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While camping in the forest, Skye gets caught in a storm and loses her pup-tag. She eventually finds shelter in a cave and falls asleep, not knowing that the cave belongs to the lions that know her all too well. Can the PAW Patrol find her? Or will a certain royal pup get to her first?



Main 7 PAW Patrol pups


Princess of Barkingurg

Aid (Attack Pac's OC)








Fauna (Attack Pac)


One morning, Roader was playing freeze tag with Rocky, Margreth, Chase, and Herbie. He was currently it.

"Alright Chase, I'm giving chase!" he said as he ran after him.

Chase chuckled as he looked back at Roader. "Bet you can't catch me Roader!" he called, and started running faster.

Roader just smiled and sped up. Herbie was already tagged, and was waiting for someone to unfreeze him.

"Ummm, can someone unfreeze me? I've been standing here for a while." he said as his left fore paw was in the air, and his right hind paw was stretched out.

Margreth looked around for Roader. When she saw that he wasn't there, she smiled and looked at Herbie.

"Psst! Herbie! Over here!" she called.

Herbie could only move his eyes where her voice was coming from.

"Margreth?" he asked. The Chocolate Lab came over to him and tagged him, unfreezing the young Corgi.

"Hey, thanks. Now let's go before..." Herbie paused when he saw Roader coming around the corner. "Too late, run!" He shouted and ran off Margreth turned around and saw him before running behind Herbie. Roader noticed them and ran after them Soon, he noticed Chase and ran after him.

"I'm going to catch you, Chase!" Roader exclaimed with a laugh.

"You can try, but you..." Chase paused when he saw Skye conming out of her pup-house with a tent of her back and camping equipment and ran towards her. As Roader ran after him, he noticed the same.

"Hey, Skye!" Both shouted.

"Hey, boys!" Skye replied.

"Say, why are you wearing all this equipment?" Chase asked.

Skye giggled. "I'm going camping!" She exclaimed, wagging her tail.

"Oh! That sounds great!" said Roader.

"It is!" Skye replied.

"I hope you have fun!" Chase said.

Skye smiled at Chase. "I will!" sid Skye,and she barked out her wings before taking to the skies.

Roader and Chase watched as she flew off. "Last time she flew off like that we had to save her." said Chase.

"Yeah, but fortunately that won't happen again." said Roader. "But you know what will happen?" he asked.

"What?" asked Chase, before Roader laughed and tagged him. Therefore, freezing the German Shepherd.

"Oh, that." Chase replied while the others laugh.

"Margreth, let's go before Roader freezes us!" Rocky exclaimed before the two run off while Herbie went in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Skye was flying to the location she had planned for her camping and after 5 minutes, she arrived which was the forest area close to the mountainside. Upon landing, she unpacked and set up her tent. Once that was done, ran off to find supplies she needed to light the fire. Eventually, she was done and was already roasting marshmallows.

"Ahhhh, this is fun! And relaxing." she said. "A camping trip all to myself."

Skye saw that her marshallmallow was finished and took a bite.

"Mmmm, delicious!" she said. "I've gotta do this more often!" And Skye got more marshmallows out to roast.

But unknown to her, some storm clouds were looming over. The pups at the lookout were first to notice.

"Uh oh, looks like a storm is on they way." said Herbie.

"Let's get inside. I don't wanna get wet!" Rocky said. Herbie and Margreth giggled and went inside the lookout.

Chase and Rader were the next to see the storm clouds.

"Oh boy, look at that storm." said Roader.

"Wanna head inside before we get soaked?" asked Chase.

"You bet!" replied Roader, and they too went inside the lookout. But little did they know, that Aid was outside sleeping, completely unaware of the storm that was coming. That is, until lightning flashed in the air, startling him awake.

"What wait, wait what?!" He exclaimed before looking up. "Uh, oh. Better head inside." He said to himself. "I just hope Skye will notice that as well."

Meanwhile, Skye just roasted her forth marshmallow and was about to take a bit when she heard rumbling.

"What was that?" She asked herself. When she turned around, she saw lighning and storm clouds.

"Oh, no. I better take shelter." But before she could get to her tent, the strong gust of wind blew it away along with a bag of marshmallows.

"No, wait!" She ran after it, but her collar got caught on a branch. She eventually broke free, but was unaware that she lost her pup-tag and collar. Then it started raining.

"Ohh, great! Just great! All my stuff is in the tent and I lost all of it. Better go and find shelter." She said as she ran for where her camp used to be and searched for a place she could rest in until the storm goes down. Eventually, she finds a cave and looked abandoned, but was it?

"That cave should do." She said as she ran inside.

Once she was indside and safe from the storm, Skye decided to rest a while.

"As long as that storm is blowing out there, I'm not going to enjoy my camping trip." Skye said, and sighed.

"Oh well, it could be worse. I might as well try to get some help down here." But before she could get relief from that potential, she looked sown and saw that her pup tag was missing.

"Oh no! Where's my pup tag?!" she exclaimed, and looked around frantically to try and find it.

But she couldn't find it. There was one assumption tha she could make on its whereabouts.

"It must be outside somewhere, in that big storm." she said. "There's no way I can try to look for it now." As she looked outside, she winced a few times as lightning flashed.

"Oh, I hope someone notices I'm gone and starts looking for me. I lost everything. The tent, the marshamallows, even my pup-pack."

And with that, she laid down and watched as the rain poured heavily. Eventually, she was tired and fell asleep.

A little later, she woke up and noticed she was deeper in the cave than she was supposed to be.

"Wait a minute. I don't remember going this deep into the cave." She said in confusion.

Suddenly, she felt something pounce on her, making her roll onto her back. When she saw what it was, she gasped.

"Oh no! A-a-a lion!" she exclaimed.

The lion moved up to her, and she got more nervous.

"N-n-now now, I d-don't want any tr-trouble." Skye quivered.

But the lion opened her mouth at SKye, making her quiver even more.

"NOO!! DON'T EAT ME!! EEEEK!!!" she shrieked.

But when she felt a tongue stroke her belly, she went from feeling nervous, to feeling laughter.

"Hehehehehahahahahaha! That tickles! Hahahahahaha!" She spoke in laughter.

But the lion didn't stop and kept licking her belly. Skye was confused while still laughing . The lion doesn't want to eat her?

"Hahahahahahahaha! Who ahahahahahare you?! Ahhahahahahaha!" She asked while still laughing. The lion stopped and smiled at her. When Skye caught her breath, she looked up at the lion.

"Why are looking at me like that?" She asked in confusion. Then, the lion started licking her face.

"Hey! Hehehe! Why are you not eating me? Hehehe!" She giggled. But when she felt the lion nuzzle her, she came to the only conclusion she had.

"Aren't you that mother lion that I brought the cub to that one time?" She asked.

The mother lion nodded and licked her on her face.

"Hehehehe! Well, I'm glad to see you again." said Skye. "Say, where's the cub?

After the Cockapoo asked that, she felt something pounce on her belly again.

"Oof!" she exclaimed, and looked up to see the cub smiling at her. "Well that answerd my question." she stated.

The cub meowed happily at Skye and nuzzled her belly.

"Heheh, hello little cub. It's nice to see you too." she said as she patted him on the head.

The cub smiled at her and started licking her on her sides.

"Hehehehehe! Yolu mihihihissed that, didn't you?! Hehehehehehahahaha!" Skye giggled. The cob stopped and jumped off, allowing her to stand. Then, the mother lion looked at her as if to ask, 'What happened?'

Despite not knowing what they wanted to ask, Skye spoke, "Thanks for letting me stay. I was supposed to go camping, but then this storm rolled in, blowing away everything I had. I lost the pup-tag so I can't call for help."

The two lions sunderstood the situation Skye was in and nuzzled her. Skye smiled.

"We're going to have a great time here." She said

Meanwhile at the Lookout, Aranda was pacing back and forth. Even if the others knew that Skye is okay, she still had a feeling something happened to her. Zuma saw that and walked over to her.

"Aranda, are you okay? You've been pacing ever since the storm rolled in." He asked.

"I'm just so worried about Skye. Where could she be?" Aranda asked.

