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Written by PAWPatrolFam.

Warning: May be a tad bit dark to some. If you can't handle it, then I advise you to exit this page. Also, I will try my best not to make it too dark for everyone. Enjoy reading!


Heading out for important matters, Ryder can't take his pups with him, so he assigns a puppy-sitter to take care of them while he was gone for the week. But unbeknownst to Ryder and the pups, the cheerful smile and attitude of the assigned puppy-sitter concealed something else. Fortunately, Chase finds out, and warns everyone else, but they don't believe him, until they themselves find it out, the hard way.

Can the pups fight it?

Will they be able to find help?

Can they get through with this puppy-sitter?

Well, I see you're pumped up with excitement, so let the story start!



"Good night pups" Ryder cried out as he went inside for bed.

"Night Ryder!" All pups respond before they go to their respective pup houses.

"Ahh!" Marshall exclaimed as he yawned and stretched. "What would we do without Ryder?"

"Yeah. Ryder is such a good person!" Said Chase.

"He always feeds us, takes care of us, and helps us when we feel sad." Skye said as she too, yawned.

"What WOULD we do without Ryder?!" Rubble asked.

"Yeah!" Zuma responded.

"Well, I do want to know how it feels being taken care of by someone else!" Rocky replied.

"We don't know for sure, but let's just put our worries to rest for tonight. Goodnight pups!" Said Chase.

And with that, everyone said their good-nights to each other, and one by one, they dozed off to sleep.


Ryder was listening the entire conversation from atop the Lookout.

"Silly pups! Well... time to wind down for the night." Ryder told himself before going to his bedroom and scrolled through his pup pad.

But as he scrolled, he saw a notification from his dad, saying that he was going to a convention and wanted him to come along.

"Oh dad. Wait, a convention? That sounds fun!" Ryder exclaimed. Just then, a second thought came to his head...

"But who'll take care of the pups while I'm gone?!"

Ryder kept thinking about it. Why? 'Cause his PAW Patrol pups meant more than anything to him. Their loud barks and howls, their cute tails wagging every time. Heck, he'd trade everything he had just for the sake of their safety!

He kept thinking for a few more minutes, then he got an idea. He immediately grabbed his pup pad and scrolled down on professional puppy-sitters. Until he found a match.

"Aha! Let's see here... Mary Wilson, professional puppy sitter-- Ooh, she's got high ratings! Hmm..." Ryder thought about it again.

He didn't trust anyone with his pups, so he had second thoughts about bringing them along. But at the same time, he wondered if there were no pets allowed in the convention. However, it has been a while since the father and son bonded together. So he made his final decision...

"Okay. I'm gonna hire Ms. Wilson to be their puppy-sitter. Well, it IS only for one week... Alright then, at least I get to have fun with dad. And hey, maybe the pups'll also have fun with their new puppy-sitter too! Now that's a win-win!" And with that, Ryder sent a message to Ms. Mary Wilson, telling her to meet her at the PAW Patrol Lookout tomorrow morning at her desired time.

"I hope the pups won't mind their new puppy-sitter." Ryder whispered to himself, before he yawned, said his prayers, and dozed off to sleep as well.

Chapter 1: The New Puppy-Sitter.

All pups wake up one by one the next morning. As Skye was going out her pup house, she spots Ryder taking out some bags and placing them in front of the Lookout door. Curious, she goes to her owner, just as Ryder came out with more luggage.

"Good morning *yawns* Ryder! What's up with the bags?"

"Oh this? Well, my dad invited me to a convention, but I was scared if no pets were allowed, so last night, I hired a puppy-sitter to take care of you pups while I'm gone for the week."

"Huh? Really? Why'd your dad invite you anyway?"

"I guess we were not having enough father-son time, so he figured a week-long convention would be perfect for some quality time together."

"That sounds so sweet of your dad Ryder? But what about our puppy-sitter?" Skye asked worriedly.

"Don't worry. I hired the most high-quality and most experienced puppy-sitter in the internet. It said so in her website bio."

"I don't know Ryder. You can't trust everything in the internet."

Just as Skye said that, a red sedan pulled over on the driveway. When the driver came out, Ryder saw it was the pups' puppy-sitter, Mary Wilson.

