as Jay-Z draged Candy and Moonlight through the woods when he got getting sick of Candy's constant screaming.

Candy: LET ME GO!!!!!!!!

Jay-Z: ugghh fine I don't need you go away and tell no one or I will find you and kill you!!!!!!!


as Candy was running she bumped into Coujo and Grace

Coujo: What's wrong

Candy: We have to find Moonlight!!!

Grace: That old grouge she said I was as bad as Ashley!!

Coujo: She said I was a prissy little Rottwieler!!! And I heard she dosen't want to be Alex's dog anymore!!!!!

Candy: You don't get it come on I'll explain at the look out

At the Look out.......

Grace: Alright so explain the story

Sophie: So I went to the beach and a Pit Bull was trying to strangle her plus she's got a big bloody scar on her eye

Candy: And she told me the Pit Bull who killed her parents wants to kill her brothers and then he will kill her

Grace: WHAT!?!?!?

Coujo: Oh man I didn't know

Chase: We have to save her (Nearly in tears)

One Elevter wipe out later......

Ryder: No real teams pups this time just try to find Moonlight let's go!!


Jay-Z led Moonlight to an abadened prison and led her to a cell

Jay-Z: Ya know what I think I'll be nice you can stay in the cell as your brothers help them with thier slave dutys until I kill them....*Wicked smile* and you

he put her in a cell in a corner her batered and brused brothers Storm and Streak

Moonlight: *Hugs them* I've missed you so much

Streak and Storm: *Hugs her back* We have too.