"I don't know, but don't worry too much about her. I'm sure she's fine." Zuma said, in an atempt to comfort Aranda.

"I hope she is. What if she got blown away by the storm? What if she got trapped somewhere? What if she's hungry of thirsty? What could possibly be happening to her right now?!" Aranda panicked.

Zuma chuckled and walked over to the worried Cockapoo, then placed a paw on her back.

"Hey, just keep calm Aranda. Skye is no doubt alright. And if she needs help, she'll call us." said Zuma.

"You're right Zuma. But I hope she is fine. She is my sister." Aranda said.

"Yeah, I understand." Zuma said.

After 15 minutes, the storm was over and the pups played pup-pup-boogie to try and cheer Aranda up. It seemed to work at first, but after a few rounds, their pup-tags went off.

"PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!"

"Ryder needs us!" The pups shouted as they ran for the elevator, only for Marshall to trip over a beanbag. As a result, he collided with Aranda, with the two colliding with Aid and causing all three to crash into the others.

"Triple wipeout!" Rocky exclaimed.

"Triple? I thought double was better!" Marshall joked, making everyone laugh as the elevator went up. The team got into gear and lined up.

"PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder, sir!" Chase announced.

"Thanks for the hussle, pups. We all know Skye went camping when the storm rolled in. But a few minutes ago, I tried to call her multiple times, but I got nothing but static." Ryder said, causing Chase to get a little worried and Aranda to gasp.

"I-is Skye okay?" asled Chase.

"Y-yeah, is she okay?" added Aranda.

"Don't worry you two, we're gonna make sure she is." said Ryder before scrolling to Chase's icon.

"Chase, I need you and your super spy gear, and drone to look for Skye."

"Super spy Chase is on the case!"

Ryder then scrolled to Aranda's icon. "Aranda, you can search for Skye in the air, and give us a way to head to her if you find her."

"Let's shred some clouds!"

The next icon Ryder scrolled to was Marshall's, Margreth's, and Aid's. "Marshall, I'll need you to give Skye a check up when we find her. Aid, when Marshall's done, you tend to Skye. And Margreth, you helpAid when he needs it.."

"I'm ready for a ruff ruff rescue!"

"A-I-D ready for emergency!"

"Medic on the job!"

"The rest of you, stand by in case I need you. PAW patrol is on a roll!" Ryder shouted as he and the team deployed while Aranda was thinking, 'Please, be okay, sis.'

Meanwhile, the mother lion and her cub were having fun with Skye. While the cockapoo and the cub were playfully wrestling, the mother was watching them. After a minute, both were on their backs, panting heavily as the mother walked over and nuzzled them both.

"Wooo! I never had this much fun since I last saw you!" Skye exclaimed as she looked at the mother.

The mother lion smiled at her and then nudged her to get up.

"Huh? Is something wrong?" She asked in confusion. Then her stomach growled, making her blush.

"Ohh. I guess I'm hungry." She said. "But what am I going to eat? I don't eat raw meat like you two." She asked the lions.

The mother lion nodded and walked out the cave with her cub, then gestured Skye to follow her. Skye smiled and followed the two mountain lions.

'I wonder where they're gonna lead me to." she thought to herself.

They eventually took her to an open area. There, to Skye's amazement, was her bag of marshmallows, hanging from a branch.

"Oh my marshmallows! You found them!" she exclaimed.

The mother lion saw them flying by before she took Skye deeper into her cave. And when Skye got hungry, she followed the direction she saw them flying in. Eventually, Skye jumped and caught the bag, and ate a few. After her hunger was satisfied, the mother lion and her cub got back to the cave.

"Thanks. I think that's going to be enough." Skye said with a smile.

The two smiled at her and the cub jumped on her.

"Hehehe! I think I know what's coming next!" Skye exclaimed, knowing what would happen when the cub began licking her belly.

"Hehehehehehehehe! I knehehehehehehw it! Hehehehehehe!" Skye giggled. Then, the mother lion began licking her hind paws.

"Heeehehehahhahahahahahahaaahahaha!! Thahahahat tickles!! Ahhahahahahahahaha!!" Skye exclaimed while laughing. Then, the cub jumped off, allowing the mother to lick Skye's belly while the cub pawed her right side.

"AAAhhhhahahahahahahahaha!!! C'mon, yohohohohohohou two!!! It tihihihihickles a lohohohot!!! Ahhahahahahahahaha!!!" Skye laughed harder as she squirmed a little. Suddenly, a few minutes later, the lion cub took a lick at the cockapoo's neck.

"AHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! THAT REALLY TIIHIHIHICKLES!!!" Skye bellowed, and started crying from her laughter.

The cub looked up at her and tilted his head. Skye looked back at him, but before she could say a word, he started tickling her neck again.


The two lions were enjoying themselves. The Cockapoo's laughter echoed throughout the cave. Elsewhere, Ryder and the pups were on their way.

"Alrigt pups. When we get to the campsite, we'll all look around for Skye." Ryder instructed.

"You got it, Ryder!" The pups replied. When they got to the mountain side, they all spread out to search whie Aranda searched from above. She did her best not to panic while searching for her sister.

"Skye. Oh, Skye, where are you?" She asked herself. Then she spotted a collar on a tree branch and as she zoomed in, she gasped and reported.

"Ryder, I found Skye's pup-tag, North-East of you! Skye must've lost it somehow and it's stuck on a branch!"

"Thanks, Aranda! We're on our way!" Ryder exclaimed. But just as Aranda wwas abbout to give coordinates, she spotted a German shepherd pup heading towards Ryder and the group.

"Who is that pup?" She asked herself before reporting, "Um, Ryder? You're about to have some company."

"Okay, Aranda." Ryder said. He was confused as to what was heading towards their location. Suddenly, a pup that Aid has never seen before walks out of the bushes. He saw it had inverted fur colors to a certain police pup.

"Hi, Ryder! I didn't know you guys like camping!" He exclaimed before turning to the spy pup. "Chase!! I haven't seen you in a while!" He exclaimed, getting Chase's attention as he turned to the voice and gasped.

"Jaseri!!" Chase exclaimed, and ran up to the German Shepherd and gave him a hug.

"Jaseri! It's good to see you!" said Ryder.

"It's good to see you too Ryder!" said Jaseri. Aid on the other paw was very confused.

"What wait, wait what? W-who's Jaseri?" he asked.

"Jaseri is my older brother. You two never met before. Until now!" said Chase, and his older brother looked at Aid.

"Well hi there. What's your name?" he asked Aid.

"I-I'm Aid. The paramedic o-of the PAW Patrol." Aid replied.

"Nice to meet you." Jaseri replied before turning to Ryder. "Ryder, why is he stuttering?" He asked.

"Don't worry, he's just shy around others." Ryder replied.

"I see. So, Chase, what's up?" Jaseri asked.

"We could use your help, bro. Skye went camping when the storm rolled in and has been missing ever since. We're trying to find her." Chase replied.

"Oh, I see. Poor Aranda must be really upset. But don't worry, I'll be happy to help you."

Aid then tilted this head. "Y-you're a police p-pup as well?" He asked.

"Yeah, I have my truck close by. I can help you." Ryder smiled at the older German shepherd.

"Good. Search with the others from the air." Ryder replied.

"I'm one with the law!" Jaseri exclaimed. While they kept searching, Skye was done laughing and was following the lions. The mother lion and her cub agreed to help Skye find her stuff and pup-tag so she can call her friends.

"Thanks for helping me, you two. I don't know what I'd do without you." She said gratefully.

The cub meowed 'Anytime.' and they kept searching. Eventually, they found Skye's tent, but it was torn up.

"My tent!" Skye exclaimed. "Oh, no. It's ruined." But as she ran towards it, she tripped over a root and began rolling down the hill. The lions, worried that she'll get hurt, ran after her while also being careful to not trip. When she finally stopped rolling, Skye found herself hanging by the edge of the cliff.

"Help! Someone help me!" She yelled out as loud as she could. However, her paws were starting to slip off. Just before they did, Skye felt another set of paws holding her. She looked up and saw completely white paws.

