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I Don't Own Them.

Warning; Small Amount Of Blood.

Last Time On Power Rangers Master Knights.

We See Yuma And Yusei Protecting Scratch From Doom Knight.

Then We See Yusaku And Yugi Been Slash By Scorch Rider.

Scratch; This Is My Fight I Won't Putting Anyone In Danger Again.

We See Scratch Walking Down Main Street.

A Flashback Happens.

Serena; I Miss The Old Scratch.

Scratch; The Scratch That You Once Knew Is Dead All That Remains Is The Repulsive Blood Stained Monster You See Before You.

He Walks Off.

The Flashback Ends.

Scratch Shed A Tear Of Blood.

At The Lookout.

We See The Rangers Eating Breakfast.

We See Yuma And Yusei Have Fully Recovered.

Yuma; Morning.

Yusei; Hey Guys.

Tori; Yuma.

Akiza; Yusei.

Akiza And Tori Hugs Yuma And Yusei.

Tori; Your Okay.

Yuma; Yeah.

Natsu; Not Hungry Yusei.

Yusei; I'll Eat When I Finish This.

He Took Out A Book Showing A New Megazord Combination.

Yusei; I'm Being Working On A New Megazord Combination With The Jungle Storm Megazord The Striker Thunder Megazord The Mermaiden Zord And The Isis Storm Megazord.

Natsu; Last Time I Have Sick Day I Play Video Games Drink Ginger Ale And Have Chicken Soup.

Shock; Huh.

With Serena.

We See Her Worrying About Scratch.

Serena; Scratch Where Are You Your Kids Need You I Need You.

Pancham; Cham.

In The Park.

We See Scratch Sitting A Bench Talking To Himself.

Scratch; Your Wrong.