She looked very formal, but simple. She is blond and wearing a casual attire which consists of a white tank top and black jogging pants, and she was wearing Nike sneakers to match her top.

"Excuse me? Are you Ryder from the PAW Patrol?" Mary asked him.

"Yes, I am. And this is one of my pups. Skye, meet Mary . Mary, this is Skye, our aviator pup."

"Hello Ms. Wilson. Nice to meet you!" Skye said politely, holding out her paw.

"Aren't you a cutie!" Mary exclaimed before shaking Skye's paw. "And please, call me Mary. No need to be formal!"

Skye giggled in response before tackling Mary to the ground and giving her puppy kisses.

"No no! Okay okay! You can stop now!" Mary exclaimed, and in response, Skye got off her.

Just then, the rest of the pups walk towards them.

"Hey Ryder. Who's the lady over there next to Skye?" Marshall asked.

And with that, Ryder explained to the others about his dad's plans and about their puppy-sitter.

Just then, another sedan pulled over, except it was pearl white. When Ryder saw who was driving it, his expression lit up.


"Ryder, my boy!!" His dad responded before getting out of his car and both hugged each other tightly.

"You ready for the convention son?"

"You bet! I was just about to tell the puppy-sitter about the schedule."

And with that, Ryder told Mary about the daily schedule for the pups.

(PAW Patrol symbol)

"...And make sure they go to sleep at exactly 9:00pm or 9:30pm. Got it?" Ryder finished

"You can count on me Ryder!" Mary responded.

"Okay, I guess we can go now dad." Ryder told his dad.

"That's great!" His dad responded.

"Are you sure you'll be back Ryder?" Zuma asked nervously.

"Don't fret Zuma. If we'd be long gone, then I would insist Ryder on taking you pups." Ryder's dad replied.

"Well then, we should go now." Said Ryder. "Bye pups!"

"Bye Ryder! Bye Ryder's dad!" All pups respond.

"Ta-ta Ryder!" Mary also responded as the white sedan sped off.

"Hmm, so this is the PAW Patrol. I'm gonna have so much fun with these pups!" Mary thought to herself, smiling skeptically.

Chapter 2: What Now?

"So, when's breakfast Mary?" Chase asked her.

"Hmm, I guess right now would be fine!"

"Yay!" All pups cheer.

2 minutes later...

"Mmm, such a delicious breakfast. Thanks Mary!" Rocky exclaimed, licking his lips.

"Anytime pups." Mary responded. "Now, what do you do for fun around here."

"Well..." Said Skye.

"We play tag..." Said Zuma.

"Play with our toys..." Said Rubble.

"And play Pup-Pup Boogie!" Marshall and Rocky said in unison.

"Very well. You pups can go play while I unload some stuff off my sedan." Mary said.

"Okay Mary." All pups respond before running off to play.

However, Chase stayed behind, watching Mary. And it's a good thing he did.

He could see her unloading black duffel bags off the sedan's trunk. Chase was now getting some suspicious vibes from Mary, but pushed it aside, thinking the bags contained stuff a puppy-sitter should always bring.

However, Chase had a strong desire to check it out, so he went up to Mary.

When Mary saw Chase, she jumped.

"Excuse me Mary, what's in the bag?" Chase asked.

"Oh uh..." Mary stammered. "It's just some private stuff, you know... So that I won't get homesick!"

"Hmmm..." Chase gave her a suspicious look as the music swells up, then dramatically stops when Chase said,

"Oh, alright then. I was suspicious back there, but I see there's nothing to worry about."

"Y-Yeah, hehe. That's right." Mary said nervously.

"Anyway, gotta go. Make sure you don't get homesick again!" Said Chase as he ran to the other pups.

"Yeah... bye little pup!" Said Mary.

"He really doesn't know what's coming, does he? Well, my plan's going perfectly!!" Mary thought to herself.

Chapter 3: Suspicions.

Chase reached the other pups just as Mary unloaded one more bag from her sedan.

"Zuma, something's up about Mary." Chase whispered.

"What is it dude?" Zuma asked, pausing a game he was playing with Rubble.

"I'm starting to think Mary's up to something!"

"How do you know?"

"Well, a puppy-sitter doesn't bring THAT many duffel bags!" Chase pointed to Mary unloading one last bag.

