Remember- That only Rocky and Skye are in this one, the other's are not on the team yet.

One day Ryder and Rocky we're at a cafe in Adventure Bay.

Ryder: So Rocky, what do you want to do today?

Rocky: Lets play at the lookout, but Ryder.

Ryder: Yes?

Rocky: It's so lonely all by myself when your gone, I no I help on mission's but can we get a new pup?

Ryder: Well, I guess.

Rocky: Yes! You're the best!

Ryder: Ill go inside and pay for breakfast.

Ryder went inside and when he left, a blonde girl with a pink tank top came to see Rocky.

Blonde: Hello little puppy, she pulled at her collar.

Rocky snapped at her and she went to the other table with a cockapoo at it.

She petted her for awhile then picked her up and ran.

Blonde: You're coming home with me.

The puppy: HELP!!

Then her owner came back outside.

Owner: STOP, STOP.oh my gosh oh my gosh.

Rocky jumped of the table and chased that dog thief.

Rocky: Hey! A old fishing net, she threw it over the girl.

Blonde: Hey!

Owner: Why do you have my dog?

Blonde: I don't, help this lady is trying to steal my dog!

The owner took the puppy and Rocky to the cafe. When they got back Ryder looked worried.

Ryder: Oh thank goodness! I though something happened to you!

Rocky: Sorry, I saved this dog from being stolen.

The puppy: I'm Claire, thanks so much!

Then the owner took them to her house, were there were 4 other pups playing.

Owner: Would you like one? I can't think of a better owner.

Ryder: We were planning to get a puppy.

Rocky met them all and he decided to take the one that did a lot of backflips, her name was Skye.

Skye: Oh, I can't wait to see you're house!

Rocky: It's more of a lookout.