Paw Patrol House Of Paws

I Don't Own Them.

Mayor Goodway Has A Surprise For The Rangers.

At The Lookout.

We See Ryder Was Training With Carlos Shiny Jet Silver Scratch And Storm.

Scratch; Ryder Your Doing Great.

Ryder; Thanks.

Shiny: Air Wave Arrow Storm.

Storm: Rhino Blade.

Carlos: Shadow Jes Sword.

Storm And Carlos Deflect The Arrows.

Silver; Icicle Barrage.

He Fired A Barrage Of Icicles.

Jet Repeatedly Slash The Icicles Into Pieces.

Scratch: Let's Take A Break.

After A Bright Glow.

Ryder: Storm Shiny Silver Jet Your Morphers.

We See Their Morphers Evolved.

Storm: A White Master Morpher.

Shiny: A Pink Master Morpher.

Jet; A Gold Master Morpher.

Silver; A Silver Master Morpher.

Scratch: Nice One.

Ryder: Carlos What's That?

Carlos: I'm Going To Ask Ace To Marry Me.

Shiny: Good Luck.

Scorch Knight: Mayor Goodway Is Calling.

Scratch: Let's Go.

At The Lookout.

Storm: We're Here.

Shock: A Pink And White Master Morpher.

Storm: Yeah.

Marshall: Hey Mayor Goodway.

Mayor Goodway; Hello Everyone I Got A Surprise For You.

Rubble: Really.

Mayor Goodway: Yes I Was Hoping.

The Alarm Went Off.

Red: Sorry Mayor Goodway We Got A Monster Attack.

Mayor Goodway: It's Okay.

Daisy: It's At Main Street.

Whiger: Let's Go.

Ace: Be Safe My Love.

Carlos Kiss Ace On The Cheek.

Ace Smiled Happily.

At Main Street.

Magic Knight: Hello Rangers.

Meteor Knight: Traitors.

Scorch Knight: Magic Knight.

Snapper Knight: Meteor Knight.

Magic Knight: First.

Magic Knight Use His Magic To Bring Back All The  Knights Monsters That Were Destroyed.

Shiny: Wait We Beat These Guys.

Mickey: Let's Beat Them Again.

Scratch: It's Morphing Time.

Pups: Patrol Knights Unleash.

Everyone: Jungle Storm Unleash The Storm.

Katie: Jungle Storm Unleash The Quantum Storm.

Shock And Bolt: Jungle Storm Unleash The Thunder Storm.

Maxswell: Jungle Storm Unleash The Dark Storm.

Jackswell: Jungle Storm Unleash The Titanium Storm.

Oswald: Jungle Storm Unleash The Mercury Storm.

Whiger: Jungle Storm Unleash The White Tiger Storm.

Wolvermean: Jungle Storm Unleash The Memory Storm.

Ellis: Jungle Storm Unleash The Lunar Storm.

Apollo; Jungle Storm Unleash The Solar Storm.

Vector Espio Charmy: Chaotic Power.

Red: Sentinel Knight Power.

Everyone Morphed Into Their Rangers Forms.

Magic Knight: To Make This Easy.

???: Nova Rapid Blast.

It Came From A White Fur Mouse With Blue Shirt With A Mega Charizard X.

Black Pants Blue Buttons.

White Gloves.

Blue Shoes.

Magic Knight: Why You Attack.

The Battle Begins.

Mickey: Lion Fire Red.

Storm And Shadow: Black And White Aquitar Ranger Power.

Sonic And Tails: Ninja Spin.

Shiny: Go Go Samurai.

Knuckles: Samurai Storm Ranger Form.

Shock: Let's End This Quick.

Mickey: Lion  🔥 Flame Slash.

Sonic And Tails; Steel Slash.

Knuckles: Green Samurai Slash.

Shadow And Storm; Aquitar Strike.

Shiny; Spin Sword Airway.

Ryder: Robo  Spino Super Storm Morph Blaster Final Strike.

Everyone: Spirits Attacks.

The Attacks Destroyed All The Knights Monsters.

Meteor Knight: No.

Chase: It's Over.

Magic Knight: I Don't Think So Make Us Grow.

Meteor And Magic Knight Grow Giant.

Magic Knight: Knightzillas Giga Knightbots Raise.

Skye: We Need The Megazords.

