Hey it's me i used my new pup in this Moonlight enjoy!!!

Pup Pup Sled Dog

It was snowing in Adventure Bay everyone was at Jake's Mountain.

Jake: So glad you could come Ryder dude!

Ryder: Wouldn't miss it for the world

Chase: hey Moonlight and Alex are coming!!

Skye: *Thinks* Uggghhh not her!!!

Alex was on a sled while Moonlight was pulling it

Alex: Hi Chase Hi Ryder what do you think of super sled

Rocky: It's preety cool I'll see if I can add anything to it from my truck later

Just then Moonlight got knocked over by a husky a bit younger then her named Ashley

Ashley: Move out of the way half-breed pure-bred's coming through

Moonlight: Hey!!

Ashley: What's the matter wolf-dog it's not my fault your idiot of a mother is a wolf

Skye: *thinks* Good one

Moonlight: That's it Ashley

Chase: You know her

Moonlight: Unfortunately yes she used to tease me and my brother for being half wolf

Marshall: That's not very nice

Ashley: Ya, ya whatever spot * her friend's giggle*

Moonlight: Hey leave my friends alone!!!!

Ashley: HA! how can this handsome german shepherd possibly be your friend

Moonlight: What will it take for you to leave me alone!!!

Ashley: hmm, I've got it you beat me in a sleagh race and I'll leave you alone and if I win Chase becomes my boyfriend

Chase and Skye: WHAT!?!?

Moonlight: I've never done a sleagh race before but okay i guess

Ashley: HA deal

Moonlight: *thinks* Idiot I've been racing ever since i could stand!! plus nobody knows that I'm part husky

Moonlight won the race by a mile she hustle her good.

Chase: Wanna go back to the look out and do some kareoke

Moonlight: *Sings while playing the guitar* I used to bite my tong and hold my breath scared to rock the boat and make a mess so i sit quitely agree politley a stood for nothing so i fell for everthing you held me down but i got up already brushing of the dust ya hear my ya hear that sound i've got the eye of the tiger dancing through the fire.....

Coujo: She's a really good singer

Grace: She's got to teach me how to play the guitar!!

after kareoke Alex came to take Moonlight home

Chase: see you tomorrow Moonlight

Moonlight: Bye

Skye: *whispers* I'll get you Moonlight!!