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Nayah's been kidnapped by Sweetie. This story is in Nayah's POV and she tells what's happening.

Nayah's POV

I am awoken. I hear someone behind me. I look around but then there's darkness and I fall asleep.

"Where am I?" I ask.

"You're in my lair," says Sweetie's voice.

I sit up, not sure she's serious. But I see her smirk. I sigh and start to yelp.

"Shush, the PAW PAtrol will not hear you and niether will your precious Zuma," Sweetie laughs.

"Zuma!" I shout.

"Stop," Sweetie commands.

I don't stop. I yelp and scream until I notice my pup tag light up.

"Nayah...where are you?" Zuma's voice echoes.

"No!!" Sweetie yells and drags me away, destroying my pup tag. I scream and pull out my pincers to pinch her.

"Not on my watch!" Sweetie smirks coldly and takes my pinchers away and throws them.

"Where are we going?" I demand.

"Come out," Sweetie commands at a door. Suddenly, I can't believe my eyes! Serenity and Linda are walking towards me with mean looks.

"Ha, you got her!" Linda giggles.

"What should we do with her?" Serenity asks. Sweetie laughs. "We should send her away!'' You've gotta get help." I think to myself.

"Guys, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Linda starts to chuckle.

"Oh, not this again," Sweetie rolls her eyes.

"Hey!" I shout. "Let me go!" I look at the three and screech my loudest.

Suddenly, I hear a yhowl. It belongs to Gemma!

"Gemma!" I shout. "Get the PAW Patrol!!"

Gemma nods and dials the team. "Guys, Nayah's gone!"

Soon, the pups come after me.

"No! Time to run!" Linda yelps.

"No! Hand Nayah over!" Zuma demands.

"No, we're going to send her away," Sweetie and Serenity argue back.

Zuma bubbles them up and Chase cuffs them.

"Hey stop it!" Linda orders. She tries to pop the bubble, but Liesel and I lock her and Serenity in.

"You're being unfair!" Serenity complains.

"Yeah, I will have revenge!" Sweetie declares. I glare and freeze Sweetie and Serenity and Linda.

"Not today!" Zuma insists.

"Nayah, watch!" Sweetie and Linda break out and start to run off. However, Serenity stays where she is.

"What can we do now?" I ask. "Should we go after Sweetie and Linda?"

Suddenly, Linda appears and tries to take Zuma away. Then Sweetie and Serenity stand up and try to hypnotize Zuma. Zuma smirks and walks to me and kisses me.

"Is this part of the hypnotizing?" I ask.

"Yup," Linda giggles. Just hearing her giggle makes me furious.

I pull Zuma close and bit him. He yelps and kisses me again. I stop him.

"Babe, you're going to be hypnotized and I don't want that." I moan.

Suddenly, Zuma starts shaking his head confusedly. It looks like the hypnotism is wearing off.

"Oh no!" Sweetie yells.

"Oh yes!" I shout. "Keep it up, babe!" I scream to Zuma.

Serenity and Linda raise the hypnotizer at me. I hear the pups rushing at me and they break the hypnotizer.

"Well that was unfortunate," Serenity murmurs.

"Don't you care? Come on, let's get them!" Linda shouts.

"No!" Zuma objects.

"Don't try to kidnap me or Zuma ever again!" I warn them.

"We'll see about that," Sweetie smirks. The Princess comes out and grabs them. "You will all be thrown out of Barkingburg today." The Princess says firmly.

"No!" Sweetie begins to plead and cry.

The Princess is hesitant for a minute. But then says sternly, "Fine then. Sweetie you will be confined and Linda and Serenity, I'm going to call the police."

"No fair!" Linda cries.

"We are strays!" Serenity wails.

I smirk and walk to Zuma and whisper, "Call Ryder, babe."

"Okay, my love." Zuma says softly.

"You still can't arrest us!" Linda wails. Chase comes close to them and cuffs them anyways even though they are wailing.

"Listen you two," Chase says, trying to persuade them to stop wailing. "I'll take you to jail if you continue to complain. However, if you stop, I'll take you somewhere else. Deal?"


"Thank you," I thank them.

"Okay, let's head back home," Zuma offers. I look at Zuma and he kneels down.

"I love you. We're a perfectly happy match because you're my best friend and I love you more than you know and you took care of me when everyone was busy. Will you make me the happiest pup on Earth and marry me, Nayahette?" Zuma asks. Tears stream down my face as I nod.

Zuma starts sniffling. "Thanks,"

"Wait!" the bad guys start to wail. Chase snarls and says sternly, "Be quiet!"

