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This is a story by Zenzid and Omlettthebeagle. Please don't edit this page without their permission.


"Where are we?" Hubert asked.

"I think we are in 2048" penny said.

"What? How did we get here?" Hubert asked.

"hi welcome to the future penny and Hubert!" Becky said

"sup" chip said

"Hi! How do you know my name?" Hubert asked.

"long story" becky said

*one long story later*

"and that's how i know what your names are" becky said

"Wow." Hubert said then went to sleep. "That was a long story."

"8 hours later*

*Hubert and penny wake up

"today is a new day sunshine" chip said

"Nooo, I want to go back to sleep." Hubert said.

"(snort)" Atlanta said

"look kid us in 2048 have to wake up 2 hours early" kyle said

"Wow." Hubert said.

"i know right but don't trust buddy he doesn't have a mouth" chip said

"shut it" buddy said while his electro beam was the widest

"Hey!" Hubert said. "Don't be mean."

"Stop being mean to my brother" Becky said

"Please." Hubert said.

"ok we will stop you little guy we were messing with you" Atlanta said

"That isn't really nice though." Hubert said

"sorry" kyle said

"It's fine." Hubert said. "But you should really try to be nicer to people."

"it's hard acting normal being that we are cyborgs" atlanta said "we really try"

"Just keep trying and you can be like us." Hubert said."

"where's my son" Wylan said

"hi i'm kaya" kaya said

"My name is Hubert." Hubert said.

"kaya we know your name you keep forgetting you have too little space in your brain" kyle said

"Why are you forgetting our names?" Hubert asked.

"She has a small memory chip", diego said

"Oh okay." Hubert said.

(Diego is upgrading kaya)

" that should do it now she has better memory now"

"That is great, now she will remember us!" Hubert said.

"Now i remember everyone's name" kaya said

"You are cool diego" kyle said

"So, where exactly are we again?" Hubert asked.

"It's 2048 dad" hazel said

"Dad?" Hubert asked. He was very confused.

"Look this is the future remember" hazel said

"Right." Hubert said.

"Well this is off" patty said

"Yeah." Hubert said.

"uhm i think i'm in the wrong dimension" zane(husky asked

"Then go back to your own dimension." Hubert said.

"ok bed time" kyle said

"ok i will be going back to my demension" zane husky said

"Bye." Hubert said. "Well, he was nice."

"ahem bedtime remember'' said carol

"Oh, sorry." Hubert said.

*8 hours later*

"It's Saturday guys" kyle said

Hubert woke up.

"What time is it?" He asked and yawned.

"7:21" clockwork said

"Time to go back to sleep. It is early from where I come from." Hubert said.

*2 hours later*

"wake up hubert we are going to play sports today " kyla said

"Nooo, I like the bed." He said.

Kyla then tickled her nose and she sneezed.

chirp:<alien language> uhm is this kyrok 9

"What?" Hubert asked.

kaya: <alien language> no this is earth

"What language are you speaking in?" Hubert asked.

"heteroian" chippa said

*chirp leaves*

"Where did they go?" Hubert asked. "And what language is that?"

"to his home planet and the language is hetronian" Someone said.

"Yeah, I am just gonna pretend it is english." Hubert said.

*clockwork and synth are wrestling in mud*

"ok what's going on" kaya said

"Okay, it makes sense." Hubert said.

"hey want to join in our mud wrestling?" Someone asked.

"I don't want to get dirty." Hubert said.

"eh you be you" kyla said.

*The next morning*

"ayo wake up" the intercom said

"I'm not awake." Hubert said.

"wake up" the intercom said holding a water bucket of water over hubert

"Ahh!" Hubert said.

*kaya drags hubert out of the room into a hover car*

"look who finally woke up" kaya said