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I Don't Own Them Or Myotismon Cycletron Vacuutron Vacuudrone Or Cycledrone.

In Adventure City.

We See Long Hair Dachshund Walking On Main Street.

Her Name Was Liberty.

Liberty; Another Day In Adventure City.

We See One Guy Throw His Trash On The Ground.

Liberty; Hey Hey Pick It Up.

Male Resident; Make Me.

Liberty; I'm Gotta To Pick You Up And Throw You Into The Trash.

Male Resident; Okay Okay I'll Do It.

Liberty; Thank You.

At The Anti Ship.

Phantom Specter; Adventure City.

Mayor Humdinger; A Best Place To Destroyed.

Inferno Rider; I Got Something For Them.

Inferno Rider Took Out A Fireworks And A Freezer.

Cubot Infected Them Creating Fireworks Rider And Freezer Rider.

Freeze Rider; Freezing Time.

Fireworks Rider; Show Time.

Inferno Rider; Freeze Rider Fireworks Rider Cycletron Vacuutron Go To Adventure City.

Humdinger Takes Out A Machine.

Humdinger; Place This Cloud Catcher At The Top Of My Old Building Humdinger Heights.

Fireworks Rider; Considered It Done.

Freeze Rider; Yeah.

At Adventure City.

We See Liberty Looking At The Sky,

Fireworks Cycletron Vacuutron And Freeze Rider Teleport At Humdinger Heights.

Fireworks Rider; This Must Be It.

Liberty; Huh.

She Hid Behind A Trash Can.

Freeze Rider; Let's Go.

They Went In Inside.

Liberty; I'm Calling The Rangers.

At Adventure Bay.

In The Lookout We See Ryder Scratch Chase And Crash Look At A New Megazord Combination.

Ryder; Spino Storm Megazord.

Crash; And Gravity Rex Megazord Combine.

Chase; How About The Gravity Fusion Ultrazord?

Colton; Perfect.

Ryder Get's A Call.

Raiden; Hello.

Liberty; Hi It's Liberty.

Crash; Hello Liberty.

Ryder; What's The Problem?

Liberty; That.

She Shows Them Freeze Rider And Fireworks Rider Entering Humdinger Heights

Liberty; See.

Ryder; Don't Worry We Can Handle It.

Liberty; Thanks.

Crash; Where Are You?

Liberty; Adventure City.

Chase Slowly Backs Up.

Crash; Thanks See You There.

Liberty; Later.

The Call Ended.

Ryder Looks At Chase.

Ryder; Chase Are You Okay?

Chase; No I'm Not Going Back To Adventure City I'm Not Going Back.

Crash; Why?

Chase; If I Go Back To Adventure City Everyone Will See Me As A Scare Pup.

Ryder; Chase It's Okay You Can Stay Here.

Chase; Thank You Ryder.

Ryder; Your Welcome I'll Ask Mayor Goodway To Stay With You.

Scratch; Me Red Agumon Greymon And MailBirdramon Will Stay To,

Chase; Thanks.

Ryder; Chase Remember Your The Bravest Pup That I Met.

Crash; Everyone Get Your Things We're Going To Adventure City.

Rubble; Road Trip.

At Adventure City.

Yuri; We're Here.

Connor; Where's Liberty?

Liberty; I'm Here.

We See Her By The Bench.

Liberty; You Must Be The Rangers I Heard So Much Of You.

Shadow; Thank You.

Liberty; Where's Chase?

Shiny; He's To Afraid To Come.

Liberty; Oh.

Yusei; So What's The Problem?

Liberty; Monsters Went Into A Humdinger Heights With A Strange Machine.

Luke; Huh.

Yugi; Okay Let's Find Them.

Ryder; First Let's Gear Up.

Zuma; How?

Ryder; I'll Show You.

Ortensia; What?

The Next Jump Cut To The New Lookout.

Rocky; Amazing.

Skye; How Can We Afford This?

Ryder; Official License Paw Patrol Merch.

Shock; Can't Go Wrong With Merch.

Blaze; Nice View.

Nate Spot Something In The Distance.

Nate; What's That?

They Spotted A Cloud Catcher Going Haywire.

Zuma; We Gotta Stopped It.

Ryder; We Are It's Morphing Time.

They Instamorphed With New Gear.

Rubble; This Feels Amazing.

Shock; To The Zords Except You Guys You Stay.

Goofy And Donald; Aw.

At The Zord Hangar.

Ryder; Hey Liberty We Need You.