"No! You be quiet!" Linda snarls back. She looks at me. I glare coldly.

"Can we come to the wedding?" Serenity asks quietly.

"We won't cause any more damage," Sweetie mutters truthfully.

Zuma looks at me.

"Fine," I sigh. "But we'll keep a very good eye on you!" I say calmly.

''Wait!" Another pup comes up to me and tackles me playfully, then gets serious. I recognize the tag, which has the letters K and C on it. It's KC! I gasp and almost faint, but Zuma catches me.

"Hold on, who are you?" Linda demands.

KC stands up and moves closer to me. Her cocoa eyes shine with fear after she says hi to everyone.

"Nayah, I need you." KC murmurs. I look at her, seriousness in my eyes. "What's up, K?" I ask.

"It's serious," she replies, her eyes are brimmed with tears.

"What is it, K?" I ask softly.

KC stares at me and shows me a video. In the video she's in her pup house getting ready to play but then two seconds later another dog walks in with a laser gadget ready to eliminate her. I freeze.

"Who is that dog?" I ask.

"I don't know," KC shrugs and looks down.

"I know that dog. She's my cousin Deirdre." Sweetie speaks up.

"Oh no!" we gasp.

K pulls me close and says firmly, "You're going with me and only you."

I look at her and look at the dog again. "That's not her!" I say to Sweetie. "That's my ex-spy-partner, Brett the bulldog!" I shout. K looks at me and runs with me following.

KC and I arrive at her pup house, and we see Brett.

"Oh, no." I moan.

"Hey, babe." Brett smirks. When he says that, I immediately cringe and hide.

"I need you." Brett says.

I look at my pup tag, which flashes twice. I look at the pup tag and it's K.

"K...I'm sorry, but I'm not coming back!" I say seriously.

K sighs and tears up. I feel bad, so I run to her.

"KC, do you still want me to help you?" I ask softly. She nods.

I look at her and place my paw on her shoulder. "Don't worry because we're about to teach that dog a lesson." I say as I look at her.

"Hey Brett!" I shout.

Brett turns and looks at me. "Yeah?" Brett smirks.

I look at him and jump on top of him and look him dead in the eyes.

"You're definitely not going to treat KC like dirt!" Not today, babe." I smirk as I hold him by the collar.

"Did you just pull the 'babe' trick?" KC asks. I nod and push Brett away.

"Hey!" Brett lunges for me, but I dodge him.

"KC, run!"

KC attempts to run, but Brett goes after her.

I zoom after K to help. I'm literally chasing after them like a hungry cat. Brett pup tags me.

"Babe, you're mine." Brett says firmly.

"No!" I shout.

"ZUMA!" I shout.

Zuma races to me and KC drags Brett away from me. I look at her and smile. KC flashes me a look, telling me to come to where she is, which is the big apple tree. I race to her, only to realize she's whimpering.

"What's wrong?" I ask. KC stands up and looks into my eyes.

"M-My paw hurts," she whimpers.

"MARSHALL!" I yelp.

Marshall comes to us and says, "Is K okay?" I shake my head, then someone pulls me away. It's Zuma.

"Nayah...are you okay lynxette?" he asks. I shake my head and sigh. "What's wrong?" Zuma asks. Tears stream down my face and I look at KC, who nods sadly.

"Nayah, I'm really sorry..." Zuma nuzzles me, trying to comfort me.

"I wanted you to know I led a double life..." I sob.

"Nayah, I'm afraid KC's paw is bruised," Marshall calls out sadly.

I look at Marshall, not sure he's for real. But then I see his look so I know he's serious. Marshal bandages KC's paw up and she whimpers.

"You'll do okay," I say softly.

KC whimpers softly. I rush to calm her.

"Even if you're injured I can do it without you." I whisper. KC shakes her head.

"Brett's too powerful for you and I don't want you cringing the whole time. " KC murmurs.

"But Brett's defeated," Zuma says.

"I know, but still," KC mutters.

"Zuma?" I say.

"Yes?" Zuma asks.

I look Zuma dead in the eyes. "Are we getting married?" I ask. Zuma nods and kisses me. KC stands up and moves closer to me. Her cocoa eyes shine with fear. I look at her, my eyes still on Zuma. "Nayah...he's back again!" KC says, her voice breaking. I look at her and smile. "KC, relax." "It's not like he is going to eliminate me and even if he is secretly in love with me he can't fall for me." I say calmly.

Suddenly, KC starts crying. "I'm so sorry..."

"No, KC, It's alright," I say softly.

KC looks into my eyes. "But that's not even the worst part..."

