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I Don't Own Them.

At The Jalpur Train Station.

Sonic; Are We There Yet?

Scratch; Okay Guys We're Here.

Pikachu; Chu.

Yuma; Alright.

Yusei; Okay.

Yusaku; Yeah.

Ryder; Yes.

Yugi Stretch.

Tea; We're Here.

Shock; About Time.

Bolt Stretch's His Tails.

Chase Yawn.

Marshall; Really.

Rocky; Yeah.

Skye Backflip.

Zuma; Awesome.

Red Petted Rubble.

Crash; Finally.

Simon; Where To?

Yuya Shrugged His Shoulder.

Finn; Don't Know.

Scratch; Let's Explore Around Jalpur And Find Out.

Yusei; Let's Go.

Yuya; First A Change Of Clothes.

Shock; Right.

Five Minutes Later.

Ai; Looking Good Guys.

Yusei; Thanks.

Rocky; Let's Go.

At Jalpur.

Scratch; This Place Looks Nice.

Then We Hear A Rip.

Scratch; What Hey.

We See A Goat Eating A Piece Of Scratch's Pants.

Bhanu Bleat.

Dhruv; Bhanu I'm So Sorry About That.

Scratch; It's Okay.

He Took A Spare Pair Of Pants.

Scratch; I Always Have Spare.

He Spins Around Putting On His New Pair Pants.

Scratch; There We Go.

Dhruv; Amazing I'm Dhruv.

Scratch; Scratch These Are My Friends.

Shiny; Hi.

Shock; Hey.

Dhruv; Hello I Better Get Going Bye.

Sonic; Later.

Chase; He's A Good Kid.

Pikachu; Yeah.

Serena; How About We Do Some Sight Seeing?

Scratch; Sure.

Then A Ball Knocks Off Scratch's Head.

They Look At Shock Who Was Holding A Ball.

Shock; It's A Goat.

He Reattached His Head.

Scratch(To The Viewers); Stop Looking At Me.

Mira(Off-Screen); Someone Stop Them.

Mikku; Hey Slow Down.

Poonam; Can't Stop.

Manish; Yeah We're Escaping.

Poonam; Stop Talking.

Red; Scratch.

Scratch; On It.

He Took Out Three Poke Ball.

Scratch; Torterra Pignite Boldore Blocked Them.

Torterra; Right.

Pignite; On It.

Boldore; Yeah.

Torterra Pignite Boldore Blocks Their Path.

Mikku; What Is That?

Both Bandits Bump Into Them.

Boldore; Ha Ha.

Pignite; Going Somewhere.

Torterra Laughed.

Poonam; So Close.

Neel; Nice Work Catching Them.

Scratch; Your Welcome Thanks You Guys Return.

He Return Them.

Pryia; I'll Be Taking That.

She Take Her Mom Purse Back.

Deputy Oosha Moo.

Mira; Deputy Oosh Just In Time.

Deputy Ooha Moo.

Nate; Huh.

Shock; She's Take It From Here.

Nate; Oh.

Deputy Oosha Take Them Away.

Selena; Thanks Deputy Oosha.

Nate; Another One Bites The Dust!

Scratch; You Must Be Mira The Royal Detective.

Mira; Yes.

Scratch; Prince Neel.

They Bow To Prince Neel Except Shock.

Shock; Oh.

Shock Bow.

Mira Giggled.

Priya; You Must Ryder And The Pups.

Ryder; Yes Yes We Are.

Shock Fainted.

Scratch; He's Fine.

Crash; That's A Surprise To A Lot Of People.

Scratch; What.

Crash; Yeah.

Scratch; Sorry I Didn't Act Surprise.

Shock; Ha.

Mira; We'll Show You Guys Arounds.

Scratch; That Will Be Swell Thanks.

Then A Hammer Knocks Off Scratch Head.

Priya Cover Her Mouth.

Jack(Off Screen); Was That A Hammer?

They Look At Shock Who Was Holding A Hammer.

Shock; That Was A Goat.

Scratch Reattach His Head.

Scratch; Don't Worry About That Either.

We See Them Walking To The Auntie Pushpa Shop's.