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PAW Patrol: The Ride is a ride that opened at Universal Orlando. It is a ride that guests can ride through and see the PAW Patrol rescue Katie and Cali from a burning building.

Queening Area

In the queening area, you walk through an area with different displays, including wax models of the pups sleeping in their pup houses. In the room where the ride starts, you may meet a pup (either Marshall, Zuma, or Everest), who you can take your picture with.

The Ride

You ride in a tram that goes through a dark tunnel. When you first enter the light, you see audio-animatronic figures of Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Rubble, and Zuma, which is a scene where they are playing together. As you proceed you see audio-animatronic figures of Katie and Cali looking out from the top of a building with an audio-animatronic figure of Alex on his trike accidently bumping into barrels of gasoline, tipping them over. When you turn the bend, Katie and Cali are screaming for help. You proceed to the base, where Ryder is getting the call from Alex that Katie and Cali are in danger. Ryder calls the pups and deploys them all, as saving Katie and Cali is a big job. You continue to follow them, and pass a valley with the silhouettes of Ryder and the pups racing to the emergency. When you turn the bend, Ryder is on Marshall's ladder trying you have Katie and Cali climb down. But when you proceed, it shows that Cali made it safely, but Katie is hanging from the building by the right leg of her tights. But when you turn the bend, an audio animatronic-figure of Everest is shown using her grappling hook as a rope for Katie to climb down. When you continue, you see that the fire has been put out by Marshall and Ryder is hugging Katie, who is covered in ashes, Marshall is trying to extinguish a small flame next to him, and the rest of the pups are celebrating with Cali, but Chase is sneezing due to his allergies.



  • The audio animatronics resemble the characters similar to the animation of their show rather than looking like they are in real life.
  • The meetable characters are people in costumes instead of real dogs.
  • Instead of Ryder getting the message on his pup pad, he gets the message on the screen in the lookout, where Alex is animated.
  • Goof: In the lookout, mechanism can be seen in Zuma's right eye.
  • Goof: If you look closely at the Katie animatronic when she is hanging on the building, you can see part of the mechanism in a tear in her shoe.