Lulu is a Welsh Corgi and princess of Caninia. She is from Marshall and the Cowardly Pup Princess.

(read the adventure first) (This can spoil the adventure)

Fanon Appearance


Lulu was born as the heiress to Caninia, a kingdom of dogs. When the evil Ace and his cat minions took over her beautiful kingdom and turned all the dogs except her into plants, she has to leave her kingdom to get the Magic Wand of Caninia. Marshall helped her out, after a Cat Witch's missed attack teleported him to the mountains.

She learned a lot about courage from Marshall and even gained a crush on him. After two of Ace's minion captured Marshall, she absorbed the magic wand's powers and turned the cats into plants. She then healed Marshall injuries and gave her necklace to Marshall as her thanks before teleporting him back to Adventure Bay.

She then faced the wicked Ace, and he turned into a bunch of catnip. Caninia was saved, and she and the whole kingdom lived happily ever after.

She later came back in Pups Stop Bowser. In prologue, she discovered an entrance to the Sprixie Kingdom and then to the Mushroom Kingdom. She then discovered that Bowser was going to attempt to destroy Adventure Bay. So she used a green pipe to get to the town to warn Marshall. But when before she could give the details, Bowser appears and "pupnaps" Skye.


Lulu is fun-loving and a bit optimistic. She tends not to believe in herself and tends to coward in fear.

Her personality changed after she learned about true courage and became courageous, even more kind-hearted, and mature. But she's still fun-loving and optimistic.


Lulu is a brown furred Welsh Corgi and has brown eyes. She wears a crown with a gold bone on it with a red jewel in the bone's center. She wears a pink dress with a mint green silk cape. She has a special neck that a silk gold ribbon tied to a red ruby-heart, which became rainbow heart gem after her transformation.

Lulu later transformed and she recieved a pair of rainbow fairy wings.


  • I named Lulu and her breed from my first Nintendogs puppy, Lulu the Welsh Corgi from Lab & Friends.
  • Lulu has a crush on Marshall.