"C'mon Chase, take it easy would 'ya?" Zuma told him, putting his paw on Chase's shoulder, and going to the others afterwards.

Chase still felt uneasy at first, but... maybe Zuma was right. He was being a little tense lately. And with that, he casually plays with the other pups for the rest of the day, since there were no incoming calls from anyone who needed their help.

Later that night...

"Okay pups, time for bed!" Mary cried out to them.

"Aww!" The pups groaned.

"Not to worry, I'll give a surprise to whoever obeys." Mary said in an intimidating tone.

All the pups seemed to be convinced, so they put away their toys in time for bed.

Later, all of them were ready to go to dreamland.

"Nighty night pups." Said Mary.

"Good night Mary!" All pups said in unison before there was silence, except for the sound of crickets, of course!

Chapter 4: The Dark Side.


Twang! Clang!

The sound came from inside the Lookout. However, only Skye was the one who got woken up by the sound. Out if curiosity, she goes inside to check it out.

"Hello? Anyone here?!" Skye called out, seeing only some lights turned on.

Then, she saw a figure.

The figure turned to Skye.

"What is it Skye?" The casual voice of Mary comes from the figure, indicating it WAS Mary.

"Oh Mary." Skye exclaimed.

Skye looked around and saw some weird stuff that Mary was handling. She raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

"What's that Mary?" Skye asked suspiciously.

"Oh, um... i-it's nothing, it's nothing." Said Mary.

Then, as she was about to move something out of the way, an unzipped duffel bag got tipped over, revealing its contents to Skye. What she saw next, shocked her...

The bag contained several coils of rope.

"M-Mary... What on earth IS this?!" Skye exclaimed, albeit too scared to even breathe.

"Alright, you caught me." Mary's voice turned from casual to intimate.

"And I'm gonna catch you TOO!!" Saying this, Mary reached out and pinned Skye down to the ground.

"Gah, hey! What're you do-- NGMMMPH!!" Skye exclaimed. But before she could finish another sentence, Mary had latched a muzzle onto Skye, preventing her to speak. The only thing that came out from her was muffled screams and shouts.

"That oughta keep you from screaming for help." Mary said as she took one coil of rope, and tied Skye's paws together.

"Now, where to hide you?" Mary asked as she stared at the bound pup squirming around her spot.

"How 'bout the basement. Sound good?" She asked again, looking at Skye once again.

"Mm, mmh!" Skye moaned loudly.

"Imma take that as a yes." Mary responded before grabbing Skye by the collar and taking her down the basement.

There, already sat six dog cages, and some other stuff I really don't have the guts to describe. Mary threw Skye in one of the cages and locked it.

"I see you found my true side. It's actually because this is my hobby!" Said Mary, cackling evilly.

Chapter 5: Even More Suspicions.

The next day...

Chase, as always, was the first one to get up.

"*Yawns* Morning Skye. Ready to wake the others?" Chase said as he stretched.

However, he got no response from the pup house next to him, which was Skye's.

"Skye? You there?" Chase asked anxiously, going to her pup house.

When he saw it empty, he screamed, which woke the others.

"Chase, what gives dude?!" Zuma asked groggily, since Zuma's pup house was next to Skye's from the right.

"Skye's.... GONE!!!!!"

"Gone? Like, missing?!"


"What's going on here?" Marshall asked as he and the others walked up to him and Zuma.

"Dudes, Skye's missing!" Zuma explained.

"What?!" All pups, except Chase and Zuma exclaimed.

"What's with the noise out here?!" Mary asked, tired.

"Mary, Skye's gone!" Said Chase.

Mary knew she had something to do with Skye, but she said,

"Oh really?"

"Yes really!" All of them responded.

"Okay, tell you what; I'll go look for her. Sound good?" Mary asked.

"Sure, thanks!" Said Chase as he and the other pups went inside for breakfast.

(Chase's symbol)

Meanwhile in the basement, it was very cold and, somewhat humid. Skye was shivering helplessly in her cage, just wanting this nightmare to be over.

Then, she heard some voices.

"Mm, breakfast taste good!" Came Rubble's voice from the basement door.


"Yeah it does taste good." Chase responded. "Wish Skye was also here..."

