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There's snow thing that can stop me!
~ Mindy

Mindy is the PAW Patrol's snow/search and rescue pup. She is The second oldest born of Chester and Blitzen and sister to Spooks, Scruff and Damon. She is the mentor to both Vito and Nita.

She is a present gen pup and is owned by MidnightCollies.


General Appearance

Mindy is a tall, fluffy Saint Bernard puppy. Most of her coat being a light chocolate colour. Her face markings, mane and socks are all a light cream colour. Her ears are fluffy, floppy and are a darker shade of brown from her main pelt. She has spots of the same colour on her cheeks and nose. Her eyes are a soft purple colour.


PAW Patrol

Mindy wears a light blue uniform with a fluffy white collar and short, fluffy sleeves. She also wears a fluffy blue hat with retractable goggles. She has a matching blue pup pack equipped with snow rescue tools. Her collar is purple with a silver pup tag depicts a snowy mountain range.

SNOW Patrol

Her SNOW Patrol uniform differs greatly from the PAW Patrol one. It's a long sleeved ski jacket, that's a light blue colour. The sleeves are a darker colour with fluffy white cuffs. The collar and bottom of the uniform also have fluffy trim. She wears the same blue hat as her PAW Patrol uniform and carries the same pup-pack

Pup Pack Tools

  • Snow Shovel
  • Grappling Hook
  • Rope
  • Hot Coco


Mindy is a shy and timid pup. She's not the best at socialising with new pups and tends to have others do the talking for her. Once out of her shell she's very playful and a reliable friend. Her timidity doesn't hold her back when it comes to rescue missions. Mindy will push herself to the limit and trudge through the toughest snowstorms to save who ever is in need of help. Outside of mission she’s a bit of a wimp, and not the type for daring adventures. As a sister, and eventually a mother, Mindy is very caring and guiding. She's always there for her siblings and in the future, her three pups. She provides comfort and security for them almost all the time, always remaining calm whenever they get slightly out of hand. As she ages, she matures greatly and not only does she lose most of her childhood fears and shyness, she also becomes slightly sassy.


Mindy was born in the snowy plains of Polarmount to Chester and Blitzen. Her mother, was a globally known sled dog and because of her job her mother spent a lot of time away from home. Her older brother, Spooks and mother fought a lot due to their conflicting views on how their family was. Spooks was frustrated that Blitzen didn't act how a mother should and look after her pups, so after being unable to reason with his mother, Spooks left and went to find his calling. Leaving Mindy with her father, Chester. Mindy was inspired by her father and wanted to be a snow rescue dog like him.

When the annual sled dog race took place in her hometown, her mother would come home for the week to compete in it. Now that Mindy was finally old enough to be taken out into the bleak weather, she was able to help her father with the search and rescue. Happiness soon turned to worry as a storm blew in, putting the racers at risk. Her father went to try help the teams through the snow but did not return, along with one of the sled teams. With the help of her newfound friends, Skye and Tundra. She managed to track down her father and the lost sled pups, successfully bringing them back to safety. After the events, she was honoured by becoming a member of PAW Patrol as their snow search and rescue pup.

Afterwards, Mindy went to live in Adventure Bay with the rest of the PAW Patrol pups. She quickly became close friends with her teammates, mainly Skye, Marshall and Tundra. She also became a big sister to two twin brothers, Scruff and Damon, not long after she settled into her new home. She was later reunited with her older brother, Spooks, when he comes to Adventure Bay to help out the pups one night. After gaining some experience working with the PAW Patrol she goes on to acquire her own trainee, Vito and later, Nita. She meets Viktor when Sam and the SNOW Patrol team came to Adventure Bay to visit Ryder. Recognising the pup from the previous sled race, Mindy immediately befriended him and the rest of the team and developed a small crush on the St. Bernard pup which turned into a relationship. They go on to have several pups of their own. Having a single pup in the first litter, Sterling, and then, to both Mindy and Viktors complete surprise, they end up with a huge litter of seven the second time around.

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  • There's snow thing that can stop me!
  • I'm ready for an Ice cold rescue!
  • On thin Ice? Don't have to tell me twice!

Voice actress

Young: Andrea Libman (Voice of Fluttershy from MLP:FiM).

Grown up: AJ Michalka (Voice of Stevonnie from Steven Universe).


