This episode opens on Marshall playing his game in his truck.

Chase:(yawns) Morning, Marshall.

Marshall: Good Morning, Chase!

(rattling noise)

Chase: Marshall, did you hear that?

Marshall: What?

(rattling noise,louder)

Chase: That!

Then, Chase sees something suprising.

Chase: Marshall, Move!

Marshall: Why?!

Chase: Ther's a diamondback rattlesnake by you!

Marshall: Woah!

Chase; Ryder, there's a snake out front!

Ryder: A snake?! No job's too big, no pup's too small!

2 scenes later..

Chase: Ready for action,Ryder sir!

Ryder: Ok pups, there's a big emergency now! Chase found a snake in the front yard.We need to catch it.

Ryder: Chase, I need your net to catch it.

Chase:These paws uphold the laws!

Ryder: Crystal, I need you to transport him.

Crystal: Toxic waste is toothpaste!

2 scenes later...

Ryder: There it is, Chase, grab it!!

Chase: Net,(barks)!

Ryder: Yes! Nice catch! Alright Crystal, take him away.

At Port Morfield...

Crystal: Be free!!

At home, the pups eat Taco Bell and then watch TV.