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Everyone is walking to a large house

Keilee: So glad you guys invited me here. Looks like a sick place

Clip: Yeah. It was nice of the owners to invite us for talking

Keilee: *Does crashing plane noise*

Narnia: Keilee!

Keilee: What?

Dipstick: I think it sounds nice

Archie: Anything normal sounds nice after the past few weeks

Dash: Totally

They arrive and go inside, seeing a note on the table

We are gathering some charity supplys. Until we get back, enjoy the lemonade and cookies, and the water and Dog treats for your dogs.

Raily and Fred

Rubble: Dog treats? Yay!!!

They are about to settle, when a strange green gas comes through the vents

Jake: Woah man, what the heck is this?!

Wisp: Is anyone else feeling... Topsy Turvy...?

Ryder: Yeah, I do feel a little....

Everyone collapses, and we here Humdingers dork laughter

Rock and Wisp Wake up in a room

Rocky: Wha the?!

Wisp: What is happening?!

Suddenly, the room starts slowly filling up with water

Rocky: Ah! Wet wet wet wet!!

Wisp: Oh my god no!!!!!

Her fake leg started sparking up, and soon it was dead weight

Wisp: I cant swi-*Her head goes under*

Rocky: Wisp!!!!

Rocky looks scared, then takes a deep breath, and dives in. He pulls Wisp out of the water, and tries to keep both their heads above water

Wisp: Im sorry!

Rocky: There is nothing to be sorry about!

The water then starts to drain

Wisp: Rocky you saved my life!!! *She tackles him*

Rocky: I think I can help with you not swiming. You just need a waterproof leg, with a little upgrade

Wisp looks excited

Now, we see Kaia

Kaia: What is happening?

Then, she sees a fisherman

Kaia: No...



Then the FIsherman starts chasing her around, occasionaly throwing Harpoons and nets at her

Then we see Clue

Clue: Whaz happening....

Then, the walls seemed to close in on her

Clue starts breathing really heavy, and shaking


With Zuma

Zuma: This whole thing does not seem wight

Then, a ghost comes out of the wall

Zuma: AHHHH!!!! GHOST!!!!!

The ghost starts chasing him all around

With Marshall

He is strapped to a thing

Marshall: What-?

The thing lifts him up

Marshall: AHHHH!!!!

The the thing starts spinning him around

Marshall: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

With Clip

Clip: Urhhh-

She appears to be on a ledge, big enough to only let her stand, and all around her, a pit so deep she could not see the bottom

CLip: Uh-uhuh-uh-Why am I so-so-so high..?!

She starts to whimper and cower on her tiny ledge, her ears down

With Buster...

Buster opened his eyes and saw Mia.

Mia: Ugh! You!?

Buster: Mom? It's me Your pup.

Mia: I know. And I don't love you anymore!

Buster: wha-What???

Mia: Yeah! That's right! I hate you!

Kaia was right by her.

Kaia: I don't love you either! Your an AWFUL Leader!

Mia and Kaia: So Get out of here! Your not wanted! We don't love you!

Buster started to cry. He tried to run away but the voices followed him.

With Bosco....
Bosco looked around fast he then saw a screen that showed Clue in a small room.

Bosco: SIS!!!

Bosco watched her panic as the walls got closer. Heard her panic and yelp for help.

Bosco: NO!!!!

With Harold and and Humdinger

Humdinger: Ooh this is genious!!! What great entertainment!!!! Much better then Cable!!!

Harold: and we are in complete control!!!

Humdinger: Ooh ooh ooh flood the room again!!

Harold: With Pleasure!!! *He presses a button, and Rocky and Wisps room begins to fill again*

Humdinger: Ooh ooh ooh ooh!!! And make her ledge smaller!!!

Harold: Oh yeah!!!!*Clicks another button and Clips ledge crumbles a little, making her freak out*

Humdinger: Oh oh oh oh OH!!!! Add more mice in that girls room!!! *He is talking about Keilee, and she hates rats and mice*

Harold: Tottaly!!!*Clicks another button, and more mice flood into her room*

Keilee on screen: AHHHH!!!!!! Ew!!!!

Humdinger: OoH OH OH OOH!!! Put more people in Busters nightmare!!!!

