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As a pup, Kailey was left on the streets when her mother disappeared while trying to find them some food, leaving her and her two brothers alone to fend for themselves. Kailey watched after her brothers, Rayne and Delta, until they were scooped up by a dog catcher while they were playing hide-and-go-seek. Distraught, Kailey wandered through towns before running into Bandit, where he lead her to safety at the Stray Pup Sanctuary. There she spent a few weeks sulking before she met Smoky. Though they separated after helping him find out where his brother was, they eventually met back up at the Lookout, when Kailey became a trainee under Zuma. They flirted awkwardly for a while before finally going on their first dates, and soon, they found themselves getting married. A few months after their wedding, they had a litter of two pups, the first being Trapper and Faith, and Kailey loved her babies to bits. Though unexpectedly, she found herself pregnant again around 6 months later. This time she only had one pup, a baby boy named Dodge, and despite his deafness, she loved him just as much.

Once those puppies grew up, she and Smoky found themselves with several grandpups, and they couldn't be happier spending time with them and their family.


dark brown and white Portuguese Water dog with golden/hazel eyes. She wears a dark royal blue colored uniform similar to Zuma's with a navy blue collar and sports a badge like Zuma's, but it's a light periwinkle hue.

On dates she wears two royal blue bows, one on both ears, and one large one at the base of her tail


Usually sweet and calm, but gets random spouts of hyperness that will make her run around like crazy. She can't sit still for very long- and absolutely loves to play and swim. She's very bold and doesn't tend to think before she does something- running straight into it before checking to see what she's doing. She's very fiesty when she has her mind set on something.


  • She has a weakness for Sticks/balls. Whenever someone throws one, she just has to chase after it
  • She thinks she can be subtle with flirting- but is really...really not. "I like your face" 
  • ironically- she's afraid of Wally
  • She has a crush on Rocky's younger brother, Smoky
  • when she was younger, she was playing hide and seek with her two brothers and they were captured by a dog catcher, along with their mother. She was never able to reunite with her family, but still holds hope that someday she will be able to meet them again. Her wish is granted on her birthday when her brothers save Captain Turbot and are introduced back to Kailey at the water park. She's thrilled to see her brothers again, but wonders
  • Her best friend is Angel, Though Bandit is a close second since he took her into the Stray Pup Sanctuary
  • Grateful to Ryder for adopting her and bringing her in, she absolutely loves her collar and never takes it off, unless for baths or if really neccessary
  • In The Crack Ships Series she dates both Rusty and Med. For a while, everything was well between the three until Med started to get a little distant, no longer wanting to share Kailey. Kailey broke it off with Med and stuck with Rusty. The Twi stayed together and eventually went on to have a litter of puppies, Carrie, Jazzie and Gulliver. The pair couldn't be happier~
  • Kailey's voice actress would be Auli'i Cravalho, the voice of Moana


  • "Let's make a splash!"
  • "Water we waiting for?"
  • "Sink or Swim, i'm ready to dive in!" 

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