"Mmh!" Skye exclaimed, hearing Chase's voice.

"HMMPH MMMPH!!" Skye screamed, desperate to get help.

She then started squirming around, causing the other cages to clang against each other, while at the same time, continually screaming.

The noise combination of Skye's muffled screams and the clanging of the cages was loud enough to penetrate the basement door.

Chapter 6: Danger!

All the pups ate to their heart's content. Then, Chase perked his ears up after having finished his bowl.

"Pups, I can hear something?"

"What is it Chase?" Asked Rocky.

"I can hear..." Chase propped his head against the floor. "...Clanging, and.... screaming?"

"Wait, that screaming....." Chase paused for a bit.

"It sounds like.... SKYE?!?!"

Chase listened closer....

"It's coming from the basement!" He exclaimed, rushing to the basement door. Everyone else followed suit.

Chase rammed the door open with his head, which made him a bit dizzy. But it was worth it. Anyway, he and the other pups ran downstairs. When they saw the "stuff," they got scared and huddled together, whining.

When Chase looked at the far corner where the cages were, he rushed to it and saw the pup he was looking for.



"Skye, who in the dog-gone world did this to you?!" Chase asked, panicked and trying to set her free.

Then, Skye looked behind Chase and started to scream and squirm. Chase gave her a confused look...

Until he himself turned around, only to see a dark figure facing him. And behind the figure were the rest of the pups, in a pup pile and out cold.

"Who- who are you? Why are you doing this?!" Chase asked growling.

"You'll see in a second Chase." The figure said before shooting a tranquilizer dart on Chase's front leg.

"Wh- what do you mean? And... How do you know my--" Chase was about to say the last word before he himself fainted and fell to the ground.

The very last thing he heard before going out cold was Skye's muffled scream, calling out to him.

Chapter 7: What happened?!

Chase woke up to the sound of muffled screams and the clanging of cages. He sat up and saw the other pups inside each cage, tied and muzzled.

However, Chase was not bound or... anything.

"Hmm, looks like the police pup finally woke up!" A feminine voice loomed across the basement, making the others whine in fear.

"Wh- who are you? Why are you doing this?!" Chase asked angrily.

The voice chuckled. "Don't remember me Chase?"

Chase immediately recognizes the voice.

"Mary Wilson?!"

"That's right darling, it's me." Said Mary as she emerged from the shadows, carrying Skye by her collar.

Chase growled. "Don't you lay a finger on her, or else!!"

"Or else what? You can't do nothing to me from in there." Said Mary, referring to the cage Chase was locked up in.

Skye looked at Chase with fear in her eyes.


"LET HER GO NOW!!" Chase yelled. In fact, so loud that his words echoed around the basement a few times.

"Alright fine, I'll let her go." Mary exclaimed flatly, then deliberately threw Skye towards a pile of construction materials, which fell on her.

"Happy now?"

"SKYE, NO!!" Chase exclaimed. "WHY ARE YOU EVEN DOING THIS?!"

"Hmmph, you want the whole thing?" Mary asked. The angry face of Chase told her yes.

"Fine. I'm not the Puppy-Sitter your owner, Ryder thinks. I'm one of those people who torture dogs for pleasure."

"Then how come you haven't been caught by the authorities?!"

"I only torment stray dogs. This Puppy-Sitter job, I just came up with. I made up those high ratings and compliments just to lure the perfect victim. And thankfully, it did.... You pups!"

"You won't get away with this!!" Chase yelled.

"Oh really? Well, here I am, getting away." Said Mary as she went up the basement stairs.

"I'll be back for more fun with you pups. Now stay put or you'll get punished!" Mary added.

'Exactly how? Isn't this punishment enough?!' Chase thought as Mary exited the basement and shut the door.

Chase tried to call for help, but he noticed his collar and pup tag were not in his usual spot in his neck. He then spotted his and the others' collars and tags, including Skye's tag on a table a few feet in front of him.

Chapter 8: Hope is lost... or is it?

Chase then looked at the place where Skye was thrown.

"Skye, no!" Chase whispered with watery eyes.

He looked around and saw the table where the collars and tags were placed. He then noticed a shiny key on the edge of the table facing him.

Chase thought for a bit, then noticing his cage was not secured to the ground, he knew what to do.