Harold: Oh, sorry, I cant*Clicks a button and more people start scorning Buster*

Humdinger: Oh this is so much fun!!!!!!

Harold: Yeah!!!

With Ryder

Ryder: Ugh...

Katie walks up to him

Katie: let me help you

she holds out her hand for Ryder, and Ryder tries to grab it, but she pulls it back

Ryder; What-

Katie: Oh Ryder, *laughs* You make me laugh. You really think you are good enough for me? Has your reality check bounced or something? Your delusional! Me and you together? Ha! Why would I ever love you?

Ryder looks really hurt

Then, a pup with a bandanna on their face runs in.

???: Back off you bucket of bolts!!!

Katie looks insulted

Katie then walks off

Ryder: Who are you???

???: Names Mocha. Here. *She tosses him a blindfold and ear plugs* Trust me

Ryder: Ok

Nayah : Zuma.. even if this isn't the right time I want you to know that I love you.

Zuma: You? love me? HA!!!!

Nayah: Zuma....?

Bosco: You broke up with me and married somone else.

Nayah: I-I-I- Because you tried to take apart Zumas vehicle!!!!

Bosco: You abandoned me .

Zuma: I cant believe that you thought we could be together.

Nayah: STOP IT!!!!!!!

With Ryder

Mocha: You can take the blind and the earplugs out now

Ryder does so

Ryder: What the....

They are in a room, with two ratty beds, and a large chemistry set

????: Hey Mocha! Did you figure out what is going on? Oh, hi Ryder

This dog is a Yorkie-Poodle mix, wearing a black Zip up jacket

Mocha: Sorry Rookie. Apparently, the Night Patrol, Paw Patrol, and some humans and their dogs are living their nightmare

Rookie: Well, thats not good...

Mocha: Duh

Rookie: Well!! We need to help them!!

He runs, slips on something, and crashes in front of his chemistry set

Mocha: Why? We could get caught too!

Rookie: IF we get the patrols, and the humans and pets, they can kick those dorks butts, the ones who took over our home!!!

Mocha: Lets do this

Ryder: What is this place???

Mocha: Our home, duh

Rookie: She's always like that

Mocha: And you always a klutz!!!

Rookie: To shay

Rookie is working with the beakers and sciency stuff.

Rookie: These will melt doors, even if they are steel, and are 12 feet thick!!! *Shows off a concuction*

Mocha: And my technology disarmers will destroy any robot idioits

Ryder: Impressive

Mocha: Boi, flattery don't charge these batteries

Ryder notices Mocha's eyes are foggy

Ryder: Your blind

Mocha: You got a problem against that?

With Buster..

Buster kept on running until he noticed a camera. He put two and two together.


Harold then spit out some of his root beer that he was drinking and looked at the camera. He noticed that Buster was looking at the camera and figured out that Harold and Mayor Humdinger we're behind this. Harold then pressed a button and spoke into a microphone.

Harold: What?!

Buster: HA! I Knew You We're Behind This!

Harold: Ok. And?

Buster: Do you really think Mia will be happy you're making her baby go through this? How do you think she'll react?

Harold: She would hate me forever..

Buster: I have an idea. You let me out and I'll tell Mia you saved me.

Harold: Mia would absolutely LOVE me!!!

Buster: We have a deal?

Harold: Umm.. FINE.

Harold then presses a button and green gas comes out of the vents and buster falls asleep.

With Nayah..

Nayah looked around. She started to cry. Zuma then walked over to Journey.

Zuma: I love you, Journey. NOT NAYAH.

Nayah: No..NO!

Bosco: You should of stayed with me..


Bosco: You could of said I still love you and not Zuma.

Zuma: Nayah, I don't love you. I love Journey. And I love her SOOO Much we are getting married. TODAY.

Nayah ran off as fast as she could.

With Bosco..

Bosco: Clue!! It will be ok!

Clue on the screen: Bosco, HELP ME!! *Cries*

Wisp then appeared right behind him.

Wisp: Bosco? What's wrong?

Bosco: My little sister.. She's facing her worst nightmare.

Wisp: All because of you.

Bosco: Wha- What?

Wisp: Your so dumb and such a klutz. You couldn't even protect your own sister. How could you!?

