Candy: We found this letter from Princess


Just then Princess walked through the door.

Princess: Bonjour everone

Zuma: W-w-what are you doing here I thought you were captured

Princess: What no no no he let me go he's really nice I have no idea why those wolves are so scared of him.

All except Princess: WOLVES!?!?!

Chase: Aww man we were so busy looking for Princess we forgot who we were looking for

Zuma: Moonlight must be really scared

Rocky: Let's go after her

One Marshall elevater wipe-out later.......

Chase: Ready for action Ryder sir!

Ryder: Alright Moonlight is still missing Princess did he say where he was going

Princess: He said they hide in seal island for a while then they would move back to their home town Texas

All: *Gasp*

Ryder: Come on if we can catch them at seal island then we can stop them before they get to Texas

They were all at the beach waiting for him then they saw him caring Moonlight and her two older brothers

Jay-Z: C'mon there's a boat leaving in two minutes

Chase: Well guess who's not going on it

Jay-Z: Look who brought friends well so did I

Other Pitbulls jump out from all sides and tackled the Paw Patrol To the ground

Random Pitbull: Go boss

He took them to the boat but then Moonlight hit him Making Jay-Z drop them 

Jay-Z: Why you little- *Hits her*

Streak: Don't you touch her

But all Jay-Z did was knock Streak and Storm out

Moonlight: *Gasp*

Jay-Z knocked her head into the water and tried to drown her then she remembered her Mother's training

  • Flash back*

Moonlight's Mom: Now you've gone through most of your trainig there is only one last part

Moonlight: What is it mother?

Moonlight's Mother: What will happen when you get destracted in a fight?

Moonlight: That's not possible

Moonlight's mother: But what if it happens they knock you in to the water try to drown you now this is what you do....

Moonlight put water in her mouth and spit it in Jay-Z's face and ran off


her brothers gained consiousness they growled around Jay-Z and he got a bit scared

Jay-Z: C'mon now fellas let's put this behind us *Runs of whineing*

Moonlight: *Looks at the other Pitbulls* Run

Pitbulls: *Run away*

Everything went back to normal and the Pitbulls never came back