Mickey: Racer Zord.

Shadow: Para Zord.

Knuckles: Raptor Zord.

Sonic: Stego Zord.

Tails: Mystic Gaurda.

Shiny: Tricera Zord. 

Storm: White Ninja Falcon Zord.

Jet; Claw Zord I Need You.

Silver; Summon Titano Zord.

Scratch: Jungle Storm Ultimate Megazord Ready.

Red: Sentinel Lion Knight Megazord Ready.

Chase: Race Knight Megazord Ready.

Ava: Knight Warrior Megazord Ready.

Silver; Titano Charge Megazord Ready.

Jet; Claw Battlezord East Ready.

Meteor Knight: Meteor Crash.

MetalGreymon: Giga Blasters.

The Giga Blasters Destroyed The Meteors.

Meteor Knight: No.

Scratch; Begin Final Attack.

Chase; Transport Omni Knight Blaster.

Chase: Racing Knight Hyper Slash.

Sawyer: Knight Warrior Crash.

Meteor Knight; This Meteor Knight Crash.

Meteor Knight Is Destroyed.

RizeGreymon: Trident Revolver.

Magic Knight: My Staff.

Machinedramon: Giga Cannons.

Magic Knight: No.

Mickey: Transport Port Cheetah Beast Blaster.

Mickey: Racer Zord Cheetah Strike.

Maxswell: Fusion Knight Fireball.

Sonic: Stego Roll Out.

Storm: Rapid Blast.

Shadow: Para Zord Blast.

Knuckles: Blade Raptor Slash.

Tails; Lightning Bolt.

Shiny: Tricera Drill.

Red: Sentinel Flame Mega Slash.

Donald: Patrol Rescue Slash.

Silver; Final Colossal Crush.

Jet; Claw Pincer Slash.

Daisy And Dawn: Snow Rescue Hyper Blast.

Goofy: Sea Knight Rescue Spinout.

Horace: Hq Hyper Collider Kick.

Chromastonex34: Mighty Power Surge.

Magic Knight: Now You See My Magic Powers And Now You Don't.

Magic Knight Blow's Up Along With The Giga Knightbots And The Knightzillas.

Skye: Show's Over Adventure Bay And Knights Wins.

Back At Main Street.

Scratch: Thanks For The Help.

???: Anytime.

Mickey: What's Your Name.

???: I Don't Have One.

Minnie: Oh.

Mina: Well How About Marcus?

Marcus: I Like It.

Scratch: I Hope We Can Find His Family.

Marcus: Actually Let Me Explain My Mom And Dad Want A Kid Then I Was Born With White Hair.

So They Left Me On The Streets Few Days Later They Pass Away In An Accident.

Then I Found The Nova Crystal Bonding Me With The Spirit Of The Jungle X King.

Shock; Lucky.

Katie: I'm Sorry.

Marcus: It's Okay.

Mickey Has A Idea.

Mickey: Marcus Will You Join Me Minnie And Mina?

Mina Nodded.

Marcus: I Will.

Minnie Kiss Marcus On The Cheek.

Scratch: Welcome To The Family And The Rangers Marcus.

Ryder Gets A Call.

Ryder: Hey Mayor Goodway.

Mayor Goodway: Hi Ryder How's The Battle Going?

Ryder: All Done.

His Morpher Beeps.

Ryder: Hold On Mayor.

Mickey: We Got Another Monster Attack.

Mayor Goodway; Let Me Guess Another Monster Attack.

Whiger: Sorry Mayor.

Mayor Goodway; Good Luck.

Ryder: Where Is It?

Scratch: City Hall.

At City Hall.

Tombstone Knight: Hey.

Key Knight: Rar.

Foxy: Key Knight.

Mickey: Scratch Zuma Chase Team Up.

Mickey: Wolf Warrior.

Zuma: Crusader Hydro Slash.

Chase: Super Star Omni Blade Thunder Strike.

Mickey: Blazing Storm Slash.

Scratch; Terra Force.

Shock; Giga Missile.

Key Knight; No.

Key Knight Fall To The Ground And Exploded.

Mickey: Done And Done.

Scratch: Show's Over Knights And Adventure Bay Wins Again.

The Pup Pad Rings.

Ryder: Hi Mayor Goodway Now We Can Come To The Surprise Unless Another Monster Attack Pops Up.

