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I Don't Them Or Barakouzza Keytron Keydrone.

Warning; Small Amount Of Blood.

With Emperor Specter.

We See Emperor Specter And Scorch Rider Building A Robot.

Brine Rider; Master Scorch Rider How's The Robot Coming?

Emperor Specter; Perfect.

Scorch Rider; Almost Done.

We See Water/Siren/Robot/Knight.

Tidal Blast; Not So Fast.

Scorch Rider Pull Out His Sword.

Brine Rider Reload His Hydro Cannons.

Tidal Blast; I'm Helping You And I'll Take Down The Rangers Myself Especially The Shadow Ranger.

Scorch Rider; Fine But First.

He Took Out A Top Hat.

Brine Rider Infected It.

Top Hat Rider; Show Time.

Emperor Specter; Destroyed The Rangers And Don't Come Back.

At The Lookout.

We See Scratch Battling Korrina.

Scratch; Aura Sphere.

Lucario Fire A Blue Ball Of Energy At Machamp.

Machamp; Champ.

Korrina; Machamp.

We See Machamp Dazed.

Reuknight; Machamp Is Unable To Battle The Winner Is Lucario And Scratch.

They Return There Pokemon.

Korrina; Your Lucario Is Getting Strong.

Scratch; Thank You.

His Morpher Beeps.

Scratch; Go Ahead.

Goofy; We Have A Monster Attack By The Beach.

Scratch; Thanks Man To The Beach.

At The Beach.

Tidal Blast Fired Hydro Cannon Blast.

The Residents Runs Away Screaming In Terror.

Top Hat Rider; Too Easy.

Clemont; Power Thunder Bolt.

Tidal Blast Hid Behind Barakouzza And He Exploded.

We See The Rangers Morphed.

Tidal Blast; Oh Rangers You Made It I'm For The Shadow Ranger.

Scratch; You Got It You Guys Handle The Others.

Shock; You Got It.

Top Hat Rider; Rider Bots.

Barakouzza; Rinshi.

Wolvermean; Basherbots.

Vekar; Bolt.

Bolt; On It.

He Combine His Ptera Saber And His Storm Staff.

Bolt; Ptera Thunder Blitz.

A Pteranodon Shape Thunder Bolt At The Foot Soldiers Blowing Them Up.

We See Scratch And Tidal Blast Collided Weapons.

Scratch Kicks Tidal Blast.

Tidal Blast; Take This.

She Fired Water Blades At Scratch.

Clemont Jumps In Front Of Scratch.

He Deflected All Of Them Except For One Cutting Him On The Arm.

Clemont Grunted.

Scratch; Clemont.

Clemont; You Would Have Done The Same.

Scratch; Yeah.

Tidal Blast Smiled She Clenched Her Fist.

The Wound Started To Freeze.

Clemont; Oh No.

Shock; I Got You Clemont.

Shock Cut's Off Clemont Arm.

Clemont; Ow My Arm.

His Arm Fell To The Ground Frozen.

Clemont; And Now I'm Going To Die Of Blood Loss God Dang It Shock.

Shock Giggled.

Crash; I Got It.

He Rebuilds Clemont Arm.

Clemont; Thanks Crash.

Crash; Anytime.

Shock Kicks Keytron.

Keytron; I'm Gonna Make You Pay Uhaa.

Chase; Rail Sword Thunder's Crash.

The Thunderbolt Slash Blow's Up Keytron.

Scratch Took Out His Delta Enforcer.

Scratch; Delta Enforcer Fire.

A Power Blast Made Tidal Blast Stumble And Her Mask Fall Off.

They Were Shock On What They Saw.

Tidal Blast Reveal To Be Misty.

Red; Misty.

Scratch Started Laughing.

Shiny; Scratch.

Scratch; Is This Some Kind Of Twisted Joke?

He Pull Out His Saber.

Scratch Crushes The Mask.

Amber Puts Her Hand On Him But Scratch Pushes Her Away.

Scratch; I'll Been Looking For You I Will Take That Head From Your Shoulder And Hang It From The Gates Of Pallet Town.

He Charges In.

The Remaining Riders Bots Goes In.

Scratch Flame Slash Four Rider Bots.

