another story with my pup Moonlight!

History (Part 1)

Moonlight was at the look out playing with Chase when Alex came

Moonlight: Ahh c'mon Alex a few more minutes

Alex: No Momma says we have to go home

Moonlight: Okay bye Chase, bye guys

All: Bye

The Next Day....

Coujo: The nerve of Ashley to say Grace was Pregnent just for a prank

Grace: I know right

They were all saying how mean Ashley was when Moonlight lashed out at them

Moonlight: YA well they are people worse then Ashley stop over reacting you prissy little Rottwieler!!

Grace: MOONLIGHT!!!!

Moonlight: Oh shut up your just as bad as ashley

All: *GASP*

Moonlight: Just leave me alone *runs off*

Ryder: We should leave her for a while she must be going through some things

Grace: Do those things enclude lashing out at her friends?!?!?

Skye: You should leave her Chase

Moonlight ran to the beach and pulled back the strip of fur she covered her right eye with to reveal a scar

Moonlight cryed as she looked her revelection in the water just then a pitbull named Jer-Z put his arm around her neck

Jer-Z: Hey Moonlight now your gonna tell that little boy of yours you can't be his pup anymore

Moonlight: I will I promise

Jer-Z: You better and then meet me back here and if you don't *Tighteness his arm around her neck* you know what will happen next *Let's go*

Moonlight: *Gasp* *Wheeze*

evil Jer-Z