Mayor Goodway: Oh There's Definitely Another Monster Attack Rangers Gigadrones Knightzillas Jack In The Box And Fear Knight Are Back.

Ryder: On Our Way.

Scratch: Zord Stampede?

Ryder: Yeah.

Everyone: Summon Zords.

Jack In The Box Knight: Huh.

Fear Knight: Hello Rangers.

Link: Tusk Blast.

Fear Knight: Hey.

Marshall: Gallant Wheeler Dragon Mode.

The Gallant Wheeler Switch Gallant Dragon Mode.

Marshall; Gallant Wheeler Rocket Spear Storm.

The Gallant Wheeler Fire Red Energy Spears.

Jack In The Box Knight; No.

Skye; Rapid Wind Blast.

The Blast Send The Jack In The Box Knight Stumble Back.

Mayor Goodway: Oh Let's Do This.

Ace: The Rangers Already Got It Cover.

Scorch Knight: Let's Begin Final Attack.

The Digi Team Launch Their Attacks.

Scratch; Final Blast.

The Zords Launch A Multi Color Blast.

Fear Knight: My Fear Is Defeat.

Jack In The Box Knight: I Should Of Stay In Box Of Defeat.

Jack In The Box Knight And Fear Knight Blow's Up With The Knightzillas And Gigadrones.

Red: Show's Over Knights And Adventure Bay Wins For Good.

On The Ground.

The Zords Was On Stand By.

Ace: Carlos.

Ace Hugged Carlos.

Ace: Your Safe.

Carlos Kiss Ace.

Mina: Awe.

Mayor Goodway; Thank You Rangers.

Scratch: No Problem.

Mayor Goodway: Who This?

Mickey: Marcus.

Marcus Waved Hello.

Ryder: Also Whenever You're In Trouble.

Agumon: Just Yelp For Help.

Mickey: Why Did You Need Us All In The First Place?

Mayor Goodway: For This.

Mayor Goodway: I Present You The House Of Paws.

Deckerdramon; Wow.

Ryder: Why?

Mayor Goodway: Well You Deserve It Of Your Hard Work For Keeping The Town Safe.

Chase: Thanks.

Mayor Goodway: Your Welcome.

Mickey: I Run A Club Before.

Shock; That's Great,

Mickey: We Need A Host A Co Host Greeting People Reservations Musical Entertainment The Head Waiter The Valet The Gossip Column Technician And The Mascot.

Tails: I'm The Technician Horace Help Me Out.

Horace: Sure.

Mickey: Greeting People.

Silver: On It Donald.

Donald: Yeah.

Mickey: Reservations.

Selena: I Got It Daisy.

Daisy: I'll Help.

Mickey: Musical Entertainment.

Scratch: Me Shock Bolt Sonic Shiny Storm And Link Will Do It.

Mickey: Head Waiter.

Maxswell: I Do It Goofy.

Goofy: You Bet.

Mickey: Valet.

Jackswell: I'll Will Do It.

Mickey: Gossip Column.

Everest: I'll Do It.

Mickey: Mascot.

Scratch: Well Shadow.

Ace Giggled.

Shadow: I Hate You.

Scratch: Pluto Mina Rowlet And Dawn Will Do It.

Minnie: They Be So Cute.

Mickey: Now A Host And Co Host.

Ryder: I'll Be The Host.

Katie: I'll Be His Co Host. 

Mickey: The Rest Of Us Can Help.

Scratch: Let The Show Begin.

At The House Of Paws.

Ryder: You Guys Look Great.

Katie: Hey Guys.

Katie Was In A Red Version Of Her Shirt And Wearing A Small Necklace.

Ryder (Blush): You Look Beautiful Katie.

Katie: Thank You Ryder.

Scratch: Rowlet Melmetal Incineroar Lycanroc.

Red: Raichu Fuego Lapras Machamp Espeon Venusaur Dusknoir.

Fuego; Rhar.

Raichu; Chu.

Sparkles Surrounded Dusknoir.

Dusknoir; Dusk.

Lapras; Lap.

Machamp; Champ.

Venusaur; Saur.

Scratch; I Didn't Know You Have A Shiny Dusknoir.

Red; Got It As A Duskull.

Shock; You Guys Can Help.