As soon as she says the word worst I instantly get goose bumps on my skin fearing what she's going to say next will impact my life greatly.

"Nayah...he's back," KC says.


"You know who I mean."

I start panicking, but then I realize something. "KC, Zuma, run!" I shout, trying to get them to just run away. "What about you, babe?" Zuma asks.

I sternly stare at him, and gesture for him to start running.

Brett is coming closer. I can't allow him to harm me, KC, or Zuma, or any of my friends.

"Brett!" I scream.

"Nayah! Hello, babe," he smirks.

Don't play along. Don't play along. I chant inside my head. I pup tag K for help. "KC, he pulled the you-know-what trick and I seriously hate to say this but I need one of you come back for me and cover for me." I say seriously. KC thinks for a moment.

"Don't worry, Nayah, I am here," Gemma says, behind Brett. Brett spins around and stares hard. Gemma!" I shout. Gemma looks at me. I gesture for her to start running as well. "Babe..

Brett smirks. When he says that, I swerve around look him dead in the eyes. He stares into mine, ready to kiss me, but I swirl around and run.

"I'll steal your precious KC and Zuma," Brett smirks.

"No way!" Gemma snarls and slaps him.

"Gemma, run!" I shout.

I look into his eyes and pretend to kiss him (not for real) and slap him extra hard.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" Brett shouts and rubs the spot where I slapped him.

"Brett, go away,"

"NAYAH!" Zuma cries out.

I turn to Brett and contact Lily and Amelia. "We need help. Now!"

"We're on our way." Lily says. I hide behind a tree. My pup tag flashes and it's Zuma. "Babe...I need you."

"Zuma!" I start to whimper. Zuma is captured and I must find him.

"I'll help you," says a voice. It's Gemma's sister, Joyzamar.

"I know where Zuma is," Joyzamar says.

I look at her. "Joyzamar, where's my love?"

Joy trembles for a moment. Then whispers, "Zuma is with Sweetie. She's trying to hypnotize him to love her."

I look at KC. "KC...we're gonna need all the help we can get!" KC's eyes light up. "Does that mean....?" I nod. "Yeah."

(The Jet to the Rescue music plays)

We make our way to Barkingburg, where we see Sweetie, Linda, and Serenity acting innocent whatsoever.

"Where's Zuma??" I demand.

"Who are you?" Serenity asks rudely to Joyzamar, ignoring me.

"Where's Zuma?" Joy asks. Sweetie acts like she doesn't know. Then KC comes straight to her and smiles coldly. "I can see you don't want to give my best friend her boyfriend back so as punishment I'm going to tell the Princess what you're doing." I start to whimper. 'And you said you wouldn't do anything anymore!' I scream at Sweetie, biting her paw.

Linda and Serenity are furious and they start to grab me, but the Princess arrives. She scolds me for biting Sweetie.

"But she stole Zuma," I say.

The Princess also scolds Sweetie.

"Guys, I think I know where Zuma is," Joy says. "Follow me." I follow her and hang my head. It's okay, Nayah." KC murmurs softly, trying to soothe me, although I don't want to be soothed because of my rival lying to me and betraying me. It's not okay, K." I moan.

"Babe?" Zuma calls out.

We look and see Zuma tied up. I run over and hug him so tight that the ropes holding him snap right off.

"Are you okay, babe?" Zuma asks.

I shake my head. "What happened, babe?" Zuma asks. I shake my head again and explain everything. "Oh, my love...relax and just think about our wedding." Zuma says. Just as I thought my mission wasn't going to be over I turned around and who do I see staring at me? Ya guessed it. Brett.

I freeze. "Oh no, not you again please don't tell me please don't tell me please don't tell me you're planning to pull the card." I beg. Brett's walking towards me with a smirk in his eyes. I close my eyes and pretend he's not there. "Nayah!" KC says. I look at her and smile and gesture her over.

"I think you and Zuma would be a great couple," Joyzamar says sincerely.

I nod and Brett strides over to us.

I instantly press my pup tag. K...I'm in trouble!" I say seriously. KC thinks for a moment, then runs to me. "NAYAH!" KC screeches.

"Brett, leave me alone!" I shout.

"Yeah, leave Nayah alone!" Zuma shouts as well.

Brett backs away for a bit, but he's tricking us.

"Hang on!" Joyzamar and KC yell and fight Brett.

I feel something in me, telling me to drag KC away, but I ignore it. I activate my pup pack. "Brett, I can't love you." Lily says. Brett groans. Joyzamar looks at Brett and kicks him harder than a rock.