Skye: Hey Ashely.

Ashley: Your the pup with a good sense of humor.

Skye: Yup, and if you rematch Moonlight you will get Chase.

The next day.........

Marshall: Ready set go!  Crush her Moonlight, no one calls me spot!

Well Moonlight one by a meter.......

Chase: This is the LAST time I bet my love.

Skye: What!!!!!

Ashley: Hey you said I would WIN!

Skye: Yea, yea, see ya Sally.

Ashley: ITS ASHLEY!!!!!!!

Grace: Me and Coujo are gonna watch a horror movie about SLENDER MAN!  

Coujo: You should watch it Chase.

Chase: That triggers memories.

Chase Is reading when the lights shut off.

Chase: Hello?

Skye: Hi Chase.

Chase: Who is that?

Skye: I'm a little ghost puppy.

Chase almost had a heart attack when she grabbed his tail.

Chase: This isn't funny!

But Skye was taking in a little girl voice.

Skye: I have come to warn you, about a choice to make between two girls. Moonlight and Skye. You have to choose one, choose wisely or you will have the same fate I had when I choose the wrong boy. He murdered me.

Chase: What do I do?

Skye: Choose the most aggressive one, so the other one will not kill you when you don't choose her.

Before Chase turned on the lights, Skye left.

The next day............

Chase: (singing) You had me hooked again from the minute you sat down. The way you bite your lip got my head spinin round and round. After a day or two I was putty in your hands. Oh oh trouble troublemaker, yeah that's you middle name. Oh oh oh. I know your no good but your stuck in my brain. And I want to know... Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad. Oh oh oh. My mind keeps sayin run as fast as you can. I say I'm done but then you pull me back. Oh oh oh. I swear you're giving me a heart attack. Troublemaker.

Chase didn't realize he was at the edge of a cliff, he fell into the water.

Well Moonlight rescued him and took him to the hospital. And he told Moonlight he liked her  .