"Hold on, I got you!" Shouted a familiar female voice before pulling her up. Once she was safe and away from the edge, she turned to the voice that saved her and was happy to see who saved her.

"Sweetie?!" she said in amazement.

"Yep! It's me!" said the royal pup. "Glad I could catch you before you fell."

Skye smiled and gave Sweetie a hug. "How did you get here?" asked Skye.

"I was just flying, and I had to land my copter when that storm came in. I decided to take the time to take a small walk before returning to the air, and I happened to see you tumbling." Sweetie explained.

"Well I'mhappy you found me." said Skye.

"Me too." Sweetie said, before spotting the lions and gasping.

"U-u-ummm, Skye? L-l-look out behind you!" Sweetie exclaimed.

Skye turned around just as the lion ran up to her and gave her licks to her face.

"Okay, hehehe! I'm fine! Hehehe!" Skye giggled before turning to Sweetie. " Don't worry about these lions, Sweetie. They found me and helped me."

Sweetie was surprised. "T-those lions helped you? How?"

"After the storm rolled in, I searched for shelter and wound up in their cave. But how I first met them is more interesting. This cub was in trouble and we saved it. Then I brought it back to its mother and that's how I got close to them."

Sweetie smiled. "Well, now that I found you, how about we play with your... lion friends before I take you back to the Lookout?" She asked, a little nervous about the lions.

"Sure Sweetie!" replied Skye. "What do you want to play with them?"

"I don't know, maybe whatever they want?" Sweetie said.

"I think I know what you could try with them." Skye said with a grin.

"Uhhhh, what?" asked Sweetie, and she tilted her head.

Skye went over to the lions and gave them gestures towards Sweetie. The mother smiled at her, then at Sweetie, and walked over to the latter.

"Ummm, what is she doing?" Sweete asked as she backed up.

"You'll see." Skye answered.

This just made Sweetie get nervous, and continue backing away. Next thing she knew, the cub tackled her onto her back.

"Oof!" she exclaimed. "H-hey! What are you doing?!"

She got her answer when the cub began licking her belly, and the mother began licking her hind paws. Sweetie found herself bursting into laughter.

"Waahahahahahaha!! Ohohooohohoho!! Hehehehey!! Thahahahat tickles!!! Hehehehehehe!!" she laughed while snorting, and squirming around a bit.

Skye smiled as she watched the scene play out. "That's what one of their ways of fun is." she said to Sweetie.

"Ahhahahahahaha!! Noohohohohoho kidding!! Ahhahahahahahahaha!!" Sweetie laughed and snorted as the lions kept licking her. The mother then licked her belly while the cub licked and pawed her sides.

Aaahhhahahahahaha!!! Thehehehehey tickle a lohohohohohot!!! Ahhhahahahahahaha!!!" Sweetie laughed harder as she tossed and turned.

Skye giggled at the scene. Then, the cub stopped and then tackled Skye onto her back, licking her neck while the mother kept licking Sweetie's belly.

"EEEEEEAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! MY NHEHEHEHEHEHECK!!! AHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" She laughed hysterically, almost tearing up. Both lions stopped after 5 minutes. Once the pups got up, they were about to say goodbye to the lions when they heard a helicopter. As they looked up...

"It's Aranda." Sweetie said.

"She must be worried sick about me and probably doesn't know about these lions. Sweetie, can I borrow your tag to call her?" Skye asked.

Mwanwhile, Aranda was still searching for Skye. Her panic was getting stronger by the minute as she thought about all the bad thing that could happen to her sister while being on the verge of tears. Suddenly, her pup-tag beeped.

"H-hello." She replied with sadness in her voice, not knowing who was on the other line until...

"Hello? Aranda? Can you hear me?" Asked an all too familiar voice on the other line.

"Skye? Is that you?!" Aranda asked with her tail wagging in anticipation.

"That's right! I can see you from down here." said Skye.

"Oh my goodness! Skye! It's really you! I was so worried!" Aranda said with joy.

Skye giggled at her sister's excitement. "You wanna come down?" she asked.

"Sure! But I may need help on getting you back." Aranda said. "I'll call Ryder to help find you, so the others can come here as well."

"Ok!" said Skye. And her sister gave Ryder a call.

"Ryder, come in! I found Skye, sending you the coordinates now!" She exclaimed excitedly.

"Awesome, Aranda! Thanks, we're on our way!" Ryder exclaimed.

After the call, Aranda landed and rushed to her sister, embracing her in a hug.

"Oh, I thought the worst things happened to you, sis!" She exclaimed, shedding a tear of happiness. She still had no idea that Skye's lion friends were still close by and waiting for the moment to tackle the other cockapoo.

"Oh, sis. If I haven't lost m pup-tag, I'd be able to call you." Skye replied.

Aranda was confused. "But if you lost your pup-tag, how did you call me?" She asked.

That's when Sweetie tapped her shoulder and she turned around. "Hi Aranda." She replied.

"Sweetie? What happened?" Aranda asked.

"Aranda, your sister wasn't the only one in this storm. I was flying when it rolled in. I had to land and take cover. Once the storm ended, I went for a walk and happened to see Skye tumbling. Luckily, I was able to save her before she could fall down the cliff." Sweetie explained, making Aranda stare at her in shock. Sweetie saved her sister?

"Y-ou did what?" asked Aranda.

"I saved her before she could fall down the cliff." Sweetie repeated.

Aranda was shocked. She had no idea Sweetie could be so... sweet. Elsewhere, Ryder and the others were on their way.

"Alright, Chase, can you launch your drone to try and spot Skye and Aranda?" asked Ryder.

"You got it Ryder!" said Chase, before barking out his drone, and sending it out to search for them.

Back at the scene with the girls, Aranda was talking with Sweetie.

"So, how have you been lately?" she asked the royal pup.

"It's been going good, save for that storm." Sweetie replied.

"Yeah, it did a number on my day." Skye added.

While they were talking, the lions snuck up behind Aranda. Skye and Sweetie noticed, but didn't say anything. However, Aranda noticed their change in expressions, and got confused.

"Hey, what's with the weird looks?" she asked.

"Oh nothing." Sweetie said innocently. But Aranda became concerned.

"No, serious, what's with the weird looks?" she asked.

"Oh I don't know." Skye answred. "Maybe... them?" she said while pointing behind her sister's back.

But before Aranda could turn around and fully process the whole thing, the mother lion tackled her onto her back.

"Hey, what gives?!" She exclaimed. But when she looked up, she gasped in horror.

"AAAAHHH!!! A LION!!! HEEEELP!!!" She screamed. But instead of what she expected the lion to do, it began licking her sides.

"Hehehahahahahahaha!! Why is she tihihihihihihickling me?!! Ahhhahahahahahahahhaha!!" Aranda laughed, trying not to move to avoid the lion getting angry. But then, the cub jumped on top of her and licked her dot on the belly.

"Ahhhahahahahahahahaha!!! Skye, whahahahahahhahahat's going on?!!! Ahhahahahahahahahaha!!!" She asked in laughter.

Skye smirked. "We'll tell you once they're done, sis. Don't worry, it won't be long now."

And just like Skye said after a minute the lions stopped and jumped off.

"Okay, tell me, Skye. Why did those lions tickle me and not eat me?" She asked.

"It's simple. I was with these lions." Skye replied with a smile. Aranda's jaw dropped at that. Lions and Skye?

Sweetie looked at Aranda with a confused expression. "Uhhh, are you okay Aranda?" she asked.

Aranda closed ehr mouth. "Y-yeah, Iiii'm okay." she replied, still shocked.

"I helped this cub get back to his mother, and now they both are my friends." Skye explained.

"Ohhh." said Aranda. "Kiiinda like Aid with those bears?" she asked.

Sweetie stepped in and nodded. "Exactly!" she stated.

Aranda found this hard to process, but eventually she complied with it.

"Ooookaaay... Well, that's your thing Skye. And I can't really say much else about it." she said.

Skye giggled and hugged Aranda. "So, how about us getting home?" she asked her sister.

"Oh yeah! I completely forgot!" said Aranda. Just then, they heard a buzzing sound.

"Hey, what's that noise?" asked Sweetie.

"It sounds like buzzing." Skye replied.