Bosco: I-I-I..

With Buster..

Buster woke up in the middle of the woods. He shook his head. He then heard something and looked down. It was a pup. It looked like Kaia buthe had Buster's scruffy look and white paws and Muzzle.

Pup: EEEEEE! So this is what you looked like! Wow!

Buster: Who are you?

Pup: Oh right.. I'm Moon! Your son! From the future... *Smiles sheepishly*

With Nayah...

Zuma: Ok.. So? Wanna go swimming, Journey-ette?


Zuma: No she is. Huh, Babe?

Journey: I would love to go swimming, Babe.

Bosco: Face it Nayah. You'll be lonely FOREVER.

Nayah started to cry.

With Buster..

Buster: MY WHAT!??!?!??!?!

Moon: Yeah.. Your son.

Buster: With who???

Moon: Kaia, But We need to focus now!!

Buster: What? Me and Kaia have pups? This is Awesome!!!

Moon: Well not for long! Apparently After this everyone is going to be so messed up and stuff the Night and Paw Patrol will split up and None of us will be born!

Buster: Us? Your not alone?

Moon: Come. Everything will be revealed.

Moon then walks away and Buster follows him.

With Nayah..

Harold was watching her. He then pressed a button and Zuma, Bosco and Journey went away. Harold walked up to her.

Harold: Hi Nayah..

Nayah: YOU!! You doing this to me!!! WHY THOUGH!?

Harold: My uncle. But Is this your greatest fear? Zuma not liking you?

Nayah: Y- Yes..

Harold: We share the same pain.

Harold then walked over her and petted her head. Nayah just looked at him.

Nayah: W- We do?

Harold: yeah. I like Mia but she like Stupid Jake. But with you, You like Zuma but Zuma likes Journey.

Nayah thinks for a moment, and starts crying, so unsure. It was so confusing!

Nayah: No. You want me to think that!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!

Harold: Fine. Just tell me if you change your mind

Then he walks out while Nayah cries like crazy

With Mocha, Ryder, and Rookie

Mocha: We got this. We can do this.. We will start here

Rookie melts the wall, to find Humdinger and Harold

Mocha: You've got to be kidding

Rookie: Talk about bad luck. Are you going against us universe!??!?!?!?

Robots arrest them, and bring them to a table, where they were handing over their weapons

Rookie is pulling several bottles of different concoctions from his utility belt and pockets, and Mocha is handing several different gadgets

Harold: Take off the bandanna

Mocha: The bandanna comes off, your face comes off

Ryder only puts one thing on the table, his back up pup pad

Humdinger: Lock em up in a nightmare room

Robot 1: Together?

Humdinger: There is only one left

Robot 2: Point taken

Robot 3: I get to lock them up!

Robot 1: No me!!!

Robot 2: No, you two are too stupid for a job like that, I'LL do it!!

Then the robots starts fighting, but eventually they get locked up

Rookie: Maybe you were right Mocha

Mocha: You give up too easily

She takes her bandanna off, to reveal a scar, and a bone

Ryder: Your gonna save us with a bone?

Mocha takes a part of the bone of, and draws a circle on the wall, and the circle melts to make an escape

Mocha: Sneak the stuff we need, no more, and bust everyone out

Rookie: Whoop Whoop!!!!!

Mocha puts the bandanna back on her face and they all run out.

With Buster..

Buster and Moon walk over to Mocha and Rookie's base. Moon then enters a pass code and they walk inside. It looked like a lab of some sort.

Moon: MOCHA!!! ROOKIE!!!!

Voice: Your back already?

Moon: YEP!! And look who I found!! My Daddy!!

Buster gives him a confused/ Worried look.

Moon: Uh. I mean.. AHEM. It's cool. It's cool. It;s cool.

Buster: Ha! Your just like me.

Moon then gives Buster the happiest look in the world.

The pup then comes to light. She had goggles on and a lab coat. She looked like Dante but in Saint Bernard form. One ear was up and the other down. She took the goggles off and let them rest on her collar and neck.

Pup: Hi! Names Minty!

Moon: Where is Mocha and Rookie?

Minty: Still not back

Buster: Who are Mocha and Rookie?