"Pups, I know a way out. Just hang on!" Chase said. Everyone, except Skye, nodded.

And so, Chase rammed the front of the cage, causing it to jerk forward due to the force of Chase hitting the cage wall.

He repeated this until the cage collided with the table, sending the key falling inside his cage, and he caught it with his mouth.

"Got it!" Chase exclaimed. Then he reached out the key using his paw, and unlocked his cage door.

"Yes, I'm out! Now to get you pups out too." Said Chase as he looked for the others' keys, but it was nowhere in the basement.

Chase then decided to go get Skye.

"Skye, I'm coming to--" he stopped short after he sees the scene of Skye stuck under all that construction materials.

His breath stuttered as he saw the pup buried under wooden planks, steel bars and some shovels, rakes, and other.

"S- Skye, I'm gonna get you out!" Chase exclaimed as he tried to pull out the planks. Unfortunately, they were deemed too heavy for him to lift or move.

"Don't worry Skye, I'm gonna get help!"

"Mm- mmh!" Skye moaned weakly.

Chase tried to call Ryder by his pup tag, but Mary destroyed it, same with the others.

"I know! I'll use the screen on the top floor." He exclaimed. "Every pup, don't worry. I'll call Ryder."

Chase ran up the stairs and tried to open the door. Luckily, it was unlocked and creakless, so he managed to sneak out silently.

He then went up the elevator, and to the top floor. He tapped the button to call Ryder.


Ryder and his dad were cassually looking out into the view from the facility's terrace where the convention is being held.

"Ya havin' a good time son?" Ryder's dad asked him while chugging on root beer.

"Sure am, dad! And you didn't tell me this convention was just near Adventure Bay, 'cause I can see the Lookout from here." Said Ryder, pointing to the tower.

"Hehe, forgot to tell ya that one little detail." Ryder's dad responded, giving his son a playful elbow. Ryder chuckled.

"That's okay dad. Least I can keep an eye on the pups from here. Speaking of which, they've been inside for a while." Said Ryder.

"Naw, think it's fine. They got a good Puppy-Sitter with 'em."

"I.... guess, yeah." Just then, Ryder's pup pad rings. It showed Chase's icon.

Ryder answers it. "Hello? Chase?"

"Ryder, help!" Came Chase's panicked voice.

"What? What's wrong Chase?!"

"That Puppy-Sitter.... is evil!"

"What're you talking about Chase?!"

"I'm saying, Mary is-- is--" The line starts to cut off.

"Chase? Chase?! Ugh, the line got cut off!" Ryder exclaimed, annoyed.

"Wait, what does he mean when he said the puppy-sitter was evil?" Ryder's dad asked, confused.


"Ryder? Ryder?!" Chase called out. However, there was only static from the other side.

"Well well well, look who's being a bad pup." Came Mary's voice from behind him.

Chapter 9: Oh No!

Chase turned around.

"Would you just leave us alone already Mary?!" Chase cried out angrily.

"Fine, I guess I'll leave her alone too." Mary said, holding up once again....


"Hmmph mmh!!"

Mary cackled. "You really think I'd leave her alone there? Wrong! Also..." She pushed a button on the control panel next to her, activating the security footage to the basement.

Chase's heart dropped as he saw explosives on one side of the room, while the rest of the pups were kicking and screaming in the other side.

"What're you gonna do to them?!" Chase asked.

"Oh I dunno.... Maybe get rid of them forever!" Said Mary.

"Just put Skye down already!"

"Alright alright, fine." Mary said, going outside with Chase following. She then holds Skye out over the railings.

"I'm gonna put her down now..." Mary said darkly.



From where the convention was, Ryder was shocked to see Skye being held out over the railing.

"What the-- Skye!!"

"What in tarnation is that lady doing to her?!" Ryder's dad asked.

With this, Ryder grabbed his dad's keys to his sedan and hurried to the parking lot. There, he started it and floored the gas, sending him screeching forwards and out the lot.

"I better call the cops." Ryder's dad exclaimed before dialing 911.

"911, what's your emergency?"

"Uh, yeah, we got a rouge Puppy-Sitter at the PAW Patrol Lookout. Please send help!"

"Copy that, I'll send dispatchers over to the Lookout. One of them will pick you up at your current location."

