Cooper is a head Ice-Rescue pup. His best friends are Chase, Tundra, and Zuma. lmpalas on Deviantart(Cooperonice for the wikia, but she's not on often.)
Cooper's ref sheet

drawn by Lmpalas on DA and Cooperonice on the wiki :D


Cooper is part of the Paw Patrol and he does ice rescues (skiing accidents, avelanches, people in thin ice etc) he can be very hyper and is quite the daredevil. Hes best friends with Chase, Tundra, and Zuma


Name: Cooper

Sex: Male

Breed: Lab/Beagle mix

Voice: Cameron Boyce (younger)

Personality: Daring, easygoing

Crush: N/A. He is single and will probably not have a mate

Doghouse: Snowcat

Friends: Chase, Tundra, Zuma

Tools: Icepick, rope, shovel, hot coca (for people who are freezing to death)


  • Cooler than cold!
  • Snowthing I can't handle!
  • Takes one to snow one!


Cooper is about as tall as Chase, he is a caramel color with a lighter underbelly and a brown spot around his left eye. He had a red collar with a gold clip for his badge and light blue eyes. His uniform is navy blue with a orange helmet and silver goggles with a maroon strap. His badge has a blue background and a gray cracking design going through the middle


Cooper and his parents were thrown out of their house due to high taxes and their family couldn't afford to keep them. A few months after that, on a very icy and cold morning, Cooper's mother had accidentally fell through some thin ice on a lake. Cooper saved her by grabbing a long stick and having his mother bite the other end as Cooper and his father pulled her out. The PAW Patrol gang had been out scouting and saw this. They asked Cooper to join their force and he proudly agreed. 


  • He and Tundra have a brother/sister relationship and are usually there for each other if they need any advice or just someone to talk to