hi guys

Chase was hanging up the Christmas decorations when Skye walked in. 

Chase: hey Skye.

  *chase looked up and blushed.* 

Skye: What? *Skye looked up and saw a mistletoe* 

Skye: Oh chase *Blushes* 

Chase: We don't have to kiss! *Skye kisses Chase, all of the pups witness this and Skye runs away*

Chase: What just happened?

Zuma: I don't know dude but I'm going pretend that never happened.

Chase: hey i heard a dance party festival in Adventure Bay tonight right?

All except Chase: yeah..

Chase: Ok i'm gonna take Skye there.

rocky: Can i take tundra there too?

Chase: sure...

(On 6.00 pm chase is walking towards skye in the lookout when nobody there)

Chase: hey Skye!

Skye: hey Chase!

Chase: can i ask you something?

Skye: sure.

Chase: do you want to go to the dance with me ?

Skye: sure.

Chase: really?

Skye: yeah.

Chase: OK, i'll pick you up at Katie's at 7.00 pm.

(at Katie's on 6.20 pm skye arrives at Katie's)


Katie:what it is skye?

Skye:chase ask me on a dance party festival,i need your help, please ?

Katie:no problem.

(at the lookout)


Ryder:what is it chase?

Chase:i kind of ask skye on a dance party festival,and kind need your help.

Ryder:no problem i help you to get ready for Skye!

(on 7.00 pm chase is waitting for then he saw skye wearing a beautiful dress)

Chase:woah,skye you look so beautiful.

Skye: Thanks Chase.

Chase: I really love you I've loved you since the day we meet

Skye: me to I love you to I also care about you

Headline text

(at the dance party)

Rocky: oh chase, your here.

Chase: yup,where is tundra ?

Rocky: she is in the bathroom.

Chase: well you exciuse me,I need to dance with Skye.

Rocky: and I need to dance with Tundra!

both: good luck.

(when chase and skye is dancing chase is thinking of something)

Chase thinking: kiss her first.

Chase: skye there something I need to tell you.

Skye: what it is?

Chase: your my favorite girl in my life, I love u Skye and do you wanna make out some day???

Skye: your my favorite pup in the world, love u to Chase and sure we can make out some day or.....we could make out tonight!!!!!

(then Chase kiss Skye under the mistletoe and live hapily ever after and have kids Lani and Ace)

Chase and Skye : I will love you for ever!

rocky and tundra: I love you for ever!

rocky and tundra got married so did Chase and Skye and had kids.

the end

Trailer Skye and chase part 2 (Skye's and chase's kids is a boy and rocky and tundra is a girl)