Part Four of history Princess. Zuma! Lets go to the woods!

Zuma: Why?  You gonna kill me?

Both: Ha ha ha!

Zuma: Seriousley, are you?

Princess: Why ever? (rubs against Zuma) But we can still go to the pup park can we?

At the pup park..........

Zuma: So you want to do?

Princess: I had something planed for the woods.

Zuma: What?

Princess: I wanted to show you to tango.

Zuma: Well then (picks a rose) sha`ll we dance?

Princess: Ha ha! Oh Zuma.

Zuma and Princess danced and danced not relizing they went through the woods were Moonlight and her brothers were.

Princess: Were are we?

Zuma: You took me to the woods! (tackles her playfully) Why?

Princess: I sware I had no.....

A net flew over her.

They expected to turn around to see Chase but there was a pit-bull, not Chase.

Zuma: Hey! Cant you see im making a move!

Moonlight: Run Zuma run!!!!!

Princess: ZUMA!!!!!

Jay-z was dragging her away.

Zuma: Paws off!!!!

Jay-z bit him in the leg.

Jay-z: You better get home before you bleed to death.

Princess: GO!!!

Zuma Ran home before blacking out.

2 hours later......

Zuma: (wakes up yelling) PRINCESS!!

Grace: He`s awake.

Chase: Oh really? I didnt know!

Sophie: Way to blow my eardrums out.

Zuma: We have to save Moonlight!

Chase: Me and Coujo can handle it!

Zuma tried to sit up but fell back down.

Grace: You lost alot of blood, dont worry, yo`ll be fine in 2 days or so.


Chase: Relax, well get her.

That night.......

Zuma: So were are we know?

Chase: No idea. Were is she?

Zuma: She? Its a he!

Chase: Is it Zuma?

Zuma: Yes!


Chase: Did they think we would get along?

Coujo: Dont know. I kinda have to pee, what if I pee myself!

Chase: Well, i`ll have a good laugh.

Coujo: If he finds us were dead.

Coujo: And why does it sound like were eating chips, this grass is hard.

Chase: I like his name, its like a rappars name.

Coujo: This is boring!

Chase turend on his flashlight.

Both: Truck!

They looked around and saw a page. It said help me!

Chase: I bet if hes watching, hes like DANG THEY STINK AT THIS!!!!

Coujo: Do you hear fire works?

Chase: Are we next to Disney Land!

Both: Jay-z.... were are yoooooou!

They saw another page it said dont look at him, or he wil take you away.

Coujo: Take it.

Chase: I looked at the page and took it.

Chase: Do you hear that? Is that a lawn mower?

Coujo: J-Jay-z a landscaper!

Chase: Dont mow my lawn!

Chase: Im doing morris code.

Both: Jay-z come save us!!!

He was right next to them.

They were runnig for awhile when....

Chase: Can I turn around?

Coujo: Shure, you can take a little look-see.

He was right behind them.

Both: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!