Late one night.......

Flash: *yawn* What's that?

Coujos pup house was shaking.

Flash: Another party, I'm going to bed.

The next morning..........

Grace: Wow! Some night!

Coujo: You can say that, magical.

Grace: I feel kinda funny.

Marshall: What happened last night?

Coujo: We just hung out.

A few days later.......

Phone: Ring ring

Coujo: Hello.


At Graces pup house........

Grace: Look at me, I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm....

Coujo: You're what!

Grace: I'm pregnant! Ill prove it!

She ran an ultrasound on herself, and the results were 2 huskies.

Coujo: Wow.

Grace: Let's go for a walk.

While they were on their walk..........

Ashley: Wow! You're so fat! This is a descrase to huskeis!

Coujo pulled out a grenade.

Grace: COUJO!!!! Are you crazy?!

Then she pulled out her surgery blade out of her pup pack.

Ashley: YOU'RE BOTH CRAZY!!!! (runs off)

One day they went to the park to talk about their problem.

Grace: Everyone thinks I'm fat!

Coujo: Just tell them, they will understand.

Grace: What will Ryder think! (crying)

Coujo: How are those hormones?

Grace: All over the place! 

Chase: Not understanding, fat, and hormones? I need to investigate!