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AGE: First gen, 14

second gen: 16 / third: 20

trainees: None

Personality: Mia is fun, out going and loves to have a great time.

bio: Mia moved to adventure bay when she was 13 with her dog buster. She got Buster when she was 11 1/2 for Christmas. She found him running around in the snow, cold. She took him home but her parents said only until they find his owners. But when Christmas came her parents told her that she could keep Buster since Buster loved her more than anything in the world. And she loved him just as much. When she turned 13 she decided to work at Katie’s pet parlor. So she came to adventure bay got a job and got a house a few blocks by the pet parlor. She just met Jake when she was hiking with Clue and Buster and got separated from Buster with clue (that’s also how buster met storm) Jake and Everest found Mia and clue, Jake immediately fell in love with her and she became BFFs with him. After a couple months of having a crush on her, Jake decided to tell her how you felt and she felt the same way. So then they started dating. Of course Buster doesn’t really care for Jake. He especially doesn’t like how Mia and Jake are dating. He thinks Jake isn’t good enough for her. Me and Katie are almost like sisters they get along so well and they are best friends. Mia even tries to play matchmaker with Katie and rider a couple times so finally they started dating. Mia and Katie even joked around having a double wedding with each other, When they got together with Jake and rider. But in the future I’m guessing the third generation. Jake finally proposes to Mia and they get married after a year of being married Mia gets pregnant and have twins. Of course that is in the far far far future. Like when Mia is almost 30. Mia isn’t a part of the night patrol and she doesn’t really help. In fact she even know about the night Patrol till Humdinger is revenge. Buster tried to keep it a secret because he knew that Mia would worry for him. She is an excellent mother and loves taking care of her grand-pups (moon, ocean, twilight, and star).

Appearance: She has golden brown hair that is always in a ponytail. She wears a blue shirt with a brown paw print on it. She wears dark blue Jean shorts and white slip on shoes. Her ears are pierced and she wears a necklace that has a gold heart locket with a picture of Jake hugging buster.

Family: Buster (Dog son), Jake (Boyfriend), Shay (Mother), James (Baby Brother), Keliee (Sister)


  • Something happening to Buster
  • Spiders


Young Mia: Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)

Current Mia: TBT

Older Mia: Nicole Watterson (The Amazing World Of Gumball)


  • She often call buster things like my baby and angel etc
  • Mia often makes fun of Harold. She ruffles his hair, calls him cutie and dummy and trips him sometimes. but Harold Never wants to hurt her.
  • Mia and Jake have crushes on each other
  • She loves to make fun of her enemies
  • Although she makes fun of Harold she often cares and worries for him.
  • Camping is her favorite thing to do, she likes to rough it and hates glamping
  • She often makes fun of Humdinger calling him old man and fat and dropping soaking wet cats on his lap when he wants them groomed
  • She loves to Dance, camp, Hike, go to the snow, binge watch Movies and Play video games
  • She has a coffee cup that says #1 Dog mom and Katie has a cup that says #1 Cat mom

Stories she appears in:

Humdingers horror house

Harold Heartthrob

Sister Bonding (Mia and Keilee)

Buster and the Mer-Pup

Everest's Depression