Liberty; You Do?

Shock; Yeah You The Know This City On The Back Of Your Paws.

Liberty; I'm In.

Ryder; Hop On.

Liberty Hops On.

Shock; We're On A Roll.

On The Street.

Ryder; Paw Patrol Is A Ro.

They Stopped Because Of Traffic.

Ryder; Are You Kidding Me.

Liberty; I Got This Get Out The Way Move.

The Male Resident Gets Startled And Drove Off.

Shadow Looks At Her.

Liberty; Just Go.

They Continue On.

Ryder; Skye Shiny Shock Bolt You Guys Handle The Cloud Catcher.

Shiny; You Got It Ryder.

They Flew Off.

Ryder; Okay Everyone Else Split Up And Help The Residents Get To Safety.

The Rangers Split Up.

Ryder; I'll Deal With The Monsters.

At Humdinger Heights.

Ryder; This Is It.

He Went Inside The Building.

Ryder; Where Are They?

Male Resident; There On The Top Floor.

Ryder; Thanks.

At The Top Floor.

Ryder Spotted Them.

Ryder; Hey.

Fireworks Rider; Your Too Late.

They Fired Their Attack.

Ryder; Alright Victory Maximum.

Ryder; Jungle Victory Maximum Final Strike.

The Victory Maximum Overpowers Them,

Fireworks Rider; Uhhhhhhlaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Freeze Rider; I'm Freezing.

Cycletron; My Tires Are Going Flat.

Vacuutron; You'll Pay For This Argh! Ugh.

They Fall On Their Backs And Exploded.

Ryder; Yes.

The Building Started To Fall.

Ryder; Woah.

Ryder Turns Into Cannonbolt.

Cannonbolt; Cannonbolt.

Cannonbolt; Time To Go Ultimate.

He Turns The Dial And Hits It.

Ultimate Cannonbolt; Ultimate Cannonbolt.

The Building Collapsed.

Katie; Ryder No.

Ellis; Daisy Call Scratch.

Daisy; Right.

At City Hall.

We See Chase Thinking About His Past.

Red; Chase.

Chase; Hey.

Red; Thinking About Your Past.

Chase; Yeah.

Red; You Need To Let Go Of Your Past.

Chase; Let Go Of My Past?

Red; Yeah.

Chase; I'm Not Sure I Can.

Chromastonex34; But The Team Needs You.

Chase; I Can't Everyone In Adventure City Will See Me As A Scared Pup.

Chromastonex34; Myotismon.

Myotismon; On It.

Myotismon Smack Chase.

Chase; Thanks I Needed That.

Myotismon; Anytime.

Scratch; Guys Daisy Just Call Ryder Is In Trouble.

Chase; No.

Mayor Goodway; Ryder No.

Dextra Cover Her Mouth.

Red; Chase Are You Ready?

Chase; Let's Go.

Red; Jungle Fuse.

Scratch And Chromastonex34; Warp Digivolve.

MetalGreymon; MetalGreymon.

VenomMyotismon; VenomMyotismon.

ShineGreymon; ShineGreymon.

Chase; Let's Save Ryder.

They Took Off.

Mayor Goodway; Good Luck.

Nistro; They Needed It.

Chickaletta Peck Nistro Head.

Nistro; Ow.

At Adventure City.

With The Others.

Chase; We're Here.

Everest; Chase You Came.

Chase; Yeah Where's Ryder?

Rubble; Humdinger Heights.

Chase; Thanks Crash Mickey Scratch Your With Me.

Crash; Let's Go.

Mickey; On It.

Scratch; To The Rescue.

At The Anti Ship.

Humdinger; We Can't Let Them Save Ryder.

Cubot; Shall I Grow Freeze Rider And Fireworks Rider.

Phantom Specter; No.

Cubot; Okay.

Eggman; I'll Send In The Gigadrones.

Inferno Rider; I'll Hop In A Omega Model.

Morphing Alpha Model Into Cycledrone.

Morphing Gamma Model Into Vacuudrone.

At Humdinger Heights.

Crash; This Is It.

Chase; Let's Scale It.

Scratch Turn Into Ultimate Hazard-Drillo.

Ultimate Hazard-Drillo; Let's Go.

Crash Chase And Mickey Hop On And Ultimate Hazard-Drillo Jet Propulsion Water To The Top.

On The Top.

Ultimate Hazard-Drillo Turned Back To Scratch.

They Spotted A Grey Blue Light Up Ahead.

Scratch; This Way.