Ryder:Ready pups or we're gonna miss the bus.

Chase:I can't wait Ryder! I want to play pup pup boogie 2 with your Dad.

Ryder:ha ha.

Rubble:Ryder why can't we take our snowboards?

Ryder:Theres no mountain, it's an old game I used to play.

Skye:Let's Go!

[The pups  hop into the mini bus and Ryder on his ATV shoiwing the driver the way]


Follow that road driver

Skye;So can fly way back

Driver:Ok ..ok no singing in the bus 


[they get to Stanmore Village]

Ryder:Here we are pups.

Marshall [BARK] I want to go to the resurant now!

Rocky:Zuma why are you so quiet?We're on vacation!

Zuma:I've have never been out of Adventure Bay. I'ts so weird here.

Ryder;[on his knees]Don't worry Zuma why don't we go and meet my parents?

[The pups bark but Zuma barks softly on his own]

Chase:Don't worry Zuma let's go.[he gives Zuma a spud]

Dice: Hi pups.

Pups: DICE!

Ryder: Sup Dice.

R's dad: Ryder!

( They go his dad. Marshall's tag falls off)

Chase: Hi Marshall, wanna play?

Marshall: OK. I wanna play 

[A car comes over. He takes Marshall and runs]

Zuma: Marshall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chase: Let's go and tell Ryder.

[They tell Ryder everything]

Ryder: Right. PAW Patrol to the  um............... Shed!!!!!

Pups: Ryders' calling!

Skye: Race ya.

Ryder: Marshall's missing.

Chase; Oh no.

Zuma; Oh. MARSHALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocky; Marshall. Where is hes?

Ryder: At the animal centre.

Skye; Where?

Ryder; Seal Island.

Rubble; What?! What?! What?!

Ryder: Rubble-

Chase: What?! What?!

Zuma; I need you and your Hovvercraft. 

Zuma; Let's Dive In!

Rocky: A need your carrige so Marshall can travell in it.

Rocky; Why Trash it when you can Stash it?

Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!