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Administrators are people who have been selected and proven themselves from the many people who have joined the wiki. Administrators are the most reliable people on the wiki, and you can trust them with anything, as the way we have chosen them was so that any, and all, could be trusted no matter the differences. The veteran administrators have the most experience on the wiki, and know it to the core of it. You can be sure that any one of them, veteran or not, can help you with anything at all.

Thread Moderators are users selected by the admins who have additional tools available to manage conversations in various features across the community where users are having social discussions. These tools are:

  • Removing and restoring threads and replies from any user.
  • Closing and reopening threads
  • In the Forum feature specifically, moderators also have the ability to manage Forum boards, move threads from one board to another, and highlight and un-highlight threads.
  • Moderating chat
  • Deleting blog comments
  • Editing and deleting article comments

Content Moderators are users who have additional tools available to moderate specific parts of the community. These tools are:

  • Deleting and moving protected pages
  • Deleting and moving files
  • Undeleting pages and files
  • Rollback
  • Reupload files
  • Protecting and unprotecting pages

Thread/Content Moderators

Thread/Content Moderators Position Condition Traits
Zumarocks3390 Thread Moderator Semi-Active To be added
Charlie tanner Thread Moderator Inactive Likes making new friends, being calm and chatting. Doesn't like spammers, liars or bullies.
Mystic Eevee Thread Moderator Inactive To be added!
OpenWish Content Moderator Semi-active Tends to be rather friendly and kind, likes to meet new friends, loves to roleplay, doesn’t tolerate rule-breakers and theives


Admins Condition Special Ranks and Definition Traits Date Promoted
Chaseisonthecase On Duty Bureaucrat - Ability To Promote Fun, Loves to RP, Doesn't tolerate rule breaking. May 10, 2014
Tundrathesnowpup On Duty Bureaucrat - Ability To Promote Gets frustrated easily but is usually outgoing and fun when in a good mood. Does not tolerate rule-breakers/trolls. August 1, 2014
Purple Paw Prints :) :) Inactive None - Normal Admin To be added! September 16, 2014
258raindrop Semi-active None - Normal Admin likes talking to others and being hyper, doesn't like spammers or rule breakers. March 12, 2016
DJ.RJ.Centurion On Duty None - Normal Admin To be added! April 21, 2017
Chase787 On Duty None - Normal Admin A daily contributer, likes to make new friends, doesn't like rule breakers. May 22, 2017
Cakethewarriorcat On Duty None - Normal Admin Nice unless provoked, keeps a watchful eye and has no tolerance for unkind users and/or those who break rules 2020

Retired or Demoted Admins

Retired/Demoted User Condition Role*
Wiki Nonny (Founder) Retired Founder of Wiki
Marshallpp13 Retired N/A
OfficialTheZuma Retired N/A
The music pup Retired N/A
TylerLovesJen Retired N/A
Grievous 321 Demoted N/A
Marshall+skye4502 Demoted N/A
Zumarocks3390 Demoted N/A
Tycoonlover1359 Demoted N/A
GoldenLatias6 Retired her respective power down to Rollback N/A
Tbrays30 Retired N/A
MidnightCollies Retired
SmokythePolicePup Retired
PitbullLover Retired

Retired/Demoted Moderators

Moderator Status
Angelinatheballerinapup AKA PrincessHyperSkippy Demoted
Vanguardmaster47 Demoted
AlexThorne2001 Inactive
Blackout 1012 Retired
Crescenttherangerpup98 AKA Galerescent98 Retired
Winxclubfan1 Retired
PaxSci Retired
Tycoonlover1359 Retired
Gman581996 Retired


*Note that N/A does NOT mean Normal Admin.


These are the different ranks of the administrators and the definitions of them. While some of them have more or less than others, these ranks make almost no difference on the wiki other than the fact that they have more abilities.

Bureaucrat - Has the ability to promote other users to the Chat Moderator, Administrator, and Bureaucrat level. They have all the powers of an administrator plus the ability to promote people. Note: This is not usually given to people, as this ranking can have effects on the wiki that cannnot be undone.

Administrator - Has the ability to promote other users to Chat Moderator level. They have the same abilities as Chat Moderators, as well as they can promote people to them. Note: This is not usually given to people, as this can have effects on the wiki that may not be able to be undone, or are very complicated to be done.

Admin Abilities

Page Protection - This ability allows administrators to effectively lock pages from editing from certain groups of people. This does not allow individual protection, in which only one person cannot edit a certain page. An example of Page Protection is the current page you are reading. This one to be exact. This page is protected so that only administrators of the wiki can edit this page.

Blocking - This ability allows administrators to keep people from coming onto chat, editing page, posting comments, and creating new accounts to bypass the block. In most circumstances, the blocked account will also engage an automatic IP address block, and this makes it so that any computer from which someone logs into the blocked account, blocks the current computer from allowing changes. This is in most cases used, but in some cases when an IP is blocked and it blocks another, completely different user, this will not be done.

Promotion - This ability allows administrators to promote people to Chat Moderator, Administrator, or Bureaucrat level. Promoting to Administrator or Bureaucrat level is available to current Bureaucrats, but promoting to Chat Moderator is available to both normal Administrators and Bureaucrats.