Minty: Mocha is my twin sister, and Rookie is Dipsticks kid. I sent them to check out the place you were captured at. If anyone can save us, its them

Moon: And me!!!

Minty: Of course, Come on!

Moon, Minty and Buster all go to Mocha and Rookie.

With Rookie and Mocha...

They hit a dead end at their tunnel so they we're in their cell.

Rookie: Well, Mocha if this is the end then I have something to tell you..

Mocha: Yeah this is the end.. So what are you going to tell me?

Rookie: I really like-

Minty: MOCHA!!!!!

Mocha: MINTY!!! I knew you save us!

Ryder: I am so confused.

Buster: Hi everyone.

Mocha: Wow. It's really you.. Anyways we tried to escape but we hit a dead end.

Minty: Oh. Sorry sis. Anyways lets go!

Mocha: So Rookie what were you going to tell me? You like..

Rookie: I really like... Dark chocolate..

Mocha: Oh, Me too.

Mocha walked away but Minty walked over to him.

Minty: I know you like her. Don't worry your secret's safe with me.

Rookie: Thanks.
With Bosco...

Wisp: I can't believe you! Your awful!!!


Wisp went away. Bosco then looked at Clue. He pressed his pup tag and surprisingly, It WORKED!

Bosco to Clue: Clue!!

Clue to Bosco: Bosco!!

Bosco: Clue! Face your fear! It's the only way!!


The walls around Clue went to normal.

Clue: Bosco It WORKED!!! WHOO HOO!!!

Suddenly A wall behind Bosco went down. Clue was in another room right by him so when the wall came down, Clue ran over to Bosco.


Bosco: Your welcome.

Clue: Lets get Clip. She can figure out how to get every one!

Bosco: Good idea.

Bosco and Clue then Contacted Clip and Zuma.

Zuma: Hey guys.

Bosco to Zuma: Hey Dummy, Where's Nayah?

Zuma to Bosco: I thought she was with you. And do you know where Journey is?

Bosco: No.

Zuma: well hurry up and find her.. Her greatest fear is death..

With Nayah...

Nayah: *mumbles* I will love you.

Suddenly one of her walls came crashing down and Zuma ran up to her.

Zuma: Nayah!!


Zuma: What?

Nayah: You don't love me!!! You love Journey!!! So LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Zuma: That was fake though. I would never hurt you..

Nayah: So you love me?

Zuma: Your my best friend and I can't imagine a life without you.

Nayah then leaned into him for a kiss but he looked the other way.

Zuma: Come on! We need to save the others!!!

Zuma then runs off.

Nayah sarcastically: You love me so much.

Nayah then runs off with Zuma.

Nayah: Zuma! Catch! Throws him her PPC *pup pack clones*
With Buster..

Minty was typing on her computer. Buster looking around but Moon was following him around copying his every move.

Minty: NO!!!!!!!

Buster: What?

Minty: Apparently, Something big is happening. Nayah doesn't trust Zuma and Journey isn't here. That alters the future massively.

Buster: Journey's greatest fear is death.. Maybe she..

Minty: I think so. And after this everyone doesn't trust each other, Wisp and Rocky are the only ones and they marry. Molly becomes depressed. Gadget, Willy and Phillip won't be born then and then because Molly will be depressed, Mom and Dad won't meet which means..

Mocha: We won't be born...

Minty: Exactly.

Mocha has this look on her face that means she is about to do something heroicly stupid

Mocha: I know what to do. You guys free the Night and Paw patrol, and everyone else. I'll do something that will have to bring them together

Rookie: What is our idea exactly?

Mocha: Well, what is more bonding then a rescue from two villains?

Minter: Your not saying...

Mocha: I am saying...

Minty: NO, you wouldent...

Mocha: YEs, I would...

MInty: Dont you DARE

Mocha: I am daring...

*She runs to the portal, and jumps in


*For those of you who did not catch on, Mocha is planning to get herself captured so the patrols come together and save her and trust each other again*

*Mocha is running down the halls, to the spot she, Ryder, and Rookie found the Humdingers*

With Nayah....

Nayah: Zuma.....I trust you.

Zuma: Well yea. Why wouldn't you?

