Jay-Z: You better run you little twurps

Coujo: No way *Takes out every weapon he has*

Jay-Z: Aww cute *breaks all the weapons*

Coujo: Uh oh!

Both of them ran off they wanted to stay and fight but he was too powerful after that Jay-Z ran back to the prison he kept Moonlight, Streak and Storm

Jay-Z: We're relocating tomorrow

Moonlight: Why?

Jay-Z: Because your friends are too close to finding you

That night the words of Jay-Z rang in her head 

"First I'll kill you then your brothers"

Moonlight: Hey Jay-Z

Jay-Z: WHAT!?!?

Moonlight: We had a deal you kill me leave my brothers

Jay-Z: Ya right your so naive

Moonlight: NO Paw patrol find us quickly

In the morning she felt miserable.

Moonlight: *Sings* If your looking for something life like hit a sardine night club

If every surface you touch is cold never go hom

He says "I can't feel a thing my dreams are so tight why woudn't stand in line tonight