Pup showdown is the sencond episode of season 2. When a pup called Zendya tries to take Skye's spotlight can the PAW Patrol stop her?

Part One

Skye: I can't wait!

Ryder: Here's your dress Skye

Skye: Why thank you!

Chase (to Rocky): I hope I dance whith Skye.

Rocky: Love! 

Chase; Shut up.

Rocky: I'm gonna tell Zuma!

Chase: Wait no!

Rocky: Can't catch me!

Chase: I'm on your tail! 

Rocky: No,your not!

Chase: Fine, you can tell him.

Rocky; I'm gonna tell everyone!

Chase: No!

Chase grabs Rocky and throws him out a window.

Skye comes along.

Chase: Skye, do you want to go skinny dipping?

Skye: Sure!