Ryder: I Want To Say Something First Is I Couldn't Have Done Without Everyone Help From The Pups My Friends And Family.

Scratch: Now Let's Start The House Of Paws.

Goofy: Ahyuck.

Shock: Yeah.

We See Nick Jr Characters Started Coming In And Seated.

Scorch Knight: Today Is A Special Grand Opening Of The House Of Paws.

Everyone Applauded.

Scorch Knight: Time For Our Host Ryder.

The Audience Applause For Ryder.

Ryder Walked On Stage.

Ryder: Hey Everyone Welcome To The House Of Paws.

Katie; Okay We're Just Remind Everyone About The House Of Paws Rules.

Ryder: No Drinking From Cuphead Mugman Or Miss Chalice.

Trinket Already Started Drinking Cuphead.

Cuphead; Hey.

Trinket: Sorry.

Cuphead: It's Okay.

Katie; No Villain Acts.

We See Harold Pointing A Blaster At Rocky.

Harold: Aw.

He Throws The Blaster Away.

Ryder: No Evil Magic.

We See Badalf Aiming His Wand At Shadow.

Badalf: Aw.

He Throws His Wand Away.

Shock; No Gigadrones Either Mayor Humdinger.

Humdinger; Aw.

Ryder; No Guest Eating Other Guest.

We See Shock Chewing On Watt's Tire.

Watts; Shock.

Shock(Stops); Sorry.

Ryder; And No Hurting The Guest Scratch.

Scratch; Nobody Is Getting Hurt.

We See James Injured Falls From Stage Rafters Hitting Marshall's Firetruck Then Sliding Off.

Butterbean And Cricket Looks At Scratch.

Scratch; That Guy Was All Ready Up There When I Got Here.

Ryder: Okay Then Let's Start This Off With A Cartoon.

The First Cartoon Was About Ryder's Rival.

Ryder Has Decided To Go Check How Everyone Was Doing.

Scratch: We Are Off To A Good Start.

Ryder: Thanks Scratch.

We See The Lights Flickering.

Crusher: What's Happening?

Scratch: What.

We See Alucard Flickering The Lights.

Mayor Goodway: What!

Shock: Alucard.

Alucard Smiled.

Foxy: Look The Zords Are Here To.

We See Zords Taking Their Seats.

Scratch: They Are Family.

Nella; Ryder The House Of Paws Is Amazing.

Ryder: Thanks Nella.

Katie: I Hope You Enjoy.

Ryder: We Better Get Going.

Nella: Bye Ryder.

With Scratch And Rowlet.

We See Rowlet Talking To Scratch.

Scratch; I Know Right.

Rowlet Coo.

Oona: Who is This Cute One?

Scratch: This Is Rowlet.

Oona: May I Pet Him?

Scratch: Sure.

Oona Pet Rowlet.

Rowlet Coo.

Queen Mom: Aw.

Molly: He Is So Cute.

He Pull Out Scratch's Jungle Blaster.

Bolt(Off-Screen); Oh Dang He's Packing Heat.

Goby: What Is He?

Shock: Allow Me.

He Activate His Pokedex On His Morpher.

Shock's Pokedex: Rowlet The Grass Quill Pokemon A Grass Flying Type Rowlet Use Photosynthesis To Store Energy During The Day While Becoming Active At Night.

Goby: Wow.

Scratch: Rowlet.

Rowlet Fly On Scratch's Shoulder.

Scratch: Bye Guys.

Rowlet Snuggled With Scratch.

Pickle; Aw.

With Ryder.

Ryder: Okay Time For A Performance.

Katie: It's Shock.

The Everyone Cheer For Shock.

Tails; Here We Go.

Horace; In 3.

Shiny; 2.

Scratch; 1.

Link; Go.

Shock's Horn Glow.

We See Elekids Starting The Beat.

Shock; Yeah.

Three Marmaloaves Appear.

We See Shock As Smash Hopper And Jumps On Them.

Smash Hopper: Oh Yeah.

The Beat Continue To Shock Dancing.

Shock: Let's Go.

He Continues The Beat While Doing The Impatience Dance.

Ryder; Here We Go.

Shock Turns Into Frost Ghost Thunder Stone And Shock Yeti.

( Big Chill Shock Rock Shocksquatch).