They all looked around, but when Sweetie looked up, she saw a drone.

"Look, a drone!" She exclaimed.

"Chase must've sent the drone to find us." Skye assumed. And her assumption appeared to be correct as Ryder and the others arrived shortly afterwards.

"Skye!" Ryder shouted.

"Ryder!" Skye exclaimed as she jumped into Ryder's arms and licked his face.

"Hehehehe! I'm glad you're okay, Skye!" Ryder exclaimed with a giggle as he put the cockapoo down. Once that was done, Marshall, Margreth and Aid tended to her injuries. But then Marshall noticed the two lions from a distance and gasped.

"Ryder, lions!" He exclaimed, not knowing what they would do to them.

Ryder then smirked. "Skye, are those two the lions you've told me about?" He asked.

"Um, what are you talking about, Ryder?" Margreth asked in confusion.

"I'll tell you when we get back home" Ryder said.

Then, Jaseri approached the three pups. "Hey, Skye. Glad you're still in one piece. Good to see you again." He said.

"Hey, Jaseri! Good thing you're here. I'd like you to meet the royal pup, Sweetie." Skye replied.

Jaseri turned to the royal pup. "Hi, Sweetie. I'm Jaseri, Nice to meet you." He said, shaking paws with the royal pup.

"Likewise." Sweetie said as she then noticed a familiar Golden retriever. "Long time no see, Aid!" She exclaimed, getting Aid's attention.

"Huh?" Aid went before he looked at Sweetie and gasped.

"Sweetie!!" he exclaimed, and ran up to her and gave her a hug.

"It's great to see you again Aid!" Sweetie said as she rubbed his back.

Aid let out a happy whimper and wagged his tail quickly. He was overjoyed to see Sweetie again. Aranda and Skye watched the two with smiles on their faces.

"They look so cute together." said Aranda.

"Yeah, I'm glad they're together again." Skye added.

Aid and Sweetie released their hug, and smiled at each other.

"So, how have you been Sweetie?" Aid asked.

"I've been doing great so far! And how's my ticklish retriever?" Sweetie asked back.

"If you don't count this storm and Skye's disappearance, I'm okay." Aid replied. "Say, how did you g-get here? Does the p-princess know about this?" He then asked.

Sweetie nodded. "Yeah, I told her that I was going flying before the storm rolled in." She replied.

Aid was stunned. "Y-you were in the s-storm too?" He asked.

"Exactly. I had to land and take shelter until the storm passed." Sweetie replied before adding something no one expected at all.

"After that, I went for a short walk and happened to see Skye tumbling down the hill, but I saved for before she could fall down the cliff." She said proudly. At that statement, everyone except Aranda stared at the royal pup in shock. Aid even had a jaw-dropped expression.

"What wait, wait what? You s-saved Skye, S-Sweetie?" he asked.

"Uh huh! And just in time if I do say so myself." Sweetie pointed out.

Everyone was surprised. Again, save for Aranda. The Ryder walked up to Sweetie and nelt down to her level.

"Sweetie, I want to thank you for saving Skye." he said.

Sweetie blushed a bit and smiled. "You're welcome." she replied.

"Yeah, thank you so very much." Skye said.

"I'm glad you came in and saved my sister. I would've been freaking my head out." said Aranda.

Sweetie giggled. "Oh would you now?"

"Yeah, I can't help but worry about her. I was thinking a bunch of things that could've happened to her when that storm rolled in while she was out there." Aranda replied. No one noticed that Ryder was thinking about something.

"Well, now that everything's settled, let's get going. I don't want to keep the princess worried." Sweetei said as she was just about to go to her copter and take off when...

"Hold it, Sweetie." Ryder said, stopping the royal pup in her tracks. "Come with us first. I have a surprise for you."

Sweetie turned to Ryder with wide eyes. "For me?" She asked in confusion.

"Yes. C'mon." Ryder said as he and the other pups drove off, with Skye riding in Sweetie's copter. Once back at the Lookout, Sweetie went inside where a figure Sweetie had never seen before was waiting. Sweetie saw it was a female Dalmatian with two spots on her forehead.

"Um, hi?" She greeted.

"Hi there, what's your name? I've never seen you before." The Dalmatian asked.

"I... I'm Sweetie." Sweetie replied.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Ember." Ember replied.

Soon, the others entered the Lookout and Ember noticed a certain Dalmatian entering. "Marshall, over here!" She called out to him, surprising the royal pup about how she knew the fire pup.

"W-wait, you know Marshall?" Sweetie asked.

"Mommy!" exclaimed Marshall as he ran to Ember and gave her a hug.

"Wow, I guess you do know him." said Sweetie.

"Yes I do, very well. Marshall is my son." Ember exclaimed.

"Ohh! Well that's interesting. I had no idea that Marshall had a mother." Sweetie said.

Ember giggled. "Well suprise! You know now." she said.

Sweetie just smiled lightly, as Aid walked up to her.

"U-umm Sweetie? R-Ryder wants to see you." he said.

"Oh really? Alright, let's go!" Sweetie said, and she went with Aid to the top of the lookout. Once there, Sweetie saw Ryder looking at her with a smile on his face. Sweetie was a little confused about his exression.

"So, Ryder, what do you need?" She asked.

Ryder smiled. "Sweetie, I'd like to thank you for saving Skye when she was about to fall off the cliff." He said gratefully.

Sweetie chuckled a little. "No problem. I only did what you or any of your pups would do." She replied.

"Exactly. Which is why I need to ask you something." Ryder said as he picked Sweetie up and held her in his arms. "How would you like if you join the PAW Patrol?" The moment Sweetie heard that, her eyes went wide.

"M-me? A member of the PAW Patrol?!' she exclaimed.

"That's right! You acted at the right time, and did the right course of action before anything else could happen. That's what a PAW Patrol member would do." said Ryder.

"Y-you did g-great Sweetie." said Aid.

Sweetie smiled and wagged her tail. "So, what kind of member could I be?" she asked.

"Well, me and Rocky were thinking that you would make a great technician. Back then, you've been pretty crafty with those devices and robots." said Ryder. This made Sweetie blush and rub th back of her head.

"Yeah, that's true." she said meekly.

"A-and all those thing you used to t-tickle me with. You must've w-worked pretty hard on them." Aid said.

Sweetie nodded slightly. "Yeah, I put a lot of work in it." She replied.

"So, you had tickle machines, didn't you?"Ryder asked with a grin as he then ran his fingers over Sweetie's belly.

"Hehehehehehehehe! Ryder, that tihihihihickles! Hehehehehehehe!" Sweetie giggled. Ryder stopped after a minute. "But yeah, I do have them." She replied.

"Well, Sweetie? Woud you like to join the team?" Ryder asked with a smile.

Sweetie didn't know what to say. She didn't expect this to happen. But knowing that doing a good deed to help someone paid off, she got that chance so she made her decision and smiled at Ryder.

"Okay Ryder, I'll join." she said.

Ryder and Aid smiled brightly. "That's great Sweetie!" said Ryder.

"Yes! Now you're a member ofthe PAW Patrol Sweetie!" exclaimed Aid.

Sweetie giggled and nodded at Aid. "Uh huh.

"How about we go tell the others?" Ryder said.

Aid and Sweetie agreed and head down the elevator. Back outside, all the pups were going about the rest of the day, when Ryder, Sweetie, and Aid came down.

"Hey everybody! I have something to tell you." Ryder called.

All the pups' attention went towards Ryder. "What is it Ryder?" asked Chase.

Sweetie smiled as she stepped up. Then Ryder announced: "Sweetie is officially a new member of the PAW Patrol!"

The other pups holwed and cheered at the news. Even Everest and Blizz who came during the time Ryder talked with Sweetie. "Woohoo! We have a new teammate!" Everest shouted in excitment.

"I know, this is awesome!" Roader shouted.

"Puppy pile!" Marshall yelled out as everyone ran for Sweetie. Before the royal pup could react, she found herself buried under all the other pups, apart from Aid.

"Guys! I'm turning into a pancake!" She exclaimed as she felt several tails brushing against her belly. "Hehehehehe! And you're tickling me! Hehehehehehehe!" She added while giggling. After a few minutes, the pups got off of her and she stood back up.

