PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki


  1. 2 per person.
  2. If someones asks for a pup don't ask for the same one
  3. If someone adopted a pup don't ask for it
  4. You can choose their job, color, family and friends

Thank you and please adopt them!

Quick note: This is my first adoptables page, Please Enjoy!


#1: Caramel! Closed! Caramel is a golden retriever. She is kind and HILARIOUS! Everyone who meets her laughs at all of her jokes. She has dark brown freckles on her muzzle and she has beautiful brown eyes. She is outgoing and her birthday is October 12. She is obsessed with Halloween and fall. She often makes wreaths out of twigs and leaves during the fall. She likes to try new things and she is always eager to meet new people.

#3: Blaze! Adopted! Blaze is a total cowboy. He is a border Collie and he is always seen wearing a cowboy hat. He loves herding cows, chickens... cats or just about anything he can herd. He has dark brown eyes and he can talk to barn animals (Horses, Cows, goats, pigs, ect). Of course it can be hard to talk to chickens since they are so dumb. He can be not so smart sometimes and he is always saying Howdy! Instead of Hi!. He likes old things/ antiques and old movies mostly Old western Movies. His birthday is July 26th.

#4: Romeo! Adopted! Romeo is a flirty pup and is girl crazy. Every girl he meets he flirts with. He is a short haired, pure black German Shepherd. He has a red color with a rose shaped pup tag and He has green eyes. He's been on a bunch of dates but always gets friendzoned (Hm. I wonder why. 🙄). He tends to trip and he tries to act cool in front of girls. He doesn't get jealous but he only dos whenever Romeo flirts with a girl and she flirts with another boy. He is quite hilarious and is just a joy to be around! His birthday is february 13.

#5: Jessie! *Note is you or are good friends with whoever adopted Blaze then please adopt this one because Blaze and Jessie are great friends and I would like if they can stay together.* Jessie (Or Jess) is a brown, white and black Australian Shepherd. She wears a light brown cowboy hat and a leather collar. She is sweet and loves to run. She is faster than all the Paw Patrol pups combined and she loves to do farm chores. She has a crush Blaze and Blaze likes her back. She likes trying new things but she would rather stay at the Ranch / Farm.

Thank you and Enjoy your new pups! New pups coming. Thank you and have a great day!!!