Shock; It's A Me Shock The One That's Gonna Beat'cha You.

We See Shock Power Up With His Battlizer.

It's Gonna Be A Party Yo Cause I Brought My Navy Suit Uh.

We See Him By Ms. Marmalady.

You Got Speed But You're Really Slow Cause It Is A Not Gonna Save You Ya.

You Wanna Be Another Electabuzz But You Are Gonna Lose Uh.

Shock's Eyes Glow Navy.

We See Ms. Marmalady In A Wolf Like Form.

Look At You With Your Ugly Blue Shoes Eh Uh.

You Look Like You Lost All Your Clothes Electa.

Shock Cover Ms. Marmalady With A Barrel.

It's A Me Shock That One That's Gonna Beat You.

So You Better Back Up Now Before You Get Shock (Shocked Shocker).

We See Shock Turn His Keyboard Into A Keytar.

Shock Started Singing To The Remix While Playing His Keytar.

Some Of The Audience Started To Dance.

Ryder Clap To The Beat.

Shock: Oh Yeah.

The Beat Continue To Agumon Red And Zooli Dancing.

Shock: Shocking Time.

He Sings And Switch To Crazy Goblin Smart Matter Small Tech Flashtrack Doggone It Skunkfly And Quad Puncher.

(Jury Rigg Grey Matter Nanomech Fasttrack Wildmutt Stinkfly Four Arms.)

Quad Puncher: Let's Go.

We See Him As WereGarurumon.

WereGarurumon Sings To The Beat.

Ryder Shiny Shadow Chickaletta And Rowlet Dance To The Beat.

Ms. Marmalady Was Shaking Her Head.

Shock: Oh Yeah Buzz.

He Took His Glasses Off.

The Audience Applause To Shock.

Ryder: Thank You Shock.

Shock: Your Welcome.

Scratch: That Was A Shocking Performance.

Shock And Bolt Laughed.

Ryder Chuckled.

Ryder; Later I Will Make Announcement Then The Next Performance Until Then Enjoy This Cartoon.

The Cartoon Was About Scratch Avoiding A Thunderbolt.

With Jasper.

We See Jasper Talking To Shock.

Jasper: Shock That Was Amazing.

Shock: Thanks Man.

Jasper; Do You Want To My Friends?

Shock; Sure Bolt Link Scratch Sonic Shiny Storm Come With Me.

Link; Sure.

Bolt; Coming.

Scratch; On It.

Sonic; Yes.

Shiny; Yeah.

Storm; Ha.

At Butterbean's Table.

Jasper; Hey Guys.

Poppy; Hi Jasper.

Jasper; Hey Guys.

Dazzle; Who This?

Jasper; These Are My New Friends.

Jasper; Bolt.

Bolt; Hi.

Jasper; Link.

Link; Hello.

Jasper; Scratch.

Scratch; Hey.

Jasper; Sonic.

Sonic; What's Happening.

Jasper; Shiny.

Shiny; Hi.

Jasper; Storm.

Storm Wave Hello.

Jasper; And Shock.

Shock Fainted.

Jasper; Uh Shock?

Butterbean; Are You Okay?

Bolt; Don't Worry He Does This All The Time.

He Get's Up.

Shock; Say What Now.

Dazzle Gigged.

Shock; Very Funny.

Cricket Fly Up To Link.

Cricket; Hello I'm Cricket.

Link; Hi I'm Link.

Butterbean; Looks Like Cricket Made A Another Friend.

Shock; What The (Beep) Happen To The Floor?

Dazzle And Butterbean Giggle.

After The Break.

We See Ryder On Stage.

Ryder; Now It's Time For.

Shock; Missed It By That Much.

Ryder; With Shock The Electabuzz.

We See Danny Doing A Stunt But Fail.

Shock; Miss It By That Much.

Bolt Nearly Laughed.

We See Tails And Tuck Racing But Tails Fall Into The Hole.

Shock; Miss It By That Much.

Shiny Giggled.

We See Scratch Playing Basketball Than Zapped By A Thunderbolt.

Shock; Holy Zaps Oh And He Miss It By This Much.

Scratch Laughed.

Ryder; Now Back To The Show.

After The Short.

Katie; Now Ryder Wants To Say Something.

Ryder; Before The Performance Starts I Just Wanna Say We Have New Additions To Family.