"H-had fun, Sweetie?" Aid asked with a chuckle

"Yeah, but not as much as I'll have with you!" Sweetie exclaimed as she then tackled Aid to ground and began tickling his belly while at the same time Aid did the same with her sides.

"Aheeheeheeheehahahahahaa!! Thahahat tickles Ahhahahaid!!" Sweetie laughed.

"Yohohohou're telling meeheeheeeheheee!!" Aid laughed back.

"Ohohohohahahahaha!! Eeeheeheeheeheeheehee!! Nohohohot the behehehelly!!" laughed Aid.

"Wehehehehell, then I'll gohohoho here!!" Sweetie said while laughing, and moving down to Aid's hind paws.

"Eeeeeeee!! No!! Nohohot the pahahahahaws!!!" Aid sqeauled, and started to tear up.

"Yehehehehes!! That paws!!" Sweetie said.

"Okahahahahay!! Two can play at this game!!" Aid said, and started tickling Sweetie's paws, causing her to squeal into laughter.

"Heeeheeheeheeheee!!! Ohohoho nohohot my pahahaws!!" she exclaimed.

"Ahhahahahahaha!!! Too muhuhuhuhuch!!! Ahhahahahaha!!!" Sweetie laughed. The two were tickling each other for a few more minutes before stopping. Both were panting from being tickled and eventually, they caught their breath.

"That was... fun!" Sweetie exclaimed while panting.

"You s-said it!" Aid added as he panted.

Just then, Ryder walked up to the two. "Sweetie, look who came to see you." He said.

"Is it true, Sweetie? You're now a PAW Patrol pup?" The princess of Barkingburg asked, walking up.

Sweete gasped upon seeing her. "Princess!" she said, before running up to her, jumping in her arms, and licking her face.

"Hehehehehe! Hey Sweetie!" the princess giggled. Then she gave Sweetie a belly scratch, which the royal pup enjoyed.

"Heheheh! That tickles a little." she giggled. "And to answer your question earlier, yes, I'm a member ofthe PAW Patrol!" Sweetie announced.

"She's going to be a technician." said Fauna.

"Oh is that so?" the princess said. "Well Sweetie, I'm certainly proud of you!"

"Thanks." said Sweetie, and she smiled while wagging her tail.

"How did you become a member?" the princess asked.

"I saved Skye from falling off a cliff, just in time." Sweetie explained.

The princess was surprised. "You saved Skye?" she asked in awe.

"That's right. I saw her tumbling down a hill, and I grabbed her paws just as she headed over the cliff." Sweetie stated.

"Wow, I'm impressed Sweetie." said the princess. "Well, you earned this after your good deed to Skye."

"Yeah, you most certainly did." added Ryder.

Sweetie blushed a bit. "Thank you both." she said.

Ryder smiled. "you're welcome. Now, I'll be working on your gear. I know you already have yours, but the gear I'll design will be much better than the one you have. Also, since you already have your own vehicle, you can keep it." Ryder replied.

"Thanks, Ryder. I wonder what my pup-tag is going to be. Because I always had this crown tag... Eeeehhehehehehehe!! Princess, it tihihihihickles!! Ehehehehehehehe!!" Sweetie started before bursting into giggles as the princess rubbed Sweetie's belly all over her tickle spots.

"Tickle, tickle, Sweetie!" The princess said as she kept going, even going for her sides and replacing her giggles with laughs.

"Ahhhahahahahahahahahaha!!! Now it tihihihihihihihickles a lot!!! Ahhahahahahahahahaha!!!" Sweetie laughed as she sqirmed around. Ryder chuckled at a sight.

"She really enjoys being tickled, right?" He asked.

"She sure does!" the princess replied.

"Sh-she started liking it after she t-tickled me when I visited h-her castle." Aid said.

"Oh really?" asked Fauna.

"Say, how much did she tickle you Aid?" Blizz asked.

"Oh a LOT." Aid emphasized. "I r-remember panting very VERY heavily once."

"Sounds like she had fun with you." said Ryder.

"Yeah, she d-did." Aid said, and looked back at Sweetie who was still laughing.

"Hehehehehehahahahahaha!!! Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!!!" Sweetie laughed, while snorting as well.

Suddenly, Everest remembered something. "Hey, sis. Come with me, I need to show you something." He said.

Blizz was a little confused, but nodded. "Okay, sis. Lead the way." She said as she followed Everest. The princess then stopped tickling Sweetie before lowering her to te ground. Eventually, she calmed down and looked at the two walking away.

"I think I know where Everest is taking her sister." She said with a smirk.

"What do you mean, Sweetie?" The princess asked.

Sweetie then smiled. "Ryder, princess. Have you two ever heard of bees that tickle?"

While Sweetie and the other pups were explaining about the tickle bees to Ryder, the princess and Jaseri, Everest and Blizz arrived to the greenhouse.

"Wow, where did you get this?" Blizz asked in awe.

"Herbie has this so his plants aren't ruined during the bad weather. He also has bees." Everest explained as she and Blizz entered. Blizz saw bees flying around and had a hint of nervousness, but remained calm so to not alert the bees.

"Those bees are... interesting." She replied nervously.

"Oh, don't worry, sis. Nothing bad is going to happen here." Everest replied just as the bees noticed her and got ready to go for her belly. Blizz saw the bees staring at her sister, which triggered her worry for the younger husky as she thought they would sting her.

"Hey Everest? I don't think this is a good idea." said Blizz. This was right before she heard Everest laugh.

"Hahahahahahahaha!! Ohohohohoho!!" laughed Everest. Blizz was confused.

"W-what are they doing sis?" she asked.

"Thehehehehey're tickling mehehehehe!!" Everest laughed in response.

Blizz was shocked that the bees were tickling her sister instead of stinging her. She watched as her sister laughed and squirmed from being tickled by them. Next place they went to was her hind paws.

"Heeeeheeheeheeheehee!! Seeheeheehee?!! They're not so bahahahahad!!" she laughed.

Blizz made a very light smile on her face. "I-I guess..." she said. But she immediately went back to being worried when she felt some bees on her sides.

"Uh on, not... there." She said with a gulp. Then, she felt crawling on her sides and a smile forming on her face.

"Eeehehehehehehehehehe!! They're tihihihihihickling me!! Hehehehehehehehe!!" Blizz exclaimed through the giggles as she tried to hold still.

"Hehehehahahahahaha!! I tohohohohohold you, sis!! Hhahahahahahaha!!" Everest laughed as she noticed Blizz was on hr back while the bees were crawling all over her belly.

"Ahhhahahahahahahaha!!! They tiihihihihihihihickle so muhuhuhuhuhuch!!! Ahhhahahahahahahahaha!!!" Blizz laughed harder as the crawling got more frequent. While the two were laughing their heads off, Chase and Jaseri approached the greenhouse.

"Well, bro? You want to see what these bees can do?" Chase asked.

"I'm not sure about that, Chase. I still think those bees will sting you." Jaseri said, but Chase entered anyway.

"Chase, wait! The bees..." Jaseri tried to call out to him, but Chase didn't hear him. A few seconds later, he heard his brother laughing.

"Wahahahahahaa!! Eeheeheeheehaahaahahaha!!" laughed Chase.

Jaseri was confused. "W-what are they doing to him?" He then followed Chase, to see that the bees were tickling him.

"Chase? Is everything okay? Are they tickling you?" he asked.

"Hehehehehe!! Yehehehehes!!!" Chase answered, as the bees crawled in his belly and hind paws.

"But, I don't get it. Aren't bees supposed to sting ifthey're threatened?" asked Jaseri.

"Ihihihit's a lohohohong story!!" laughed Chase. "You'll have to ahahahask Heheheherbie!!"

"Oh, um, okay." said Jaseri. But before he could leave, he felt something on his belly. He gulped, already knowing what is was.

"Oh, no. Not the belly, not the... eeeeek!!" Jaseri squealed as he felt the bees crawl all over his belly.

"Heheheahahahahaha!! They tihihihihickle!! Ahhhhahahahahahaha!!" He laughed as he did his best not move.

