At the lookout..........

Zuma: We're is Princess!

Chase: Um, uh, funny story.

Coujo: She's still with Jay-Z.

Zuma: So... you didn't find her.

Coujo: That's not what I said.

Chase: We found all these notes.

Zuma: Notes don't..... hey, this is Princesses writing!

Chase: Even this one?

He gave Zuma the note that said Help Me!

Zuma: Yes!

Chase: Maybe we would of found her if we went faster COUJO!

Coujo: Oh, who took a little look-see!

Grace: Who thought they would get along?

Zuma: Oh, she could be dead!

Grace: Hey, if we all go together, he won't stand a chance!

Chase: Doubt it.

Zuma: Has it been 3 days?

Grace: 1 day left.

Zuma: I need her!

Sophie: Ok, now it's me and Candy's turn. 

Candy: Huh? But I.....

Sophie: No one cares, your coming.


Sophie: It's almost night.

Candy: Let's go home.

Sophie: Were lost.


Sophie: We're fine, hey what's that?

Candy: I think, um, a prison?

Sophie: How ridiculous! It's a, a, let's call it what you said.

Sophie: Hey! A letter!

Candy: Wow! It's just a big letter P. It's literally a letter.

Sophie: Look at this! It's says Dear, reader I hope you  are a paw patrol member, but please get one if you are not. All I hope is my love made it home, I lay awake praying for him.

Candy: How sweet.

Sophie: There's more. Last night, Jay-Z told me were leaving soon. He loves me and says he will never kill me, as long as I don't leave him. We went to the fields, the last place to look for a criminal. Sincerely, Princess

Candy: Let's tell Zuma.

Sophie: Yea, let's watch him go on a jealous rage.