, demon slayers in the building and-what’s this?!

Lower five: What is it?

Lower one: You remember the kid with hanafuda earrings when you fought him?

Lower five: *flashback, then present* I do remember.

Lower one: Master said that if we kill the boy with hanafuda earrings, he’ll give us power and we will become stronger! What a dream come true!

Lower five: I want his power right now!

sneak peak ends*

Aldo: *jumps out of manga page* Wait what a…

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Alex the Dally Alex the Dally 10 February

I need help

So I want to make a wiki for my OC Alex but I have no idea how to.

Can someone please help me and tell me how to so I can make him one?

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Fetcher46 Fetcher46 3 February

Idea Updates

Okay, so I've been thinking about a few different idea that could happen in my Paw Patrol AU, which I plan on calling the Cityverse. I have few things I'd like to let you know I have planned for this AU.

  1. Adventure Bay and Adventure City are combined in this universe: So after seeing the movie, I've thought about the city and bay and how far they are apart from each other. I feel that Adventure Bay is kept a little dense so it could be simplified for the kids not to be confused. With this AU though, I feel like having the city and the bay combined will allow more lactations to show up without feeling they just pop out of nowhere. Not to mention, I've also wanted to use some of the movie characters as I feel they'd fit in pretty good.
  2. More …
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