"Ahhhahahahahahaha!! Seehehehehehe?!! I told- ahhhhahahahahahahahahaha!!! Guhuhuhuhuhuhuhuys!!! It tihihihihihihickles even wohohohohohorse!!! Ahhahaahahahahaha!!!" Chase shouted, laughing harder as he felt the bees' crawling a lot more frequent. Jaseri wasn't an exception despite having less bees than his brother had.

"Ahhahahahahahaha!! They tickle sohoho much!! Ahhahahahahaha!!" He exclaimed. They were laughing their heads off, with Chase having tears running down his cheeks from so much laughter just as Herbie entered tbe greenhouse.

"Oh! Looks like those bees have company!" he said.

"Hehehehehey Herbie!!" said Chase.

"Hi Chase! Enjoying the tickle bees?" Herbie asked.

Wehehehehe suhuhuhure are!" Chase laughed.

Herbie smiled and looked over at Jaseri. "And how are YOU doing?" he asked.

"Fihihihihine!! I guhehehehess!!" Jaseri laughed in response.

"That's good to hear! Well, I'm just here to water my flowers a bit." Herbie said, and proceeded to do so. A few bees that were unable to get to Chase flew close o Herbie while he was watering the flowers.

"Hey, guys. Enjoying your new playmates?" Herbie asked. The bees responded by landing on Herbie's back. Normally, Herbie would freak out and run due to his fear of bugs, but knowing that these bees know him, he doesn't.

"If there were any other bugs, I would freak out. But you guys are my friends." As he said that, he also felt the bees crawl on his belly. "Hehehehehehe! Tickly friends! Hehehehehehehe!" He exclaimed in giggles. Just as he finished watering the plants, all the bees covering Chase flew off and separated. One half of the group crawled around Jaseri while the other crawled over Herbie.

Only Chase and Jaseri knew it, but Jaseri was mostly ticklish on his belly if you know how to tickle it while his other body parts weren't ticklish at all.

"Hehahahahahahaha!! It seehehehehehems Chase gohohohohohot a beak!! Ahhahahahahahahaha!!" Jaseri exclamed in laughter.

Herbie, who was by now on his back, had his whole body apart from his head tickled, even his tickle spot. "AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! NO KIHIHIHIHIHIDDING!!! OHOHOHOHOHOH, MY TIHIHIHIHIHICKLE SPOT!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" He laughed hysterically. While the two had their fit of laughter with Chase watching them, Skye was in her own laughing fit. This time, Aranda was tickling her hind paws while at the same using her tail on her belly.

"Ahhahahahahahaha!! Sis, stohohohohohohop!!" Skye exclaimed in laughter. Just then, a butterfly landed on Aranda's nose, causing her to stop.

"Sis, check this out. I have a butterfly on my nose." Aranda replied, carefully turning around so Skye could see the butterfly. Skye smiled as she knew that butterfly all too well.

"Hey, that's Buddie!" She exclaimed.

Aranda was confused. She had no idea that who Buddie is. "This... butterfly has a name?" she asked while her eyes moved to Buddie.

"Yeah, that's Herbie's very special friend." Skye explained.

"Awwww, Herbie has a little friend? That's so cute!" said Aranda.

Buddie gave a confused expression to Aranda. He was looking for Herbie. Skye spoke out to him.

"Buddie, this is Aranda, my sister." she said.

Then Buddie flapped his wings happily, pleased to meet a new friend. After that, he flew off of Aranda's nose and into the air a bit. He was still looking for Herbie.

"Hey Buddie, are you looking for Herbie?" Skye asked.

Buddie nodded after he flew onto Skye's nose next.

"Ok! I'll take you to him." she said.

This made Buddie smile, and Skye, along with Aranda, walked Buddie to Herbie's little greenhouse. Along the way, Buddie crawled onto Skye's head and observed. the greenhouse

"Hehe! Buddie is on your head, sis." Aranda said with a giggle.

"I know. I can feel it." Skye replied.

Meahwhile, the bees had stopped tickling Herbie and Jaseri and flew off of them. Both were panting heavily from what the bees did.

"Woo! I never knew these bees tickle a lot!" Jaseri exclaimed.

"Well, they do. I was worried about them stinging me as well, but after experiencing the tickling..." Chase stated.

"I know. Although, Chase. Come with me to your pup-house." Jaseri said with a smirk, which went unnoticed by anyone.

"Okay." chase said as the two walked out of the greenhouse. But as soon as they were out, Skye came in.

"Hey Herbie! Look who came to see you!" She called out.

Herbie looked back and gasped upon seeing his friend.

"Buddie!!" he exclaimed. And his butterfly friend flew over to him, and landed on his nose.

"I'm so glad to see you again Buddie!" Herbie said as he looked down on him.

Buddie hugged Herbie's nose. Herbie giggled an twitched his nose a bit. Then Aranda stepped up.

"So, How did you and Buddie meet?" she asked.

"I first met Buddie when I was a little bit younger." Herbie started to explain. "I was admiring some nearby flowers when I saw a colorful butterfly land on one. I even said he looked beatiful, and he turned around and looked at me. When he did, I got a little nervous, thiking that I was disturbing him."

"Oh wow." said Aranda. "Continue."

Herbie nodded and went on. "I walked away from him and went on to look at some more flowers, until a bee landed on one. I got scared and jumped back, with my paws covering my eyes." he said.

"Uh huh." Aranda said.

"That's when the butterfly noticed this and flew onto my nose. I felt him do it, and opened my eyes. He then started to flap his wings gingerly, trying to calm me down." Herbie added. Then Buddie did what herbie was mentioning.

"When I did, I was happy that he was there to make me feel better. And that's when I named him Buddie. He even liked that name!" Herbie said while wagging his tail, and Buddie flapped his wings.

"Wow. It's like Buddie comforts you in most of the scary situations." Aranda said with a smile.

"Yup. And that's why he's always close by." Herbie said before he felt Buddie crawl down his body to his belly and began crawling on it.

"Hehehehehe! Buddie, that tickles! Hehehehehe!" He giggled a little.

"Wow, he even tickles. Sis, have you ever been tickled by a butterfly?" Aranda asked.

"No, but I have been by bunnies." Skye said with a smile.

"Oh really? When?" asked Skye.

"Both me and Aid got tickled by them. It was when we were taking a simple walk I believe." said Skye.

"Hehehe, did they go easy on you sis?" asked Aranda.

"Well, I couldn't really tell. But Aid and I were in hysterics." Skye epxlained.

"I see. Did you have fun?" Aranda asked.

"Yeah, we did. But Aid now hopes that they'll massage him if they tickle him again." said Skye.

Aranda giggled, and looked back at Herbie, who was watering flowers that Buddie guided him to.

"You know, I sometimes wish to have that kind of fun with bunnies." She said.

"I know. It would be cool if... eeeeek!!" Skye exclaimed when she felt bees crawling on her belly. "Eehehehehe! That tihihickles! Hehehehehe!" She giggled.

Aranda turned to her sister and noticed that. "The bees are at you again, sis?" She asked with a smile.

"Hehehehehehe! Yeehehehehes! Hehehehehe!" Skye replied in between giggles.

Meanwhile, Jaseri and Chase were inside Chase's pup-house.

"So, what is it, Jaseri?" Chase asked.

Jaseri then turned to look at him with a grin. "Time to have some fun with my little brother." He said.

It took a moment for Chase to figure out what Jaseri was thinking, but beforw he could react, Jaseri tackled him onto his back.

"Jaseri? Are you gonna...." Chase started, but got cut off as Jaseri started rubbing his belly.

"Heheheheeh!! Hehehehey!! Jaseri!! Ahahahahaha!!" Chase laughed.

"Tickle tickle bro." said Jaseri, as he went for his sides next.

"Eeheeheeheehahahahaha!! Ohohoho that tickles!!" Chase laughed even more.

Jaseri just smiled as he went for Chase's hind paws next. This sent Chase into even more laughter.

"Waaahahahahahahaha!!! Jaseheheheri!! Stohohohohop!! Ahahahahahaha!!"

"Aww, but I'm having so much fun!" said Jaseri, and he stood over top of Chase, and licked his belly, used his paws to tickle his sides, and his tail on his hind paws.

"AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! B-BRO, PLEEHEHEHEHEHEASE!!! NO MOHOHOHOHOHORE!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Chase yelled out through laughter, tears pouring out of his eyes. Jaseri eventually stopped and let Chase catch his breath.

"My... goodness! You really... like... tickling me!" Chase exclaimed, panting heavily.

"I just love spending time with my little brother." Jaseri said with a smile.

"Yeah. Me too, bro." Chase said before being pulled into a hug. Chase was surprised, but returned the hug. Then, Jaseri whispered into Chase's ear, "And just so you know, you look really cute when you laugh."

Chase blushed and was about to show his mature side, but instead smirked, knowing that only he know the tickle spot trick.

"Oh, yeah? Then let's see if you will look cute if I do this!" He exclaimed as he then pulled out a paintbrush and tackled his brother to the ground. Once that was done, he brushed the paintbrush around his brother's belly.

"Ohohohoho nohohohohoho!! Nohohohohot thehehehere Chahahahase!! Ahahahahahaha!!" Jaseri laughed.

"Hehehe, my turn!" declared Chase, and he picked up the brushing pace.

"Wahahahahaha!! Ahahahahahaha!! Stohohohohop!!" Jaseri exclaimed.

"Not yeeet." said Chase. He was gonna have lots of fun with his brother.While Chase kept tickling his brother, Aranda and Skye were watching as Herbie watered the plants with Buddie, while Skye did her best to stay still as the bees were still tickling her

"Hehehehehehe! Guhuhuys! You're tihihihickling me! Hehehehehehehehehe!" She giggled,

Aranda let out a little giggle. "Wow, sis. Those bees really don't give a break." She said. But what she didn't know was that buddie overheard what Aranda said and turned to Herbie.

"What is it, Buddie?" Herbie asked. Buddie then looked over between Herbie and Aranda. Herbie immediately understood what Buddie wanted.

"Okay, but note that Aranda isn't ticklish like me. Only a small dot on her belly and her sides, but they're the weakest spots." Herbie said.

Buddie nodded and flew over to Aranda's left side and landed on it. Aranda felt that and looked at her side.

"Oh, Buddie. what's up?" She asked. Then, Buddie started crawling around Aranda's side.

"Hehehehey! Thahahahat tickles Buhuhuhuddie! Ahahahahaha!!" laughed Aranda.

Buddie just smiled and flew over to her other side amd did the same thing.

"Heeheeheehahahahaaa!! Wahahahahahahaa!!" Aranda laughed, and flopped onto her belly.

Buddie then flew onto her neck. Once he did, he crawled on a certain spot on it. This sent Aranda into a hysterical moment.


Buddie jumped a bit. He didn't know what he did to Aranda. The Cockapoo panted as she stood up.

"Sorry about that, Buddie. You just found my tickle spot." She replied. Buddie smiled and landed on her neck, but before he could do anything, Skye spoke.

"Wait a second. You have a tickle spot on your neck, sis?"

Aranda nodded. "Yes, but only a certain point of my neck. Sorry I didn't tell you, sis."

Skye smiled. "It's okay. In fact, I think it's time to show you something." She said.

Aranda stared at her sister as Buddie flew over to Skye. "What is it, Skye?" She asked.

Skye then whispered to Buddie, "Do the same thing you did earlier, but with my neck."

Buddie nodded and landed on Skye's neck. Aranda was a bit confused until Buddie began crawling on the neck.


Aranda was still confused. "You mean to tell me, that you have a tickle spot on YOUR neck?" she asked.

"UH HUH!! AHAHAHAHEEHEEHEE!!!" Skye replied in laughter.

Aranda was a little shocked, but she smiled."I had no idea Skye. Well now I know what I can try on you next time we have a tickle fight."


Buddle stopped tickle Skye's tickle spot, but her quote made Aranda's advantage smile go away.

"Hehehe, yeah, right." she peeped.

Skye then pulled Aranda in a hug. "Don't worry, sis. I'll keep your tickle spot a secret if you want." She said.

Aranda smiled and nuzzled her. "Oh, Skye. You're the best sister I have." She said, hugging back.

Meanwhile, Rocky was heading outside after filling up his bowl with water. He walked past Marshall as he was washing his truck when the Dalmatian tripped over a bar of soap and sprayed him.

"Hey! Pleh!" Rocky exclaimed, spitting some water out.

"Uh oh. Sorry, Rocky." Marshall apologized.

"It's okay, Marshall." Rocky replied, shaking out his fur. Ever since Sweetie helped him with his fear of water, Rocky no longer minds being sprayed. Then, Marshall noticed Zuma limping over towards them.

"Whoa! Zuma, what happened?" Marshall asked.

"I was playing tag with Rubble, but tripped over some hole while he kept running. And now , my paw hurts." Zuma replied.

"That does't sound good. Marshall, go get your gear and find Aid, I'll go get Margreth." Rocky instructed just as Sweetie walked over to them.

"Hey, pups. Zuma what happened to you?" She asked, noticing Zuma's left paw off the ground.

While Zuma explained to Sweetie what happened, Rocky ran inside the Lookout, where he found Margreth watching TV.

"Margreth, we need some help." He said.

Margreth turned to look at the mix-breed. "What is it, Rocky?"

"It's Zuma. He tripped over something and now his paw hurts." Rocky replied.

"Oh no! Don't worry Zuma, I'm coming." Margreth said, and headed over to her little brother.

Meanwhile, Marshall found Aid playing woth his stuffed cat, Mr. Purrky.

"Aid, we need your help!" he said.

"Eeee!" Aid sqeaked, and quickly hid Mr. Purrky. "W-what?" he asked.

"I said, we need your help. Zuma hurt his paw, and Margreth, you, and I have to help him." Marshall explained.

"Okay, I'm redy to help! A-I-D ready for emergency!" Aid said, and rushed to Zuma's aid with Marshall.

Back to Rocky and Margreth, they saw Zuma lying in pain, wincing from the hurt he felt in his paw.

"Ow ow ow ow! It hurts really bad!" he stated.

"Dpn't worry Zuma. The medics are on their way." comforted Sweetie.

Zuma just whimpered as his paw hurt a bit more. He was relieved to see Margreth appear with Rocky. And then shortly after their arrival, Aid and Marshall came in.

"Oh I'm so glad to see you guys!" he said.

"So Zuma, Marshall told me that your paw was hurting." said Aid.

"Yeah, are you okay little bro?" Margreth asked.

"I tripped. Ow ow ow ow!" Zuma exclaimed, wincing in pain even more. Marshall immediately barked out his X-ray and scanned his paw.

"You got lucky, Zuma. It's just a sprain." He said. Margreth barked out a bandage and was ready to put it on.

"Okay, Aid. I'm ready with a bandage." Margreth replied.

"I'm on it. Raff! First aid kit." Aid barked and robotic hands emerged from his pup-pack with a first Aid kit. Shortly afterwards, he pulled out some pain medicine.

"Take this, Zuma. It'll reduce the pain." Aid instructed as Zuma did so, reducing the pain just enough so Margreth can wrap his paw without earning a wince from him.

"There we go. Now you should rest while your paw heals." Margreth said.

"Thanks, guys." Zuma said as Aid and Margreth helped him stand ujp so he doesn't put pressure on his paw.

"Aid, help me get Zuma to his pup-house." Margreth instructed, letting her brother lean on her.

"On it, Margreth." Aid said as he got on the other side of Zuma and the three made their way to the pup-house. Once there, Zuma carefully laid down.

"Okay, bro. Just rest here. I need to tell Ryder what happened." Margreth said as she then whispered in his ear, "I'll be back with chocolate chip cookies."

Zuma smiled. "Thanks, sis." He said as Margreth ran off.

"Zuma, where did Margreth r-run off to?" Aid asked.

Zuma smirked. "She needs to tell Ryder what happened and she'll probably come back with my favorite cookies with dog-friendly chocolate. She can cook, you know." That statement left Aid speechless.

"What wait, wait what? Margreth can cook?" he asked.

"You bet she can! One of the many reasons why I love my sister." said Zuma.