Then He Throws One Of His Shark Sabers Nearly Hitting Misty.

He Claw Swap One.

Scratch Iron Tail's One Rider Bot.

Rider Bot; Stop Right There.

Scratch Tail Grab The Last One.

He Crushes The Last One.

Scratch Smiled With Blood On His Face And His Soulless Eyes.

Top Hat Rider; Time To Go.

Top Hat Rider Teleported Tidal Blast Away.

Marshall; They Got Away.

At The Lookout.

We See Scratch Serena And Ryder Talking.

Ryder; Are You Okay Scratch?

Scratch; I'm Fine Ryder Misty Will Be Destroyed In My Paws Alone.

Serena; I'm Worried About You.

Scratch; Worried I'm Not Worried Misty Will Be Crush Into Dust My Paws And My Paws Alone.

Serena; Scratch Remember Who You Are.

He Laughed.

Scratch; A Grievous Error Serena.

He Enter Into His Shadow Form And Took Off.

Rubble; And There He Goes.

They Heard A Knock On The Door.

Ushio; Who Could That Be?

Misty; Hey Guys.

Brock; Hey.

Red; Hey Misty Brock What's Brings You Here?

Misty; We Wanted To See Scratch Again.

Chase; You Just Missed Him.

Misty; What?

Shadow; He Took Off He's Fighting A Monster That's Look Like You.

Misty; Oh Am I'm Pretty Monster.

Skye And Chase Nodded No.

Misty; Well Worth A Shot.

Brock; Well Where's Is He?

Tuck(Off-Screen); Found Him He's On The Beach Again.

Shock; Let's Go.

With Scratch.

We See Him On The Beach.

Tidal Blast; Scratch You Made It.

Top Hat Rider; Let's Go.

She Stops Top Hat Rider.

Tidal Blast; No He's Mine.

Tidal Blast Power Slash Top Hat Rider.

Top Hat Rider; My Show Is Over.

Top Hat Rider Exploded.

Tidal Blast; Now Emperor Specter The Magna Laser.

At Anti Ship.

We See Emperor Specter And Brine Rider Entering A Room.

Emperor Specter; What Do You Want Madame Rider I'm Busy?

Madame Rider; Tidal Blast Is Calling For The Magna Laser Shall I Fire It?

Emperor Specter; I Don't Think So.

Madame Rider; What But She Just Destroyed Top Hat Rider.

Emperor Specter; My Back Up Plans Doesn't Need Her.

Madame Rider; Okay.

With Tidal Blast.

Tidal Blast; Curse You Emperor.

She Charges In.

Tidal Blast; Typhoon Saber Ocean Blizzard Strike.

Scratch Flashbacks.

Serena; Remember Who You Are.

The Flashback Ends.

He Demorphed.

His Eyes Glowed.

Scratch's Shadow Saber Engulf In Shadow Ice Flames.

The Blade Extends.

Scratch; Shadow Fire Subzero Slash.

He Bring It Downward.

A Cut In Of Scratch's Face.

Scratch; Outta My Way.

The Attack Strikes Tidal Blast.

Tidal Blast; You Wash Out My Plans.

Tidal Blast Blow's Up Destroyed Forever.

Her Sword Fell Into The Ground In Which It Froze And Shattered.

Scratch; See You In The Eternal Flame.

Shock; Scratch.

We See The Others Run Up To Him.

Scratch; Hey Guys.

Ryder; Is Tidal Blast Gone?

Scratch; Yep.

At Anti Ship.

Brine Rider; She's Was A Failure Anyway.

Eggman; Shall I Grow Top Hat Rider.

Emperor Specter; Yes But Him In Chimera.

Eggman; You Got It.

Humdinger; Don't Forget Barakouzza.

Harold; I'll Send In Keydrone.

Morphing Alpha Model Into Keydrone.

Emperor Specter; Fire The Magna Laser.

A Purple Laser Hits Barakouzza And Top Hat Rider And They Grow Giant.

Shock; Zord Time.

They Form The Megazords.

Barakouzza; Behold The Mighty Power Of The Barakouzza Spirit.

Mickey; Volcano Blast.

Red Energy Fired From The Cannons At Barakouzza.

Barakouzza Turn Into Stone And Exploded.