Nayah: Zuma.. I love-

Zuma: Come on!! We are close to Journey!

Nayah: Grrrrr

Zuma: What?

Nayah: All You Care About Is Stupid Journey!

Zuma: 1. She is NOT stupid! And 2. She Might Die!!!

Nayah: Well You have Two Choices! Me Or Journey!!

Zuma: I love you but this isn't you. I'm going to help Journey. You can help if you want but don't be a jerk to my friends.

Nayah: UGH!!! Your Awful!!

Nayah then runs away crying. She then runs into Zane. She cries into him. Zane: There, there, Nayah. Nayah: *sobs uncontrollably* Zane: *Calls Zuma*

Zuma: Yeah?

Zane: Your girlfriend is sobbing because of what you said to her.

Zuma: *realizes*

With Mocha

Mocha arrives at the spot, and puts her exceptional lying skills to the test

Mocha: OH boy, how did I get here again!?!?!?

Harold: How did you-!?!?!? Robots!!

A robot grabs her hind leg, and...

Mocha: OW!!!

Its now hyper extended

Harold: Just put her in that little cage we got there. I need to keep my eyes on you!

*By the way, I just really wanted singing, soo.....)

With Clip

Clip is on her tiny ledge, and you know what we all do when we are scared for our life...

We sing!!!!

Clip: S.O.S. please someone help me, its not heathy *Ledge crumples a tiny, and she yelps* Y.O.U. are making this hard. I can't help myself this don't feel right. This. Time. Please. Someone come and rescue me

*That snippit is from the song S.O.S, but I wanted to use the snippit provided it Chipmunks Chipwhrecked, but I don't imagine her sounded like she was going on helium)
Then we go to Minty

Minty: What was she thinking!?!??!?!?

Rookie: Yeah!!!!!

Buster: Her plan could work. That is how we came together, during a rescue

Moon: Daddy is right!!! He is always right!... I mean, his plan sounds reasonable, and he is a great leader

Minty: Fine! We'll see where this plan takes us, but I'm just nervous it won't go right

Rookie: We just gotta trust Mocha with this one

Minty: Yeah.

Zuma: Nayah, I'm really sorry, but don't be this way. *Hang up*

Zane: Sorry sis.

Nayah: I'm OVER THIS!

Zane: They are best friends. What do you expect?


Zuma breaks down Journeys wall.

Zuma: JOURNEY!!!!!

Journey is playing go fish with a cobra, tarantula and a shark.

Journey: Sup.

Zuma: YOUR ALIVE!!?!?!?

Journey: uh Huh.

Zuma: Because your super sweet and nice and Funny?

Journey: Yep.

Zuma: Ok lets go!

Journey: After this round I'm about to win.

Zuma: ok...

Nayah: ZUMA!!! I'M SORRY!!!!

Zuma: Hi Nayah. Look Journey is ok!

Nayah sarcastically: Oh joy.

Journey: NAYAH!!!

Journey then runs to Nayah and gives her a hug.

Zuma to Nayah: Why can't you be like that? Nice to your enemies, and she even said you can have me!

Nayah: Because I HATE Her!!

Journey: Wha-What?

Nayah: I-



Zuma: Not with That attitude! Nayah I'm breaking up with you! And I'm not dating any of you till you get along!

Nayah starts to cry and Journey runs away.

With Minty...

Minty: Uh oh.

Nayah: "JOURNEY!"
Journey: Just Leave me alone!!! *Cries*

Nayah: No I'm sorry! I should of never said that!

Journey: What??

Nayah: Yes.

Journey: No I can't hear you.


Journey: *Laughs* I heard you the first time! I was just being a jerk!

Nayah: WHAT!?!?!?

Nayah then playfully tackles Journey. They both laugh.

Nayah: Zuma is madder than ever at both of us because we both fought over him and now we need to figure out how to win his love back but I doubt he'll love me. *Nayah sighs, thinking about her best friend*

Journey smirks* Journey: I have an idea. *Calls Zuma and Zane*

Zuma and Zane: What do you want?

Nayah: Go with Journey

With Minty..

Minty is looking at a picture of Minty and her sister Mocha.

Minty then screams.

Buster, Moon, and Rookie: What?!??!

Minty: LOOK!