Aid was still shocked. "Wow, I-I didn't know s-she knew how to cook." he said.

"Maybe you and Rubble could help her. You do give healthy foods, and Rubble is a great taste tester." Zuma suggested.

Aid pondered about the idea, the nodded lightly. "I-I guess." he said.

"But, that's your choice. And she's still a great cook on her own." Zuma added.

"Heheh, I bet." Aid said. Once Aid walked out, Zuma sighed happily, knowing that Margreth is probably in the kitchen by now. Then, Sweetie and Aranda walked over to him.

"How are you feeling, Zuma?" Sweetie asked.

"Still sore, but okay." Zuma replied.

"Sweetie already told me what happened. I feel bad that you got hurt." Aranda stated.

"Don't worry, Aranda. It'll time for my paw to heal, but I'll be okay." Zuma said with a smile.

"Wait, where's your sister?" Sweetie asked in confusion. But before Zuma could reply, Ryder walked over to the two while carrying Sweetie's new gear and pup-tag.

"Hey, pups. How do you feel, Zuma?" He spoke.

"A bit better, Ryder." Zuma replied, wagging his tail. Then, Sweetie spoke.

"Ryder, is that my new gear and pup-tag?" She asked. Ryder smiled at her.

"They sure are! Here you go Sweetie!" Ryder said, and he handed them over to her.

Sweetie looked at it her stuff in awe. Her gear was a magenta technician suit, and her pup tag had a crown symbol on it.

"Thank you so much Ryder." she said. "Can you help me put it on?"

"Of course!" Ryder answered. "Let's go to the upper level and do it, so you can cme down looking different."

"Ok!" Sweetie replied. And she and Ryder want to the upper level of the lookout to get Sweetie dressed.

"I can't wait to see Sweetie's new look." said Marshall.

"Yeah, me neither." Zuma said. "Say, wasn't she wondering where my sister was?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, w-where is Margreth?" Aid asked as well.

As it on que, Margreth came back with a tray of two dosens chocolate chip cookies." Who wants a cookie.

"I do!" The pups exclaimed as they ran for the tray to take one.

"Th-these have ch-chocolate?" Aid asked, a little bit worried about getting sick.

"It's okay, Aid. I'm always careful when picking chocolate." Margreth replied with a smile.

"Yeah, she always uses dog-friendly chocolate. Nothing to worry about." Zuma reassured.

"O-okay, I guess I'll try." Aid said as he took a cookie. He takes a bite and after a minute, he smiled.

"Hey, I-I don't feel sick at all." He replied, wagging his tail a little.

"I told you, Aid. I bake these for Zuma all the time." Margreth replied.

"Yeah, these are my favorite." Zuma replied.

Just then, Ember, Roader, Fauna and Herbie approach the others.

"Hi, everyone..." Fauna paused when she saw what the pups were eating. "Are those cookies with chocolate?!" She exclaimed in shock. Roader, Ember and Herbie saw the same and panicked due to knowing that dogs can't eat chocolate, but they didn't know who baked them.

"Guys! What are you eating?!" exclaimed Roader.

"Yeah, that's not healthy for pups!" added Ember.

"Spit em out! Spit em out!" Herbie shouted.

The others looked at the pups with confused expressions.

"What's the matter?" asked Aid.

"Youre eating chocolate chip cookies! CHOCOLATE chip cookies!!" Fauna said.

"You'll get sick if you don't stop." said Roader.

Then the pup seating the cookies looked at each other, and laughed. This made Fauna, Roader, Ember, and Herbie confused.

"What's... so funny?" Roader asked. "Did I say something funny?"

"Nohoho, it's just that these cookies have chocolate that's okay for dogs to eat." Margreth explained.

"Y-yeah, they're not bad for u-us." Aid added.

This made the Fauna, Ember, Roader, and Herbie blush. They had no idea.

"O-oh." Herbie peeped. "S-so, they're safe to eat?" he asked.

"That's right!" Zuma said. "You dudes wanna try?"

"Sure! Why not?" said Fauna.

"If they're dog friendly chocolate, then that's good enough for me!" said Ember.

"Yeah, me too." said Roader.

"Ok! There's plenty more." Margreth said to them.

"How tasty are they?" Herbie asked.

"Try them and see." Margreth said with a smile. Herbie, Fauna, Roader and Ember each took a cookie and took a bite. After a minute...

"Wow, these are pretty good!" Herbie exclaimed, wagging his tail.

"Yeah, they taste awesome!" Fauna exclaimed in agreement.

"And best of all, I don't feel sick." Roader added.

"Yeah, these are great." Ember replied.

"I told you. Besides, these are Zuma's favorite cookies, I need to be sure that he doesn't feel sick." Margreth explained. But while Ember smiled at her, Fauna, Roader and Herbie stared at her in amazement. She baked these cookies?

"You bet she did!" Zuma said. "I could never find any better cookies than the ones she serves."

"Well, you did a great job on them Margreth." Herbie complemented.

"Absolutely delicious!" Ember said, and she took another cookie.

"I'm glad you like them." said Margreth.

Soon, all the pups finished the cookies. The rubbed their satisfied bellies as they laid on their backs.

Roader belched after his snack. "Excuse me." she said. The others giggled at that. Then, Ryder came back with Sweetie close behind. The other pups stared at her in awe.

"W-wow. You're e-even more beautiful than b-before, Sweetie." Aid complimented.

Sweetie blushed at the comment. "Aww, thanks, Aid." She said.

"Go ahead, Sweetie. Show the other pups what your gear can do." Ryder instructed.

"Can do! Ruff! Wire cutters!". And a pair of wire cutters came out of Sweetie's pup pack.

"Woooow!" the pups said all together. They were amazed.

"That's not all. Ruff! Mini-bot!". And then, and miniature robot came out.

"Hey, it's just like Busby!" Roader pointed out.

"Yep! Though it won't be as close to me as he is." Sweetie said.

"Do you have more?" asked Ember.

"Sure do! It'll take a few more moments to show them." Sweetie replied and showed off a screwdriver like Rocky's, two claw arms and something Rocky never had: a welding torch.

"Whoa, even I don't have that kind of tool. It makes me a little jealous." Rocky spoke in awe.

"I know. It's so exciting to be a part of the PAW Patrol!" Sweetie exclaimed, wagging her tail faster in excitement.

"Oh, Sweetie. My precious pup is a member of the PAW patrol! I'm so proud of you!" The princess of Barkingburg exclaimed.

"Well, it's getting late. Do you think it's time for bed?" Rocky asked, looking up to see that the sun was setting.

"I think so, Rocky. We better get home." Sweetie replied.

"Okay, Sweetie. If we get an emergency that needs your skills, we'll call you." Ryder said.

"Okay, Ryder. See ya later, pups!" Sweetie exclaimed as she and the princess got into the copter car and took off.

"Bye, Sweetie! Bye, princess!" The others called out, waving as the copter car flew away.

"Well, time for dinner, pups." Ryder said and just in that moment, Rubble rushed past them. The others giggled and ran after him. Marshall then turned to Ember.

"You want to stay for dinner, mom?" He asked.

"Sure I will Marshall." Ember said. "Why wouldn't I?

Marshall smiled and went to have dinner with his mother.Soon the other pups joined in as well. Aid thought to himself before joining.

'Sweetie, a member of the PAW Patrol. Who would've know.' he thought.

Then Rocky walked up to him. "Whatcha thinking about Aid?" he asked.

Aid looked at Rocky and smiled. "Just about how S-Sweetie is now a member of the PAW Patrol is all." Aid replied.

"I'm pretty amazed as well. Do you think she'll replaace me?"Rocky asked.

Aid shook his head. "No she will not. Besides, Marshall is an EMT, and R-Ryder let me become a doctor pup nonetheless." Aid said.

Rocky smiled at Aid. "Yeah, I guess you're right." said Rocky.

Aid smiled, and then he heard his stomach growl and blushed.

"I-I guess my stomach w-wants some dinner." he said.

"Well then let's go and get some!" said Rocky.

Aid nodded with a bright smile, and he and Rocky wagged their tails as they joined the others for dinner.

The End