Pup Pup Sled Dog (part 3)

Chase: ugghh who will i choose

Sophie and Coujo entered the room

Sophie: Choose who?

Chase: It's a long story

Coujo: We have time

Chase: well when i turned off the lights and then i heard a really creepy voice and the voice said i had to choose between Skye and Moonlight and I should choose the most aggresive so they would not kill me like he killed her for making the wrong dicion

Sophie: hmm that's tough

Coujo: Just go with your heart

Finally Grace said it was okay for him to go home but he was so baffled he coun't even enjoy

Coujo: Have you decided on you know what?

Sophie: What? Oh ya the gh- *Coujo covers her mouth*

Chase had fully recovered and he was playing with Moonlight

Chase: Thanks you saved my life

Moonlight: no problem your best friend you know

Chase: I know and your my best friend too

Skye: Hey so Chase want to play tug - a - pillow

Moonlight: But we are in the middle of a race

Skye: Who you going to choose Chase me or her?

Chase: This is too familar *Runs of*

Chase: Ugghhh who will i choose