"Thanks!" Ryder's dad said before hanging up.


Don't you dare Mary Wilson!" Chase said.

"Make me!" Said Mary, holding Skye out even further off the railing.

"MMPH, HMMPH!!!" Skye yelled, crying fearfully and squirming helplessly.

Chase was now breathing heavily, not knowing what to do. If he pounced on Mary, it would cause her to loosen her grip on Skye, causing her to fall to the ground. But if he surrendered, who knows what Mary would do to them next, let alone blow up the entire PAW Patrol Lookout itself.

"F-Fine...." Said Chase. "Just don't blow them up!"

"Don't worry, I wont." Mary said, then immediately grabbing Chase.

"What the-- Hey, let me go!" Chase exclaimed, trying to squirm out of Mary's grasp.

"Adios police pup!" Said Mary before deliberately throwing him off the railing.

"NOO!" Chase exclaimed as he started to fall.

"NMMMH!!!" Skye exclaimed


Ryder was now in the driveway when he saw his police pup falling to his doom.

"CHASE, NO!!" He exclaimed before running up to catch him. He then pulled up the trampoline to where he could possibly land.

Chase landed on the trampoline hard before bouncing a few feet up and landing on the grass.

"Chase!" Ryder exclaimed before going up to him. Meanwhile, Mary saw this and made for the elevator.

The impact knocked Chase out cold. Ryder hauled him up and set him on the trampoline.

Then, Ryder could hear Skye screaming.

"Skye?!" He then rushed to the Lookout door, where he saw Mary in the elevator holding his tied up aviator pup.

"Mary... Wilson?! Why are you doing this?!"

"Mmm mmph!!" Skye exclaimed upon seeing her owner.

"None ya business Ryder!" Mary said before darting towards the door, pushing Ryder aside.

But when Mary got out, several police cars were now surrounding every inch of the Lookout door.

"Mary Wilson, put your hands where we can see 'em!" One officer exclaimed.

Mary stammered back, but then she picks up a stray knife and positions it in front of Skye's neck.

"Make one step forward, and it's gonna end ugly for her!" Mary yelled.

Ryder was taken aback by this, so was the officers. Nonetheless, they had guns and tasers pointed at her, but they were scared stiff to even squeeze the triggers.

All of them knew, that if they made one wrong move, it's The End for Skye. Of course, Ryder didn't want that to happen to his precious Cockapoo pup.

Mary pushed the flat part of the blade under Skye's chin. She was now panting rapidly out of fear. In fact, she was now shaken up to the core now. Tears started streaming down her eyes as she was now desparate to escape this situation.

Chapter 10: Race Against Time.

Chase slowly wakes up and finds himself on the trampoline he landed on. He glanced at the Lookout's front door and was shocked to see the suspenseful stand off between the officers and Mary. Chase could also see Ryder.

But when he saw what Mary was about to do to Skye, he was about to scream. But he knew it would trigger Mary's reflex to..... you know what, I ain't even gonna SAY it!

He then had an idea to go inside via the back door and when he did, he saw the scene from behind Mary. Luckily, Mary didn't even notice the German Shepherd pup behind her.

Chase then found a stray tranquilizer dart and grabbed it subtly, while inching his way forward towards the maniac Puppy-Sitter. He then slowly pricked her right foreleg, right smack at the calf.


Mary gasped as she felt the prick on her leg, but she just brushed it off, thinking it was just some random mosquito nipping her.

But sidenote; she was wearing pants right? So a mosquito couldn't possibly penetrate fabric! Well, that depends on the fabric used for the clothing.

Mary stood there for a few more seconds until the tranquilizer fluid started to take effect on her. Her eyelids we're starting to get heavy, and she was now nodding off to sleep.

Mary collapsed sideways, sending the knife and Skye to the floor. Unfortunately, Skye landed on the sharp end of the blade, which cut her side deeply. Skye let out a blood curdling scream at this.

The officers and Ryder were taken aback once again at this, but Ryder made the first move and rushed to his two frightened pups. Chase hugged his owner while Ryder untied Skye's paws and unbuckled her muzzle.

Seeing herself free, Skye burst into tears and jumped into the boy's arms.

"Shh, it's okay Skye. It's all over now!" Ryder whispered calmly.

