After that crash...

Chase:Alright, who am I gonna play with?

All except Chase and Ryder: PICK ME!!

Chase: I pick......Skye!

Zuma: (groans)You always play with her dude!

Chase: Oh, and you don't always play with Princess?

Zuma:(nervous tone and sweating)Uhhhh.....Bye!(runs outside)

Marshal:Can I play with you guys?

Chase:Sure, but it's Pup Pup Boogie 3!


After 3 hours of playing....

Chase: It's December 22nd!

Skye:And Ryder hung all the decorations and the tree

Then chase and Skye were under a mistletoe then they fell in love

For the following week Chase and Skye tried their hardest not to walk under Mistletoe or know.

Chase:Oh shoot, i'm under mistletoe!

Skye: Uh-oh, I am under mistletoe!

I have to kiss Skye?!! Chase said alarmed.

I have to kiss Chase?!! Skye said alarmed.

Both pups hurried to each other. Their hormones were like the Indianappolis 500 race at that point.

And when they reached each other.. their hormones were like a train going 300 MPH.

Chase:Skye, I finally found you!

Skye: And I finally found you!(panting)

Chase:Skye, I kinda stepped under Mistletoe.

Skye:Same Here!

Chase: You know what that means...

Before Skye could get one more word out, Chase atullay kissed her.


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