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Next Generation: Ballie X Koda

Ballie and Koda had fours pups. Their names are Henry, Jack. Regina, and Anna. The pups in order from oldest to youngest is Jack, Anna, Regina, and then Henry. Jack was born at 6:00 am, then Anna at 6:03 am, then Regina at 6:07 am, and last but not least Henry was born 6:13 am. They later adopt a pup named Blaze after a week of having their pups.

Anna knew what she want to be be she grew up. She want to be a photographer just like her mom. Jack loves to swim just like his father so he wants to be a in the water rescue. Henry loves all kinds of animals so she want to be an environmental pup just like his aunt Spots.Regina didn't know what he wants to be when he grows up until Chase gave him an idea. Regina decided to be a police pup. Blaze wants to be a firefighter just like Marshall.


Jack: He is a black lab with with white markings. He has white on the tips of his ears and his tail along with around his right eye. His eyes are an olive green, his collar is blue and his pup tag it blue with a raindrop with water under it.

Anna: looks a lot like her mother. Her fur is just a little bit lighter than her mothers. She has whitish gray socks on all four of her paws and around her muzzle. She also has light blue eyes like her dad.

Regina: is a dark gray but with hints of very light brown markings. She has light brown on the tip of her tail and on both of her ears along with around her muzzle that goes down to the underside of her belly. She wears a white collar with handcuff on her pup tag.

Henry: is light gray like his dad but he has his mother's markings. He white around his muzzle and the tips of his ears along with his tail. He has dark blue eyes like his mother and he wears a green collar with a sprout.

Blaze: His is a mixed breed that is black with gray markings. He has a light gray around his left eye. He has white on the tips of his ears and the tips of his tuffs on his face. He also has white socks on all four of his paws. His eyes are brown and his collar is orange with Fire Extinguisher on his pup tag.


Jack: He is a very calm, sweet, and silly pup. He is mostly chilled and silly at the same time.

Anna: She is a sweet, kind, and always does the right thing no matter what will happen. She will never lie so she always tells the truth.

Regina: She is one tough pup. She plays ruff with her friends and family. She is smart and acts fast when she needs to. She is also fearless, sometimes aggressive when she needs to be, and Confident.

Henry: He is a very shy pup. He doesn't like talking to other people and pups that much. He is caring,smart, kind, and loves animals. He will hangout with his friends but he doesn't say much to them since they know he is shy.

Blaze: He is one brave up. He is fearless, tough, and smart. He knows how to solve any problem that is thrown his way and act fast on it.




  • ¨Lets Swim it¨
  • ¨I ready for a swimming good time¨
  • ¨I'm ready to swim!"


  • ¨Stop in the name of the paws¨
  • ¨Freeze now¨
  • ¨I'm ready to stop this crime¨


  • ¨Lets grow¨
  • ¨ I'm ready to grow save the day¨


  • ¨Let's put it out¨
  • ¨When things are getting hot I will be there on the dot¨

Pup pack tools:


  • Scuba gear
  • Air tanks
  • Buoy
  • Diving Mask


  • Handcuffs
  • Megaphone
  • Light (for when it is dark)
  • Cannon


  • Light
  • Water cannon
  • Dirt
  • Seeds


  • Water Cannon
  • Helmet



  • Getting stuck under water
  • Heights
  • Having on air while under water


  • Darkness
  • Being alone


  • Getting shot
  • Getting hurt on the job
  • Death
  • criminal getting away


  • Animal getting hurt
  • Getting lost
  • People or pups being mean
  • Strangers
  • New people or pups


  • death
  • Stuck in a building with on way out


Jack: He learned something for Zuma but most of what he know came from Koda. He loves to have one on one time with his dad and also learning new things from him.

Regina: Becca taught her a lot since Regina asked her to teach her. Becca and chase taught her how to use her pup pack, how to shoot her net, and how to drive her car when she is older.

Blaze: Marshall taught him everything her knows.

Henry: He looked up to Spots and picked up things from her to know how to work everything.




Blaze: He had a crush on Beth when he was younger, When he found out his brother had a crush on her he let him have her. He didn't want to hurt his brother's feelings but he bumped into Camilia one day at the park. She told him he was cute and that she liked him so he asked her on a date. They dated for three months and they got married. Later on they had their own pups.

Henry: Henry started to have a crush on Beth. He like how sweet and caring she was but he was to scared to tell her. He waits until he got the guts to tell her. He found out she had a crush on him too! So they started dating and later on had puppies of their own.


Stories they are in:

Present day:

future Generations:

  • Non yet



  • Ballie-mother
  • Koda-farther
  • Rocky-Uncle/Spots's Mate
  • Spots-Aunt/Koda's Half Sister
  • Dierk-Uncle/Koda's Half Brother
  • Maradith-Aunt/Dierk's Mate
  • Sloan-Uncle/Koda's Half Brother
  • Deva-Cousin/Spots's kids
  • Antonio-Cousin/Spots's kids
  • Ollie- Cousin/Spots's kids
  • Bambi- Cousin/Spots's kids
  • Zola- Cousin/Dierk's kids
  • Amani- Cousin/Dierk's kids
  • Andrew- Cousin/Dierk's kids
  • Lyle- Cousin/Dierk's kids
  • More to be added


  • Their birthdays are April 16th
  • Blaze was adopted by Ballie and Koda
  • Regina and Anna have a close sisterly bond and Jack and Blaze have a brotherly bond
  • Jack is the oldest but Regina takes that role
  • They like to play with Becca, Maradith, and Skye's pups a lot
  • Henry looks up to every older pup