Skye continued crying, scared to death at what Mary did to her, but at the same time, happy that the nightmare was finally over.

Then Chase remembered something.

"Ryder, the others! They're in the basement!!"

Ryder immediately got up and went to the basement followed by four other officers. Chase watched over Skye.

When Ryder and the officers made it, they were greeted by muffled shouts and clanging of cages. Ryder saw the rest of his pups, but then saw the explosives.

"Oh gosh, we gotta get 'em outa here!" One of the officers exclaimed.

Ryder and three of the officers got to work getting the cages up the basement while the fourth one was trying to diffuse the bomb.


Ryder and the three officers managed to get all the pups upstairs before getting them out and untying their paws one by one.

Until all the pups were all free from their rope and muzzles.

All of them immediately tackled their owner to the ground and burst into tears, hugging their owner.

"It's okay pups! You're safe now." Said Ryder. Skye and Chase joined the others as they all group hugged Ryder.

Then, the fourth officer came up the basement with the good news.

"The bomb's successfully diffused!" All of them cheered at this.

"But just to be safe, I want the vicinity to be cleared." The officer added. "Just officers and first respondents. We need to clear out the explosives before we give the all clear. Understood?!"

"Yes officer. Thank you!" Ryder replied.

"No, thank your dad." The officer said, pointing to another police car that just pulled up on the driveway. Ryder's dad came out of it.

"Dad!" Ryder exclaimed, running up to him. All the other pups followed suit. But when Skye was about to run, she screamed and fell down.

"Oh no!" Ryder's dad exclaimed, running up to the injured pup. He flinched at the sight of the large and deep cut on her side.

"Ryder, your pup's hurt!"

"Marshall, first aid, ASAP!" Ryder exclaimed.

"Ready for a ruff ruff rescue!" Marshall exclaimed, running to his pup house to get his EMT uniform and pup pack.

Chapter 11: Glad you're okay!

Few minutes tick by. Marshall was now carefully tending to Skye's cut.

"Easy there Skye!" Marshall said softly as he wrapped a bandage around her body where the cut was.

Skye was whimpering shakily at the pain throbbing in her side, but she was happy that the ordeal was over. Ryder stroked the pup's head soothingly as tears welled up in Skye's eyes once again.


The officers were now taking Mary in one of the police cars.

"Mary Wilson, you're under arrest for fraud and animal abuse and damage to property!" One of them said as they shoved her in the back seat and slammed the door shut.

"She'll be in the slammer for a while." The other said to his partner.

"Man, out of all the crooks we arrested, this one has to be the worst if she wanna torment six innocent pups." He added.


Marshall had finished wrapping the bandage around the Cockapoo's injury. Skye was still whining slightly and couldn't get up.

"There there Skye." Ryder exclaimed softly as he picked her up in his arms. Skye cooed at this.

"Poor Skye!" Zuma exclaimed.

Then, one officer told them that the Lookout premises were now safe and it's okay to go inside now. And with this, the entire PAW Patrol, and Ryder's dad, went inside and in the TV room.

Ryder sat in a beanbag, still holding Skye in his arms, while the others sat down on the floor. Ryder's dad sat on a beanbag next to his son.

"I'm sorry about all this Ryder." Ryder's dad said.

"No, don't blame yourself dad. It's my fault. I shouldn't have trusted that woman to watch over the pups."

"I see...."

"But we're glad you're back Ryder!" Rubble exclaimed.

"Yeah, if it weren't for you, we'd be locked up in the basement all week!" Rocky said, whining at the thought.

"No, don't thank me pups, thank my dad! He called the cops." Ryder said.

"But if it weren't for you Ryder, Chase would be falling to his doom!" Ryder's dad shot back happily.

"But if it weren't for Chase, the cops would've surrendered to Mary!" Ryder shot back again.

Chase chuckled. "Well, I guess we should thank each other?" Everyone, including Skye, laughed at this.

"I'm glad you're all safe pups!" Ryder exclaimed as they all went up to their leader and lay down on his feet.

"And if you're ever in trouble, just yelp for help!" Ryder added, patting their heads one by one.

Ryder's dad hugged his son, proud of him and happy that the pups had an owner like Ryder.

!The End!