  • The dark. This fear she eventually grows out of, but like most pups Mindy has a huge fear of the dark and other dark places, such as caves.
  • Ghosts and monsters of any sort. She has a terrible fear of ghosts. After hearing too many ghost stories when she was young Mindy now fears the supernatural and any other make believe monsters. Shes also hates Halloween, due to her huge fears of the dark and monsters. Each Halloween she tends to stay inside the lookout and avoid being outdoors.
  • Fireworks. Mindy's second biggest fear. She HATES fireworks and finds the noises traumatising. One bad experience with them as a pup led her to never ever liking them.


  • Mindy has a number of friends, though in the Paw Patrol Marshall is her best guy friend. The two pups spend most of their time together and have a sort of brother, sister relationship. Mindy is Marhsalls voice of comfort and always reassures him when he's feeling down. She gets along well with Skye also, Skye is one of her closest gal pals and the two love to go to Katie's together.
  • Her closest friend by far is Tundra. Shes very close to her friend Tundra and loves her like a sister, the two are closer than close. As time goes on, Everest eventually joins the Paw Patrol as another snow rescue pup. Mindy and her "Snow Sister", Tundra start to feel left out by the new arrival, since it seems she has everyone's attention. The two girls are always there for each other when things get rough. The two are practically sisters
  • She's also really close to all the pups in the SNOW Patrol. Namely, Viktor though. She loves to spend time with the girls, Laika, Sasha, Renee and Jenni. She loves little Sashas bubbly personality and sees the other three girls as sisters too. They love to tease Mindy and Viktor about their crushes on each other.


Random Facts

  • She was created/"born" after Valentines in February 2014, though I didn't actually post her until September of that year, when I joined Deviantart.
  • Her original design was based off a Puppy In My Pocket toy I had.
  • She was originally going to be called Chloe, then I changed it to Milly, then Bernadette and then finally I settled on the named Mindy. She's actually named after Hit-Girl from this movie, believe it or
  • At first she wasn't intended to be an official PAW Patrol member, I was actually gonna have her be a sled dog who helps out Jake and delivers stuff to the Lookout.
  • She is the third youngest out of the Paw patrol, only having Rubble and Zuma younger than her. Her breed makes her one of the tallest of the pups though. The only pup taller than her is Chase.
  • She has a crush on Viktor and vice versa. At first she was a bit shy to open up to him, despite the them already knowing the others feelings. They eventually did come clean though, and even though they acted more like friends in their youth, as they grew older they started to tighten their relationship up and take it more seriously. The two have an undeniable chemistry and love each other dearly.
  • I originally shipped Mindy with Zuma.
  • For Christmas, Viktor gave her a snowflaked shaped necklace, that Mindy wears when she's away from him for log periods, so she has a little of him with her wherever she goes. He also uses Snowflake as a nickname for Mindy, the same way she calls him Vik.
  • Mindy is extremely close to her cousins, Erina, Polter and Wyndi. She looks up to Erina as somewhat of an older sister, loving to talk to her and go snowboarding with her. She's extremely close to the twins, and loves playing with the two of them. She tries to act braver in front of little Wyndi, trying to encourage her to come out of her shell a little.
  • Since there isn't much snow in Adventure Bay in the summer, Mindy and her Snow Sister, Tundra, usually head up to SnowPort during the warmer months. There, they help out the SNOW Patrol and in doing so they eventually become honorary members of the group. While up there, Mindy meets the energetic husky mix, Nita who she then takes on as her SNOW Patrol trainee. She loves mentoring the little puppy and loves her to pieces, even when her stubbornness leads her into making bad decisions.
  • She's got a slight stammer that is noticeable when she speaks. She developed this when she was about six months old. As an infant she felt neglected by her mother since all she wanted to do was race away from home and didn't really look after her or her older brother. Her mother and Spooks also fought a lot which affected her greatly. She didn't have much social interaction as a pup and never really spoke to anyone's besides her father. When she did have the chance to talk to others, she'd occasionally freeze up and not know what to say. Her stammer stays with her for most of her life but it slowly diminishes as she ages.
  • Mindy and Viktor were totally unaware that she was having seven pups in her second litter. Sterling had been a big baby, so the year presumed she’d only have two the second time around... both were a little more than surprised with the final count.


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