Meet Brooke, the Paw Patrols’s Security Guard pup.

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Brooke is a tough but sweet pup. She won’t hesitate to pick a fight or defend and protect her friends. Because of her rough past, she isn’t afraid of anything and will take any challenge.

When she gets older, she becomes more sweet and and more laid back.


Brooke grew up in an awful home. Her father and older brother abused her and made fun of her. Her mother would defend her from them. Brooke, tired of the way her father and brother treated her, decided to leave. She left in the middle of the night while everyone was asleep. She left a note for her mother, telling her where she was going and why she was leaving.

Brooke traveled and made a home where ever she could. Because of how she was treated she made a vow to protect and defend other from harm just as her mother had.

One day she found her self in Adventure Bay. She spotted a group of pups in the middle of a mission. A bear had wandered into town and was frightening everybody. Brooke stepped in just as the bear was about to swipe at a little girl. Brooke lept in front of the girl and began barking and growling furiously at the bear. The bear was then able to be contained and taken back to the forest.

The pups leader, Ryder was impressed by Brooke’s strength and bravery and asked her if she would like to join the Paw Patrol as their Security Guard. Brooke, excited that she had found a home where she would be loved and cared for, accepted and joined the pups.

She developed instant feelings for a young German shepherd/ husky pup, named Trooper. One day he asked her on a date. Brooke said no but Trooper wasn’t giving up. He asked her four more times and on the fifth time, Brooke finally said yes.

Then after three years of dating the two were married. A not long after they welcome their first litter of four puppies— Loki, Clarity, Serenity, Jules, and Jody.


Brooke is a mixed breed. She coat is mostly brown with lighter brown muzzle, wars, socks, toes, and underside of her tail. She has a long fluffy coat. She has purple eyes and wears a dark gray collar with a black pup tag with a lock.

When she’s older she wears a gold clip with Trooper’s initial and symbol for their marriage.

Paw Patrol Uniform: Brooke wears a black security vest. It has small cuff on the ends and two small pockets on the front. Her pup pack has a flashlight on the side. She also wears a black cap.

Air Patrol: Just like the other pup’s uniform, the sleeves go all the way down, stopping at her paws. Her uniform is blakc with dark gray accents. Her helmet has lighter gray sides as well as rings on the ends of the sleeves. Her motive of flying: wings.

Sea Patrol: Lifeguard: Brooke’s lifeguard uniform is black with a dark gray front and underside. Her cap’s front is dark gray with the rest being black.

Scuba: Her scuba gear is black with the exception of the chest and front sleeves which are dark gray.

Mission Paw: Brooke’s Mission Paw Uniform is black, but looks more dark gray and bright due to its neon glow. And just like the other pups’, her uniform is decorated with black and silver.

Ultimate Rescue: When it’s her turn to lead the team, Brooke and the rest of the pup gear up in matching security uniforms.

Halloween: When Halloween rolls around, Brooke dresses up as a super hero.

Mighty Pups: Brooke’s power is indestructibility. When she’s charged up, she gains the ability to manipulate the elements(fire, water, etc). Her uniform is a black with razor like patterns. Her markings and mask are a light gray. Her symbols is a fist.

Ready Tace Reacue: Her uniform is much like the other pups. Her uniform is black with the sleeves going all the way down stopping at her paws. There are black rings at the tops and bottoms of the sleeves. The underside is white with a dark grah seam going down and collar at tbe top. The back is gray with dark gray checkered flag pattersns on the side. Her helmet is black with the front being white with dark gray checkered flag patterns on the sides.

Dino Rescue: Brooke’s dino rescue uniform is much like the other pups. Her uniform is black with a dark gray underside with gray clips that hold her pup pack. Her helmet is black with dark gray accents.

Jet to the Rescue: It is dark gray and Like the other pups’ uniforms, it is mostly black with white stripes. The helmet has a neon glow and faint visor.


Catchphrase: “Not feeling safe at all, give Brooke a call!”

“Day and night, I’ll protect your life!”

“Theifs can’t stop this pup!”

“If thieves are about, give this pup a shout!”

Pup Pack: -net -flashlight -small microphones -x-ray screen -x-ray goggles -megaphone -claw -pincers -small cameras -laser detector

Vehicle: Brooke’s vehicle is a black and gray jeep. It has a couple of buttons: -red: activates a drone -black: opens the back that hold extra security gear -gray: activates a radar

Fears: Losing her friends and mother.

Friends: Chase, Trooper, and Zoey are her best friends but she gets along well with everyone.

Random: -Brooke was born November 26, 2016

-She has a crush on Trooper.

-In my original design for her, both of her ears were floppy and her eyes were blue.

-She a bit of a temper and attitude ut she working on changing them.

-She misses her mother and hopes to one day find her again.

-she fears the day she may see her father and brother again.

-She absolutely hates bullies since her father and brother were ones to her.

-She liked to tease the other pups about their crushes. They do it back to her with her crush on Trooper.

-She over protective about pups younger or smaller than her.


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