Minty then shows the picture to them. And Mocha is fading away..

With Mocha

She is throwing pebbles at the back of Harold's head, whisling a super annoying toon

Harold: Would you stop that?!?!?

Mocha: Why? You mean stop this *Throws pebble at his head* And this *Throws another at his head* Ooh, whata bout this?

She tosses one not at his head, and it hits his root bear, spilling all over the control panel, and on his pants, making him look like he....

Mocha bursts out laughing, and so does Mayor Humdinger

Mocha: What the... *Her paw looks blurry*

She was fading

Minty: MOCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

The patrols are there, plus everyone else

Harold: OH NO!!!!!

Clip: Oh yeah!!!!!

HUmdinger: Activate the submarine!!!!

Harold: YEah good plan!!!

Minty: You need to stop them, or the future will be ruined!!!!!

Rookie: Minty...

They are both blurring out, along with Moon

Minty: Oh no..... We're.... fading.....

Moon: Save us daddy!!!!!!!!!

Then the three blur out, and so does Mocha

Buster: NO!!!!!

Kaia: Did he say daddy

Buster: he is our pup from the future. We got to fix this!!!!

Ryder: Kaia! Nayah! Zuma!! Go under and sabotage the sub!!!

All three: Got it

They go under, and crack the screen

Harold: Ah!!! Get to land! All get the Atv!!!!

When it goes up, they take of in the Atv

Ryder: COPYCAT!!!!!

Keilee: Archo! Get on

She shoves a helment on his head and they take off

Keilee: Ha!!! You cant get away!!!

The pups are behind her, with everyone else

Harold: ACK!!!!!

Ryder: GET THEMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clip goes to a control panel, and make the wall in front of the ATV come up, and they crash


Nayah: Yeah! For kidnapping, pup napping, and messing up the future!!!!!!!

Everyone: YEAH!!!!!!!

Then, Rookie, Minty, Mocha, and Moon faded back


They all head to the look out

Nayah: Im sorry for being so emotionaly unstable

Zuma: I am so sorry for being so insensitive

Minty: Well, your crazy plan actully worked

Mocha: Duh, all my plans work

Rookie: No, they really don't

Moon: Oh daddy I am so glad you guys worked it out! I would not have existed if you had not

Kaia: Oh I still cant beleive you are me and busters son from the future

Moon: Well I'm not the only one

Buster and Kaia: REALLY!!!?!?!?????!

Minty: Moon!!! Sorry, but the less you know about the future, the better

Kaia: Aw

Minty: We better go. Mom and Dad will not be happy we used the time machine without permission...

Mocha: We saved the future though!!! Thats a good excuse. They can't ground us if we saved them!!!!

Rookie: I am still amazed Im standing infront of dad right now as a teen

Dipstick: I have a son

Rookie: Not yet you don't yet, but you and mom will- I should shut my mouth

Minty: Yeah

She clicks a button, and a portal opens

Mocha: Bye!!!!!

Everyone: Bye!!!!

Then the future pups walk through the portal but Moon stops and looks at buster.

Moon: Once we go through the portal you won't remember us. But... If your kids ever go on a joy ride with your pup vehicle and accidentally break it.. Maybe go easy on them.

Buster: Ha! Wait. What?

Moon: Bye!!!!

Moon then goes into the Portal and everyone passes out. They wake up at the lookout.

Pups except Buster: I had the strangest dream..

Buster: he. Yeah, Dream..

Buster then walks over to the pet parlor and walks over to Mia.

Buster: By the way.. Harold saved me.

Harold (Who is in the pet Parlor doing his daily Look-at-Mia-dreamily thing:): Huh?

Mia: He did? Huh. Thanks Harold.

Harold: *Blushes* I-I- Murph.

Mia laughs as Buster walks away. Harold stops Buster.

Harold: Thanks for keeping your promise.

Buster: I always do.

Buster walks away and sits by his team at the beach. He looks at the sun setting. He then gives Kaia a kiss. Journey then walks over and sits by Clue.

Zuma: Journey, Wanna go out sometime?

Journey: Duh!! I would love to!

The pups then snuggled with their mate and watched the sunset, totally forgetting about Humdingers Horror House.

The End...