Katie; The First One She Knows Her Animals And Her Favorite It's The Seahorse.

Ryder; Welcome Zooli.

The Spotlights Aim At Zooli.

Zooli; Hi Everyone It's A Pleasure To Be Here.

Ryder; This Next One Is Family To Steve And Joe.

Katie; It's Josh.

The Spotlight Aims At Josh.

Josh; Oh Hi I'm So Happy To Be Here.

Katie; Your Welcome.

Ryder; And This Last One Is A Family Member Of Scratch.

Crusher; What.

Pickle; Who's Is It?

Scratch; I'll Give A Hint It's Start With The Letter R And The Color Of Mickey Pants And My Hat.

Spatch; Uh.

Spork; Uh.

Cricket; Red.

Scratch; You Got It It's My Brother Red.

The Spotlight Aims At Red.

Red; Hi Everyone I'm Glad To Be Today.

Cricket; Hi Red.

Red; Hello Cricket.

Ryder; Also I Wanted To Say I Couldn't Have Done With Out My Family And Friends.

Link; Come Here You.

Ryder Hugged His Friends And Family.

Mayor Goodway; Aw.

Bolt; Shock I Dare You To Brick Break Scratch.

Shock; Okay.

His Hand Becomes Surrounded With Yellow Sparks.

Shock; Scratch Eat Brick Break.

He Karate Chops Scratch's Arm But Break His Hand.

Clod; Ouch.

Butterbean Cover Her Mouth.

Shock; Oh Canada That's Not Good.

Scratch; Wait Please.

His Other Fist Become Surrounded In Electricity.

Shock; Thunder Punch.

He Thunder Punches Scratch's Other Arm But Break's His Other Hand.

Shock; Oh Your Poor Friends.

Rocky Nearly Laughed.

Bolt And Shiny Laughed.

Shock; Okay Then Mega Kick.

His Foot Glow's Metallic Light Blue.

He Mega Kicks Scratch's Shoulder But Break His Foot In The Process.

Shock; Ahh.

Bolt Laughs Again.

Storm Carry Shock To His Seat.

Ryder; Anyways It's Time For Performance.

Mayor Humdinger; Thank You Ryder.

Ryder; I Was Referring To Rocky.

Mayor Humdinger; But.

Mickey Pull Humdinger Ear And Dragged Him Back To His Seat.

Humdinger; Ow Ear Ear Ear.

Dazzle Poppy Looks At Oswald.

Oswald Shrugged His Shoulders While Laugh Nervously.

Scratch; Anyways.

Ryder; It's Rocky.

The Audience Applauded For Rocky.

Tails; Rocky Are You Ready.

Rocky; Ready.

Tails; Okay Here We Go.

Horace; In 3.

Mayor Goodway; Two.

Ryder; One.

Bolt; Go.

The Music Starts.

Rocky; Who's Good.

Rocky Started Singing To The Beat.

Lycanroc Started Shaking His Head.

Dusknoir Looks At Lycanroc.

Your Powers Are Weak.

You Gotta Find A Flower.

You Shouldn't Even Speak.

When You Can Barely Run.

We See Orbot Running And Sonic Running Past Him.

I'm A Plant Your Yo Mind.

And Make You Do A Dance.

Goofy Dance A Bit.

I Could Make You Go Blind.

Scratch's Eyes Shutter.

And Walk You To A Fence.

Ellis Touch A Electric Fence And Become Electric.

I Could Change The World Tomorrow.

There Can Be No Darkest Day.

If You Don't Like What I'm Saying.

Then Self Terminate Your Race.

Because I'm Good, I'm Good, Come On.

While Rocky Was Singing Ladybird Was Ignoring Him.

Because I'm Good, I'm Good, You Know It.

Rocky Notices It And Walk Toward Ladybird.

Because I'm Good, I'm Good, You Know It Come On.

And Strive Again To Lose Right Now Cause I'm A Tell You Once Again; I'm Good!

Rocky Sings To The Beat.

I'm Good!

Rocky Ends The Beat.

The Audience Applauded For Rocky.

Scratch; That's Was Rocky.

They Applauded.

Katie; We'll Be Back After The Cartoon.

The Cartoon Was About Purple Chase.

Ryder; Thanks Rocky.

Rocky; Your Welcome.

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