First off I made a few new dogs, and this is Molly a musical dog. This story is about when Molly's enemy from another paw patrol team, he is also a musical pup, asks her team to preform for the super bowl. But Molly doesn't have a team yet. Can she rub her talent in her enemy's face?

Molly is playing the harp when the phone rings.

Molly: Hello.

Ben: Hello.

Molly: Gasp! Ben!

Ben: That's right, l hear you still don't have a band.

Molly: Well um...

Ben: Ha! I knew it! You don't have a band, well my band was going to play the super bowl.

Molly: T-t-the SUPER BOWL!!!

Ben: Yes, but I'm too busy, I was wondering if you're band would perform, but you don't have one!

Molly: Hold it! I do have a band and were going to play the super bowl!

Ben: Good luck, I hope the audience brings lots of aspirin!

Phone hangs up

Molly: What do I do? I ill put up sighs.

Sophie: Looking for full fillment to your summer?

Zuma: Then join one of the greatest bands of all time.

Track: Not to mention, free food.

Flash: And be for ever known by thousands of people.

Rocky: Practice begins tonight 8:30 sharp.

That night......

Molly: Oh man! I'm late (walks in)

Everyone but Molly: Blah blah blah.

Molly: Everyone, thank you for coming, now have any of you had experience with a musical instrument?

Sophie: Is mustard an instrument?

Molly: Sigh, no, and I know your doing this on purpose.

Sophie raises her hand.

Molly: Ketchup is not an instrument ether!

Sophie puts down her hand.

Molly: Well let's get started. Repeat after me. (plays on the trumpet)

Saxophone pups repeat.

Molly: Good now, horn pups.

Horn pups play.

Molly: Now drums!

Drums try to play like blowing instruments but the sticks flew out of there mouths and around Molly.

Molly: (looks at the sticks in the wall) To bad that didn't kill me.

Day 2......

Molly: Now everyone grab your instruments and stand in a circle.

Chase: Is this the part were we start kicking.

Molly: No Chase that's a kick circle.

Sophie: Kicking! I want to do some kicking! (kicks Coujo)

Coujo: Ow! Why you! (drags her outside) 

Sophie: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Sophie: (peeks head into room) Who ever owns the pink helicopter, you left your lights on. (walks in with a tambourine around her neck)

Day 3.........

Molly: How's the tuba solo going?

Lindsay: It's great watch!

Plays falls down and climbs up and plays repeatedly until she can't finish.

Day 4...........

Molly: Nice, keep marching everyone. Flag twirlers go go go GO!!

Flag twerlers spin till their flags crash into a hot air balloon.


Horn pups play the national anthem while Molly lays on the ground.

Day 5...........

Molly: Now it's the last day before the big day, and we have made a little progress.

Judge: Maybe we would sound better if some people didn't play with big spotted paws!

Marshall: What did you say?


Marshall: Well at least I'm not orange!!

Judge: Bring it on!

Chase: No people let's be smart and bring it off.

Rocky: Oh so now the hearing dog is gonna preach to us!

Molly: Now I no pressure is high.......

Everyone starts fighting........ clock hits 8:00.

Blizzard: Hey class is over.

Everyone walks away friendly torwdes each other.

Molly: Well thanks, thanks for crushing my only dream. (crying and runs off)

Sophie: Your welcome.

Chase: Poor Molly, we ruined her dreams, we have to fix this!

At the super bowl..........

Molly: Well, ill have to find a new band, I just hope AHH BEN DOSENT FIND OUT!!!! What are you doing here.

Ben: I just came to see you fail. So where's your band?

Molly: Oh they couldn't come they uhh, all died.

Ben: Then who are they?

Molly: AHH That would be my band!

Ben: Ha! Well better gets ready.

Molly: Well, I guess this is the last time I can show my face in this town.

Chase: That's the spirit!

Then they started playing really really good, so good Ben fainted and had to be rushed to Grace.

After the super bowl......

Molly: Thank you everyone.

Sophie: Glad to be part of your cooking class.

All: ?????